Is your Smart TV Getting Hacked Right Now?

When was the last time you watched TV on a black and white model? The only place you tend to see them these days is inside museums. Smart TVs are the next big thing and we’ll all have one eventually. Who doesn’t want to access the internet on a massive LCD screen while lying on their couch? With any new technology we have to be careful because there are dangers we can’t see.

If you have a phone or a computer you’ll be aware of what hackers can do, but you should also be aware it’s possible for them to get into your TV. When I say they’ll hack into your TV it’s not because they want to watch a few shows without paying for cable. They actually want to cause you serious damage and we’ll take a look at two of the big dangers you face.

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Samsung 3D Smart TVs have a security flaw.

Samsung Smart TVCould your Smart TV be watching and listening to you in your own home? It might, a Malta-based researcher ReVuln has uploaded a video showing how it has been able to hack into a Samsung 3D Smart TV. With this hack someone would have full control of your Smart TV allowing them to look at any device connected to the TV as well as look at user IDs and passwords stored in memory. If you have a webcam attached to the TV for Skype then the hackers could actually watch and listen to you while you are sitting in your living room.

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