5 Best Apps for Home Theaters

Technology has been part of our lives these days. Almost all the things that we do and have right now are products of technology. All we need to do is to deal with it and make proper use of it as well. Since we are living in a fast-paced world nowadays, we have to learn how to cope up with the advanced technology. It is important that we know how to use the modern and hi-technology gadgets that technology has to offer with us. One of which is the home theater. If you own a home theater, then you must know all things about it. A home theater is an entertainment set-up which lets you feel the “cinema experience” at your home. It has an advanced features which are designed to exceed the commercial theater performance and feeling.

With that said, here are the best apps to install to your own home theater:
1. RunPee

5 Things To Consider When Looking For The Perfect Set Of Speakers

Any home cinema system needs a great set of speakers if you want it to be perfect. Unfortunately buying the right speakers is no easy task, so we’re going to look at some things you need to keep in mind when you’re hunting around.

Buying an all-inclusive system

If you don’t really know what you’re looking for it might make sense to buy an all-inclusive system from the same brand, especially if they’re a well-known brand because they’re stuff must be great. You forget that different companies specialize in different things, so even if you end up with a great package that saves you a lot of money you might end up with bad speakers. If you want the best quality you can afford it’s sometimes better to buy them individually.

Test your favorite music

When you want to buy a new car do you turn up at the garage and pick the first one you see? Of course you don’t, because it takes a long time to come to a final decision. You’ll take different cars out for a spin until you find the one you like the best. You have to do that with your speakers to and it’s always good practice to listen to your favorite songs on different sets of speakers. Just take a CD to the store with you and you’ll know for sure which ones you like best before spending a lot of money. Read more!

Home Theatre Spring Cleaning

Spring is the time when a lot of people perform a general clean to their homes. A lot of attention is paid to certain accessories and additions like carpets, curtains, hard-to-reach places and outdoor areas.

If you have a home theatre system, spring is just the time for a clean of the machine. It will rid you of dust and dirt that have accumulated during the winter season when you didn’t have a chance to air the room. It will also make your viewing pleasure better since the screen is going to be brighter and dust-free. No more grainy pictures.


So what do you have to do to spring clean your home theatre? Just follow the instructions below. Read more!

A Guide To Projectors And Setting Up Your Home Cinema

There are hundreds of different projector models on the market, which can make it confusing to decide which one is suitable for setting up a home cinema.

Choosing a projector

Four primary factors should be considered when selecting a projector suitable to your needs.

1 – Brightness

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How to Maintain Home Theater Systems in Best Condition

Home Theater Systems (HTS) have several parts that need to be taken care of properly. Projectors, woofers, players, receivers and speakers need more than just cleaning and wiping. If you want your HTS to work properly for as long as possible, you need to maintain and repair every part should a problem occur.

In this article we would like to give you a few tips on how to properly maintain your Home Theater System.

Correct installment

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Top Reasons for Using an HDMI Extender

This may be a bit on the Techie side for some, but these are great gadgets if you need to run HD video and audio to a remote TV.

HDMI is most common interface on High Definition devices like HD cameras, HD camcorders, video gaming consoles, LCD and LED TVs. Most of the applications call for HDMI signal to be extended ranging anywhere from a few feet to several hundred feet. If you are looking to extend the HDMI signal a few feet from your video source you can use a standard HDMI cable.

HDMI Extender

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DIY In-Wall Speakers Installation


Having in-wall speakers in your home can provide room for other more important stuff. Speakers have to be heard but you don’t really need to see them. This is why they provide an option for placing them in a wall. But how is it done?

It certainly is a matter of time and effort, but if you know what you are doing, you will be finished in a few hours and you will have a nice and useful décor on the walls. In this article, we provide information that will help you install your speakers in the wall. Read along.

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How To Set Up Your Home Theater Speaker System

If you have just bought your new home theater system, you are most probably going to need some help getting it setup. If your home theater system has an auto-setup feature, don’t expect much from it. The auto-setup feature on your home theater is just to help keep the system in your home instead of in the return line. The settings of the auto-setup system are not accurate and don’t always make the proper equalizer adjustments. So much for the auto-setup system. Here are a few tips that can help you get your home theater system installed and performing at its best.

Setup the A/V Receiver Read more!

Choosing Your Surround Sound System

In the world of home audio entertainment, a great surround sound system can be the difference between watching and listening to movies and music and experiencing the same movies and music. Building a quality surround sound system takes time and a decent budget, but it also helps to know what to look for in different setups. High quality audio doesn’t have to be overly complicated or extremely expensive since there are plenty of options for every kind of entertainment expectation and budget. No matter if you are putting together a new system from nothing or looking to upgrade to some better speakers and add more amplification to your space, here is a look at some of the coolest, most effective surround sound system setups.

Sound bars Read more!

5 Creative Uses For A Home Projector

 Who says a Home Theater is all high tech? Here are some creative ways of using retro technology in your Home Theater.

If you’re looking for some fun things to do as a family, it’s time to think beyond movies or TV shows. Sure, that’s fun, but where is the imagination? If, instead, you turn to the projector, you now open up a world of opportunities.

Perhaps you’ve just purchased a projector, or have had a projector at home for a while. Sure, it’s perfect show off those school or business projects in a way that will capture everyone’s attention. But the home projector has so many more fun and imaginative uses you may have never considered. Here are just five creative things to do with your home projector.

Study Groups

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Digital Music Revolution: Devices

Everybody loves to listen to music! It reduces the daily stress and takes you far, far away, on a trip around your own dreams and imagination. During the years, manufacturers managed to understand this need and today they give all their best in order to satisfy it. But can we say that we are familiar with the so-called ‘Digital Music Revolution’? If you remember (in fact, if I think for while, you probably don’t. Otherwise you are…hmm.. around 60-65 years old and, well… you may have some difficulties finding your way to my article). Anyway, several decades ago, the only way of listening to music were those old, black records. Right after them, came the era of the cassette tapes and suddenly the whole world went crazy – it was all about those enormous tape recorders. The bigger – the better! In this article, we will try to get you lost into the magic of music. And more particularly – digital music devices. They become more and more popular (although I don’t think that’s possible, since  every third person on this planet has at least one of those little gadgets) and that is why we decided to introduce you to three of the most common types of digital music devices. Here is what we mean. Read more!

Sometimes Old Is New Again In The Home Theater Arena

At any one time, there are usually at least six to eight test reports going on between various tech reviewers. Of those, there may be two or three products that could be called the latest and greatest, while the rest of them just don’t make the cut and end up being placed in the bread-and-butter category. As I scanned through the recent review history, I couldn’t help but notice how conventional the mix appears to be. But, as I looked deeper, I saw just how well that mix represents the trends in technology that have defined the audio and video space, circa 2013.

Opalum on-wall speakersWe’ll start with Opalum on-wall speakers, Read more!