Programmable Remotes – Control ALL Your Technology!

remote controlsThink of all the technology currently residing in your lounge or any other room at home. The TV, the satellite box, DVD player, CD player, Blu-ray and probably many other examples of modern pieces of technological gadgetry and gizmos. AND they probably all came with their own remote control, meaning the number you have to operate each individual item of equipment is probably fairly large.

Ever thought of having just one programmable remote, that does all of them?

A high quality programmable remote control can be used to control all manner of different electronic equipment from CD changers, DVDs, VCRs, amplifiers, gaming consoles, PCs and even lighting fixtures and air conditioning units. What and how many devices a programmable remote can control depends on the product – lower end remotes will only control one or two devices, such as the TV and DVD.

There are many advantages to having a programmable universal remote… Read more!