‘It’s In The Cloud’ – What Does That Really Mean?

History of Cloud Computing

The hot phrase in computing these days is cloud computing and data storage. The idea of cloud computing has been around since the 1960s, when relay networks were used to push and share research information around the world. Eventually, data services and applications began to be offered via websites on the internet. The type of cloud computing available today has only been made possible in recent years through the massive increase in bandwidth available through several internet providers. In other words, the lines through which we transmit data are finally powerful enough to handle large file transfers quickly. But what is the cloud?

What is it?

The idea of cloud computing is simple. Individual users are able to connect to a much larger network, powered by a server or series of servers, on which they can store their data to be worked on and retrieved later, or to access a wide range of applications and services. Read more!

Samsung Announces Smart Media Player – Make any TV Smart

Samsung Smart Media Player (GX-SM530CF)

Samsung Electronics recently announced the availability of the Samsung Smart Media Player. With this device you can make any TV into a Smart TV using Samsung’s Smart Hub Interface. This adds to Samsung’s line of Smart Media players, last week they announced the HomeSync Media Hub.

With our new Samsung Smart Media Player, we’re providing consumers with an all-in-one solution that makes the TV-watching experience ‘smarter. This great product brings the Samsung Smart TV experience to any digital TV, giving customers a seamless home entertainment experience that combines live cable content and Smart TV applications all in one device. – Jim Kiczek, Director of Digital Audio and Video at Samsung Electronics America


Inside the box

The Smart Media Player comes pre-installed with more than 100 Smart Apps including Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, VUDU and YouTube.  This gives you many choices, besides video, for entertainment such as games, news and social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

S-Recommend is also included. S-Recommend a Samsung app that provides suggestions on what to watch based on your viewing habits. S-Recommend becomes smarter the more you use it and will even queue up shows for you to watch it thinks you might find interesting.

Also included is AllShare, this app allows you to share your content between your Smart Phone, Tablet and the Player. Another included feature is Screen Mirroring.  This feature allows you to project the screen on your compatible tablet or smart phone to your big screen TV.

The Samsung Smart Media Player (GX-SM530CF), will be on sale starting October 23rd and the retail price will be $149.99.


Samsung Introduces HomeSync October 6th.

HomeSync is the latest product added to the Galaxy family of products.  The device allows sharing of content between all of your compatible home electronics.  Take a picture from your phone while you’re on the road and those at home can see it in seconds on their tablet or even the family HDTV.

HomeSync is a really exciting addition to the Samsung portfolio. As the number of smart devices that a person owns continues to grow, sharing and streaming content will become even more popular, creating demand for somewhere that all this content can be stored safely and readily accessed. HomeSync was borne from our experience across multiple markets, including mobile, digital imaging and TV, enabling us to create a single connected media environment, where people’s content is accessible at any time through whichever screen they choose.” – Simon Stanford, Vice President of IM division, Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland

HomeSync will support an external HD, so you can continue collecting content even if you fill up the built-in 1 Tb drive. File Encryption is also included  along with Android Jelly Bean with full access to Google Play and all its Apps.

The Interface is said to be similar to that of a Galaxy Tablet so it’s easy to use. HomeSync can also support up to 5 Samsung accounts having 6 devices each. You can add personal filed for more privacy.

The device will be available at Best Buy, Amazon and others on October 6 for $299.

The Samsung Smart Media Player (GX-SM530CF), will be on sale starting October 23rd and the retail price will be $149.99.


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