Why Power Surges Are A Nightmare For Electronic Users

Lightning Surge

Lightning strike by Adam Weeden

Surges in electrical power are part and parcel of everyday life. When a spike or surge occurs it can play havoc with electronic equipment; especially computers. However, most computer users believe that adequate surge protection begins and ends by plugging their computer into a surge protection socket. Sadly, this is seldom the actual case. Many of these surge protectors offer nothing more than that of a standard extension lead.

This blog post will attempt to provide an insight into the problems that power surges bring about. Perhaps more importantly it will also cover how you can prevent serious issues from affecting your hardware.

When a Surge Occurs

Very often a power surge will only last for a split second, in real terms they are measured in millionths of a second. Generally speaking most electrical devices have the means to deal with some of the smaller spikes or surges. However, when a big one comes along it can cause major problems. Some of the stronger ones can carry tens of thousands of volts. This would easily be enough to fry computer circuit boards, monitors, hard drives and other systems.
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