Curved TV: the future of TV?

Samsung Curved OLED

Samsung has already accomplished a great deal in the world of curved tvs, but this time it would like to take things a step further, by making a television that could alter shape depending on what you are watching.

Introduced at CES was just what Samsung is calling a ‘Bendable’ TV – it really is a television display screen that can bend at a point and alter between curved and flat . Of course, we are not really keen about the concept of curved TVs as of this time, but witnessed in the flesh, the model flex Samsung TV definitely looks cool.

How Curved TV’s Work

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The Death of Plasma: Panasonic Throws in the Towel

TC-P65VT50If  you were thinking of purchasing a TV this season and a Plasma TV was on that list, you better hurry up and get to the store.  Why? because one of the best plasma TV makers is calling it quits.

Rumors were in the wind for months now.  Panasonic, the maker of the recently released VT60 and ZT60, will be out of the plasma business by 2014, or while supplies last.

…[I]n order to create a business structure that can respond to changes in the business environment and to accelerate the growth strategy of the company, the company will end the production of plasma display panels(PDP) in December 2013…-Panasonic Corporation

Panasonic enjoyed a strong demand for it’s plasma’s worldwide. Their products always received high acclaim and good reviews. Never the less, Panasonic feels that “drastic changes in the business environment and a declining demand” for plasma’s made it necessary to stop production.  Panasonic has already stopped or suspended production its Amagasaki P5 and Amagasaki P4 factories. The last factory, the Amagasaki P4 Factory, will stop production at the end of March 2014.

Plasma’s are popular because of their better contrast ratios, faster refresh rate, better overall picture quality and lower prices. LED’s have been improving over the years and had narrowed the performance gap. Now with the arrival of Ultra and OLED HDTV’s that gap has been closed to the point where they may surpass the picture quality of plasma, but at a price.

If your thinking Samsung or LG will pickup the torch, you might be right.  Samsung and LG have already announced they will be bringing new Plasma models to the 2014 International Consumer Electronics (CES) show in January. This year Samsung released it’s stunning F8500 Plasma HDTV. So, for at least the next year, Plasma’s will still be on the shelves.

Bottom line is if you want what I consider to be the best of the plasma TV’s made and at a good price, you had better get to your favorite online retailer or local box store and pick up a Panasonic Plasma HDTV’s before it goes the way of the Dodo Bird.

Here is the full press release.

The Latest And Greatest: The Best TVs To Suit Your Budget

These days, buying a TV involves a million and one choices. Not only are there hundreds of different models out there, but you also need to take into account whether you want an LCD or plasma, what size will fit your living room, what colour you want, what features, and on and on.

Moreover, technology is moving at such a rapid pace that brands are using new jargon and terminology to sell themselves as the best TV for you. Luckily for you, we’ve done some research and found the best TVs to suit any budget.

Toshiba 32DL933B

If you’re looking for a basic TV for your living room at a low price, consider the Toshiba 32DL933B. This 32-inch LED TV starts from $500 and has been acclaimed by technology experts for its compact size, attractive design, and excellent digital file handling. An extra bonus is that this TV comes with a built-in DVD player, saving you an additional $100 or $200 and all the hassle that comes with connecting your DVD player to your TV! However, if you’re after a blu-ray player you may need to look elsewhere. Read more!

Understanding Home Automation

Home automation gives you total control of all your devices and appliances with the touch of a button. If you ever dreamed of having a house where everything was automatic, then that dream can be fulfilled today. Home automation gives you the power to control several things like lighting, HVAC, security cameras, home theatre system, irrigation and many other devices you normally use around the house. For many the question is, “where do I start?” Here are some things you should know about home automation technology.
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3D Television- What’s The Point?

When 3D films were first introduced to mainstream cinema, cinema fans flocked to their local screens to try out the new technology. Supplied with a pair of 3D spectacles, audiences could enjoy the new releases in a brand new way, offering a real sense of involvement and interaction with the action. After this first 3D debut, it was only a matter of time until the technology became available at home.

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Top Things That Might Be Ruining Your TV Signal – That You Might Not Have Considered

When your TV doesn’t pick up signal properly, it can be surprisingly upsetting. It might not seem like the be-all and end-all, but when you’re trying to watch your favourite program only to find it cutting out every two minutes, it can actually be enough to drive you slightly mad.

