Why You Should Steer Clear Of Smart TV’s

Samsung Smart TV

It’s easy for TV manufacturers to advertise smart TV sets. When people see the term “smart” used to describe devices, they often unquestioningly accept that they are likely to be superior to conventional, non-smart devices.

This assumption doesn’t work well with smart TVs. A 2012 survey by consumer market research group NPD called Internet Connected TVs Are Used To Watch TV, And That’s About All finds that most people with smart TVs rarely use the smart features that their sets have. They don’t use their TVs for Facebook, Twitter or Internet browsing , for instance. Instead, they simply use their TVs as they would regular, non-smart models. To anyone planning a smart TV purchase, this survey should be reason enough to stop and think.

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Chromecast Vs. Apple TV

Apple and Google have been the big names in smartphones for several years now, but they’re competing beyond just tablets and phones. The companies are now focusing on new streaming video products for TVs:  Google’s Chromecast and Apple TV. These products each allow you to take your mobile content and stream it onto your big screen TV, making it easier to watch downloaded videos and TV shows with family and friends. The battle between Apple and Google in smartphones is pretty even, so how do their media streaming devices compare? Read more!

The Best Sites To Watch Your Content Wherever You Are

If you love to watch TV shows, movies, and even videos of your own, then it’s a great time to be alive. With the advent of super-fast, high-bandwidth connections, numerous companies are now offering some fantastic services to their customers via ‘The Cloud’: Streaming videos over the net to any device be it a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac, giving you the flexibility to watch what you want, when you want, where you want.
But there are so many companies offering such services that it can be difficult to know which one is right for you, and your hard earned money.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the top 6 content providers and why you should consider them. Read more!

Samsung Introduces HomeSync October 6th.

HomeSync is the latest product added to the Galaxy family of products.  The device allows sharing of content between all of your compatible home electronics.  Take a picture from your phone while you’re on the road and those at home can see it in seconds on their tablet or even the family HDTV.

HomeSync is a really exciting addition to the Samsung portfolio. As the number of smart devices that a person owns continues to grow, sharing and streaming content will become even more popular, creating demand for somewhere that all this content can be stored safely and readily accessed. HomeSync was borne from our experience across multiple markets, including mobile, digital imaging and TV, enabling us to create a single connected media environment, where people’s content is accessible at any time through whichever screen they choose.” – Simon Stanford, Vice President of IM division, Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland

HomeSync will support an external HD, so you can continue collecting content even if you fill up the built-in 1 Tb drive. File Encryption is also included  along with Android Jelly Bean with full access to Google Play and all its Apps.

The Interface is said to be similar to that of a Galaxy Tablet so it’s easy to use. HomeSync can also support up to 5 Samsung accounts having 6 devices each. You can add personal filed for more privacy.

The device will be available at Best Buy, Amazon and others on October 6 for $299.

The Samsung Smart Media Player (GX-SM530CF), will be on sale starting October 23rd and the retail price will be $149.99.


Sony’s new 4K Ultra HD Video Download Service

Sony XBR-X900A 4K Ultra HD Video Service

credit – Sony

Sony made several announcements at IFA 2013 this year.  One of them was the news of a new Video Download Service for Ultra HD content.  Video Unlimited 4K Service is the first 4K Ultra HD only video download service.  Those of you who ran out and bought a 4K or Ultra HD TV will now have something to watch in native 4K mode. Read more!

Is Having Cable Television And The Internet Worth It? A Breakdown:

Cable television and the Internet are high cost items for many families, but are they a necessity or a dispensable luxury? Do families really need both or can they get by with one or none? When it comes to cable TV, many businesses and families are pondering cutting the cord, either due to dissatisfaction with offerings and price or due to the expanding field of alternatives. With the Internet, the converse is true with businesses and homes getting more wired

The Cons of Cable Television
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10 websites to watch free movies online

It is no wonder that DVD sales are at an all time low when people can watch movies for free online. Added to that there are also file sharing sites that allow people to watch movies before they even leave the cinema. It is a dark age for the silvery screen. But, if you cannot stop the river from flowing, you may as well hop on board and go with the flow. Below are ten websites that will allow you to watch movies for free (so long as you have an Internet connection). The list is in no particular order. Read more!

Why CDs And DVDs Still Have Life In Them Yet

If video killed the radio star, then it’s probably fair to say that digital downloads are gradually killing off the video. Just as we once transitioned from records to CDs, we are now transitioning from CDs to MP3s – and even streaming the music we want directly from the cloud to our devices. And with backup being possible over USB sticks and cloud services, there’s not really much use for these discs as storage devices either. You’d be forgiven then for thinking that the humble CD has had its day, and that it’s only a matter of time before they disappear completely.

But you’ be wrong… Read more!

Up And Coming Digital Media Hot Spots

In the era of the internet, our lives are full of digital influences. From social media to smartphones, we’re all in on the action and have become seasoned pros at all things technological. Time moves quickly in the digital age, so it has become increasingly important to stay up to date and in the know when it comes to the best in digital media technology and applications.


twitterMove over Spotify and blip.fm; Twitter is in the process of launching their own music sharing and streaming website. The website is already the ideal place for musicians to connect with their fans, and now they’re being given a chance to offer music to the fans directly. Twitter has teamed up with the small music discovery service We Are Hunted to provide music lovers with the opportunity to discover new and exciting bands on one platform. The service is currently invite-only, with a view to becoming public in the near future. Read more!

Are You Ready To Swap Cable For Internet Streaming?

There can be little doubt that cable television brings a lot of entertainment into our lives and living rooms. But what happens when you realize that you need to cut down on your outgoings? There is a recession currently affecting pretty much every country in the Western world, and ours is no exception. In order to make ends meet, we need to look at what our monthly outgoings involve. Cable television is not really a luxury in the truest sense of the word, but it can be replaced by another option – Internet streaming media. Millions of people have chosen this route and it is certainly an attractive option. But before you join the droves of ex-cable devotees, you should consider the points made in this article. Read more!

The Great Debate: Netflix vs. Hulu

In a time where online streaming may soon best traditional cable, more and more companies are positioning themselves as leaders within the entertainment community. From TV networks that house their own shows, to outlets that charge a monthly fee, many viewers are now heading online to get in their TV viewing time.

But the fact still remains: which streaming mogul is better? Netflix or Hulu? By comparing side-by-side features, we’ll size up who offers what, and what consumers are getting for the price.

What they Offer

netflixvshulu135x120For those who don’t know, Netflix provides two different services: DVD rental (via snail mail) and online streaming. Each costs users $8 a month, and comes with unlimited use. As for the selection, thousands of movies and TV shows are offered, all of which are regularly updated. There’s a “recently added” section so users can separate out what’s new; streaming from DVD-only content are also separate. Read more!