Programmable Remotes – Control ALL Your Technology!

remote controlsThink of all the technology currently residing in your lounge or any other room at home. The TV, the satellite box, DVD player, CD player, Blu-ray and probably many other examples of modern pieces of technological gadgetry and gizmos. AND they probably all came with their own remote control, meaning the number you have to operate each individual item of equipment is probably fairly large.

Ever thought of having just one programmable remote, that does all of them?

A high quality programmable remote control can be used to control all manner of different electronic equipment from CD changers, DVDs, VCRs, amplifiers, gaming consoles, PCs and even lighting fixtures and air conditioning units. What and how many devices a programmable remote can control depends on the product – lower end remotes will only control one or two devices, such as the TV and DVD.

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Smartphones and Tablets Turned to Home Theater Remote Control

As technology rises from time to time, people are also adapting to it. Since technology has been boosting from the time it started up to now, a lot of inventions and innovations were created. It has also been a very helpful way to improve our lifestyle. Technology is a big help if people will use it in a proper way.

Two of the greatest innovations that we have today are smartphones and tablets. Most  people these days have any of the two. Smartphones aren’t just simply phones used for calling other people anymore. They are built with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than your basic phone. Likewise with your tablets, you can also surf the web through WiFi connection, Bluetooth, personal hotspot or mobile data. Also, the features and specifications of your smartphones and tablets depend on their versions. The more modern it is, the more it has advanced features.

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Home Security and Automation


We live in a high tech world and even though many of the technologies are not available to the masses due to financial reasons, those who can afford them can definitely make their houses more secure and automated than Fort Knox. Keeping in mind that today most people live much better than the aristocracy from 200 years ago, it’s safe to say that those achievements of human ingenuity will unquestionably get within everyone’s reach in time. There is no doubt in my mind that the beginning of the process will happen in our life and I just want you to be prepared for one heck of a ride. Trust me, an automated house will change your life forever. Read more!

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Understanding Home Automation

Home automation gives you total control of all your devices and appliances with the touch of a button. If you ever dreamed of having a house where everything was automatic, then that dream can be fulfilled today. Home automation gives you the power to control several things like lighting, HVAC, security cameras, home theatre system, irrigation and many other devices you normally use around the house. For many the question is, “where do I start?” Here are some things you should know about home automation technology.
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Is Home Automation Just A Trend?

We live in a world of shifting trends. Many products that seemed cool even five years ago now seem useless and obsolete. New products seem to arrive on the market daily, and many of them disappear as quickly as they came. Still, some products seem to stick. Why? The technologies that have the most long-lasting influence tend to integrate into our lifestyles to the point that we can’t imagine life without them. They become something we rely on, not just a flashy new toy.

One of these new products to recently hit the market is home automation. While some may argue that home automation is just a trend and will be gone within a couple of years, in reality its much more likely to stick around. This is because it changes the way people live. Used correctly, home automation has the potential to change your life in several significant ways. The following are reasons home automation is likely here to stay. Read more!

4 Reasons to Consider Home Automation

Whether or not you have a fancy home, you can install some very simple devices to make it more efficient, user friendly, and more desirable to live in. Technologically speaking, we are way past the simple pleasures of being able to automatically adjust the temperature, starting the crock pot, and turning on lights before you get home, we are in a whole new world.

Provide Energy Management

Power MetersBecause your electrical meter, your refrigerator and each individual lighting fixture in your home all have an internet addresses, they can be controlled remotely. This can be accomplished via remote control within in your home or a custom designed internet application for your smart phone (the internet). These devices can also be set on a timer so as to maximize your energy conservation. Because they are all constantly connected to the internet, data can be collected and analyzed to provide you with up to the minute reporting (if desired) and a breakdown of your energy usage.

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How Home Automation Can Boost Your Entertainment Experience

Technology makes modern life more convenient than ever before. New cell phones make communication easy. The Internet provides a venue for the instant spread of information and other content. Laptops, TV’s and other electronic devices are constantly finding ways to improve and make our lives more comfortable. One of the recent trends in technological innovation is home automation. In short, home automation centralizes control of your home functions, allowing you to control security, lighting, temperature and even entertainment right from your smartphone or tablet. In 2011 alone, about 1 million home automation systems were sold in North America.

The way people consume movies and listen to music is constantly evolving. The following are reasons why home automation may be the next big step for entertainment junkies.

Streaming is Taking Over

NetflixFor movies and TV as well as music, everything is going digital. The days are almost over when people got out of their chair to put in a DVD or put a CD into a record player. Instead, most people are streaming movies off services like NetFlix or listening to music on Spotify. Read more!