Why You Should Steer Clear Of Smart TV’s

Samsung Smart TV

It’s easy for TV manufacturers to advertise smart TV sets. When people see the term “smart” used to describe devices, they often unquestioningly accept that they are likely to be superior to conventional, non-smart devices.

This assumption doesn’t work well with smart TVs. A 2012 survey by consumer market research group NPD called Internet Connected TVs Are Used To Watch TV, And That’s About All finds that most people with smart TVs rarely use the smart features that their sets have. They don’t use their TVs for Facebook, Twitter or Internet browsing , for instance. Instead, they simply use their TVs as they would regular, non-smart models. To anyone planning a smart TV purchase, this survey should be reason enough to stop and think.

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5 Things To Know About Smart TVs

The technological innovations have been taking large steps in the past few years and the smart technologies have moved from our phones to tablets and TVs.

Although the market for smart TVs is still relatively small there are more and more affordable options now available to choose from. Here are five things you should know before you get a smart TV.

1. What Makes A TV Smart?

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The Best Sites To Watch Your Content Wherever You Are

If you love to watch TV shows, movies, and even videos of your own, then it’s a great time to be alive. With the advent of super-fast, high-bandwidth connections, numerous companies are now offering some fantastic services to their customers via ‘The Cloud’: Streaming videos over the net to any device be it a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac, giving you the flexibility to watch what you want, when you want, where you want.
But there are so many companies offering such services that it can be difficult to know which one is right for you, and your hard earned money.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the top 6 content providers and why you should consider them. Read more!

10 websites to watch free movies online

It is no wonder that DVD sales are at an all time low when people can watch movies for free online. Added to that there are also file sharing sites that allow people to watch movies before they even leave the cinema. It is a dark age for the silvery screen. But, if you cannot stop the river from flowing, you may as well hop on board and go with the flow. Below are ten websites that will allow you to watch movies for free (so long as you have an Internet connection). The list is in no particular order. Read more!

Why Smart TV’s Are The Future Of Our Living Room Entertainment

Samsung Smart TVTechnology is in a perpetual state of convergence, to the extent that in the near future, it’s not unthinkable to believe that we won’t own separate devices at-all, simply one ‘catch-all’ product that takes care of all our personal and professional needs. Whilst our personal and professional lives might be merging through our phones, our tablets and our laptops though, the living room will always be a place of solitude where we can retire with a good book, film, show or video game and forget (for a little while at least) that the outside world exists.

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Up And Coming Digital Media Hot Spots

In the era of the internet, our lives are full of digital influences. From social media to smartphones, we’re all in on the action and have become seasoned pros at all things technological. Time moves quickly in the digital age, so it has become increasingly important to stay up to date and in the know when it comes to the best in digital media technology and applications.


twitterMove over Spotify and blip.fm; Twitter is in the process of launching their own music sharing and streaming website. The website is already the ideal place for musicians to connect with their fans, and now they’re being given a chance to offer music to the fans directly. Twitter has teamed up with the small music discovery service We Are Hunted to provide music lovers with the opportunity to discover new and exciting bands on one platform. The service is currently invite-only, with a view to becoming public in the near future. Read more!

The Great Debate: Netflix vs. Hulu

In a time where online streaming may soon best traditional cable, more and more companies are positioning themselves as leaders within the entertainment community. From TV networks that house their own shows, to outlets that charge a monthly fee, many viewers are now heading online to get in their TV viewing time.

But the fact still remains: which streaming mogul is better? Netflix or Hulu? By comparing side-by-side features, we’ll size up who offers what, and what consumers are getting for the price.

What they Offer

netflixvshulu135x120For those who don’t know, Netflix provides two different services: DVD rental (via snail mail) and online streaming. Each costs users $8 a month, and comes with unlimited use. As for the selection, thousands of movies and TV shows are offered, all of which are regularly updated. There’s a “recently added” section so users can separate out what’s new; streaming from DVD-only content are also separate. Read more!

Recommended Free TV Guide Apps for Smartphone

Television has long been a part of our daily lives. Our mobile devices have become an effective tool in making sure we don’t miss out on our favorite TV shows. Currently, there are various applications offering television guides and we will present below the best and highly recommended apps for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.

Based on a study, 85 percent of TV viewers use their mobile devices. As discussed in the Guardian.co.uk article, people have become “multi-screener’s” by watching television shows while browsing on their Smartphones and tablets. It just shows how important mobile gadgets have become. In this article, we will present the must-have TV guides for your handy gadget.

TV Guide Mobile:

TV Guide NetworkTV Guide goes mobile. You can now get the latest news and set a reminder for your favorite shows with the help of the TV Guide Mobile app. It also allows you to view a list of the most popular television shows, celebrities, movies and videos. TV Guide also has the latest movie trailers from the upcoming Hollywood flicks. For Sports fans, they have all the news from your favorite teams in the NFL, NCAA, MLB, NBA, MLS, WNBA and the NHL. The application works for iOS and Android devices. Read more!

How to improve any TV with a Smart DVD

Wikipedia defines a Smart TV as any TV capable of using the Internet to provide interactive media content to the viewer. But, did you know they were also Smart DVD players? That’s right, many new Blu-ray DVD players and Home Theaters can use the Internet to provide the same content streaming video, music, pictures, news, weather, sports and downloadable apps as you find on a Smart TV and show it on any TV.Smart LG Home Theater

What should you look for?

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Samsung 3D Smart TVs have a security flaw.

Samsung Smart TVCould your Smart TV be watching and listening to you in your own home? It might, a Malta-based researcher ReVuln has uploaded a video showing how it has been able to hack into a Samsung 3D Smart TV. With this hack someone would have full control of your Smart TV allowing them to look at any device connected to the TV as well as look at user IDs and passwords stored in memory. If you have a webcam attached to the TV for Skype then the hackers could actually watch and listen to you while you are sitting in your living room.

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Data theft – The Grinch who stole data

The internet is a whole other world for most of us. We may all do our work and major communication acts with the help of it but after a couple of pioneers, we’re still the new settlers– which means we haven’t really chalked out the surroundings of this land yet. And there are alien species too. Many of them much like the Grinch we’ve read about from childhood stories. The whole purpose of a Grinch is to steal happiness and Christmas gifts. But in the world of the cloud, these goodies and gifts are all in the form of data. Well now that the year is ending, many of these Grinch like scoundrels have saved up a lot of goodies, comprising of our personal and private data. Keylogger, malware, spyware, backdoor exploits have all been used for data theft one after the other. Let’s take a look at the list of spoils.
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Cloud Storage what is it and how can I use it?

Cloud Computer

Cloud Computer

Data backup, one of the most disliked and often ignored job.  Very few actually backup the data on their Home Computers or Laptops. According to a survey by ComputerStatistics.org, 91% of PC users agree that backing up your home computer data is important.  However, 41% do no backups at all and only 2% backup at once a week or less!

Why should you backup your data?  Think of all the irreplaceable pictures and videos you have stored on your computer, tablet or phone.  It’s sad to recall the number of people I’ve dealt with who have suffered a malfunction on their tablet or laptop that resulted in the loss of very important pictures.
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