If you find yourself in this scenario, then you will probably want to get to the bottom of whatever is interfering with your TV signal. Sometimes this can be relatively easy, but in other cases your problems can be caused by surprising issues that you wouldn’t right away consider. Here we will look at some of those issues that you might not have thought of, which could nevertheless be resulting in a poor picture.
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HOW TO: Troubleshoot Your HDTV

If you have ever tried to fix an electronic device by yourself, you most likely discovered that technology can be very confusing. It’s a tedious process to fix what you don’t understand. Instead of trying this yourself, you can simply have an experienced professional patch the problems for you. It’s far easier this way. It’s also far more time consuming.

Troubleshooting your devices – specifically your HDTV – shouldn’t be such a challenge. It should instead be an ease. While there will be concerns that will defy your abilities, there are others that can instead be handled quickly. The most common difficulties can be solved without help. You must simply first recognize what these are and how to approach them.

Network Assessment

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What You Need to Know About Ultra HDTV and 4K Technology

The technology employed to make television viewing a pleasure, moves at a rate that most of us can’t keep up with, but many of us are keen to be on the forefront of the evolving HD televisions. On reflection, TV has come a long way since it was first made available to us. It was January 1926 when the first TV of any substance was demonstrated, and it was so primitive that the images it produced could barely be recognizable to the human eye. Almost 90 years on and we are surrounded by some of the most life-like images on a daily basis, from a variety of wonderful devices, and we are spoilt for choice. Today we are presented with 1920 x 1080 resolution full HDTVs, which gives us viewing in 2 megapixels, but just around the corner are screens that offer an 8 megapixel image from hi-res cameras that will blow our minds. With the big TV brands jumping on-board in 2013, it could become the format for broadcast TV and Blu-ray.

What exactly is 4K?

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Factors When Choosing a Flat Screen TV

Technology is and always has been a constantly changing and forward-moving industry. With the advances in home theater equipment, new challenges arise for consumers who are interested in owning the “latest and greatest” units and the accompanying gadgets. For example, 3D technology has recently become available to the general public. While it tends to be a bit pricey and has definite limitations, it is rapidly gaining in popularity. In the near future, our children will no doubt consider today’s innovations to be “so last year,” as they say. Just think how far television has advanced in your lifetime or your parents’ lifetimes.

Flat Screen TV'sThere is no question as to the best type of television available now. The industry has pushed consumers to make the switch from tube TVs to HDTVs in the recent past, and with good reason. High definition televisions produce a sharper picture and are compatible with the digital electronics used in modern media. However, because of techno-factors, the task of choosing a flat screen is daunting to many consumers. The acronyms can be confusing and one can get lost in the array of possible options.

Screen Types

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How to Use Your Tablet to Improve Home Entertainment

Mobile technology has grown rapidly over the past few years. Tablets are now the forefront of mobile innovation. Everyone knows you can use a tablet for personal entertainment. However, did you know that a tablet can really be a control center for your entire home entertainment system? Here are 3 great ways to do just that.

3. Stream Content Directly to Your TV


Image via Flickr by Myricepower

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2013 Trends for Home Entertainment

One may wonder “what more can be done to improve home entertainment?” You have a nice LCD or LED TV with a large screen and a great cable connection that brings you your favorite channels. What’s more, you get several of those channels in stunning HD, enhancing the quality, and ultimately your viewing pleasure. You may think that this is the ultimate in home entertainment; however it is actually just the threshold for most technical geniuses working behind the scenes. They work around the clock, just to make your entertainment experience a little more enjoyable.

Today’s Technology


Sony’s XBR-X900A

Today you have your smartphone and other mobile devices connecting to your TV and several people watching the TV programs from various locations. The TV has become ultra-smart and is capable of much more than beaming pictures. Take for instance Sony’s latest creation (that was showcased at CES 2013) – the 4K OLED TV which has such brilliant picture quality that the images look life-like. 4K or Ultra HD as it is more commonly referred to as, in collaboration with OLED technology brings you the ultimate in picture quality.

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