Curved TV: the future of TV?

Samsung Curved OLED

Samsung has already accomplished a great deal in the world of curved tvs, but this time it would like to take things a step further, by making a television that could alter shape depending on what you are watching.

Introduced at CES was just what Samsung is calling a ‘Bendable’ TV – it really is a television display screen that can bend at a point and alter between curved and flat . Of course, we are not really keen about the concept of curved TVs as of this time, but witnessed in the flesh, the model flex Samsung TV definitely looks cool.

How Curved TV’s Work

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OLED TV: Must-Have Gadget Or Waste Of Cash?

There are some people who always have to have the latest gadgets in their home. These are the types who are happy to queue up around the block for days in order to secure the latest incarnation of iPhone. Well if televisions are your big thing, you will be delighted to hear that the next generation of TV is now available to buy in the stores. The only problem is that you need a shed load of cash to be able to afford one. So what is OLED TV and is it worth the phenomenal price tag?

What is an OLED Television?

OLED is short for Organic Light Emitting Diode. The technology is not new exactly—OLED TVs were around for a short time several years ago, but it is only now that LG and Samsung are starting to release 55 inch OLED TVs in the US. Currently availability is limited, but those in the know expect OLED TVs to be widely available very soon.

Innovative Design

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