HD Screens vs. SD Quality

High-Def Screens vs. Low-Def Quality

There’s no doubt that, in the land of TV and computer screens, significant improvements have been made over the last several years. Screens have become thinner, crisper, and named with more initials than we know what to do with (LED, LCD, and other forms of alphabet soup). It’s these constant changes that promote quality images and a better experience for all viewing experiences – from office work to couch lounging.

However, when the image itself is blurry or shot with standard film, the level of clear colorsOld Console TV takes a sharp turn for the worst. This is perhaps most evident in syndicated shows from decades past, where, in the 70s and 80s, TVs were 300-pound devices with built-in wheels. Cable shows also came in via analog, allowing for antennas to filter out static and layers of fuzz. Sure the quality was bad, but it was all the world had known.

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How Home Automation Can Boost Your Entertainment Experience

Technology makes modern life more convenient than ever before. New cell phones make communication easy. The Internet provides a venue for the instant spread of information and other content. Laptops, TV’s and other electronic devices are constantly finding ways to improve and make our lives more comfortable. One of the recent trends in technological innovation is home automation. In short, home automation centralizes control of your home functions, allowing you to control security, lighting, temperature and even entertainment right from your smartphone or tablet. In 2011 alone, about 1 million home automation systems were sold in North America.

The way people consume movies and listen to music is constantly evolving. The following are reasons why home automation may be the next big step for entertainment junkies.

Streaming is Taking Over

NetflixFor movies and TV as well as music, everything is going digital. The days are almost over when people got out of their chair to put in a DVD or put a CD into a record player. Instead, most people are streaming movies off services like NetFlix or listening to music on Spotify. Read more!

Recommended Free TV Guide Apps for Smartphone

Television has long been a part of our daily lives. Our mobile devices have become an effective tool in making sure we don’t miss out on our favorite TV shows. Currently, there are various applications offering television guides and we will present below the best and highly recommended apps for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.

Based on a study, 85 percent of TV viewers use their mobile devices. As discussed in the Guardian.co.uk article, people have become “multi-screener’s” by watching television shows while browsing on their Smartphones and tablets. It just shows how important mobile gadgets have become. In this article, we will present the must-have TV guides for your handy gadget.

TV Guide Mobile:

TV Guide NetworkTV Guide goes mobile. You can now get the latest news and set a reminder for your favorite shows with the help of the TV Guide Mobile app. It also allows you to view a list of the most popular television shows, celebrities, movies and videos. TV Guide also has the latest movie trailers from the upcoming Hollywood flicks. For Sports fans, they have all the news from your favorite teams in the NFL, NCAA, MLB, NBA, MLS, WNBA and the NHL. The application works for iOS and Android devices. Read more!

How to improve any TV with a Smart DVD

Wikipedia defines a Smart TV as any TV capable of using the Internet to provide interactive media content to the viewer. But, did you know they were also Smart DVD players? That’s right, many new Blu-ray DVD players and Home Theaters can use the Internet to provide the same content streaming video, music, pictures, news, weather, sports and downloadable apps as you find on a Smart TV and show it on any TV.Smart LG Home Theater

What should you look for?

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5 Ways to Improve Your Home Entertainment Viewing Experience

When you’re creating a home entertainment system, there are a lot of add-on to chose from. You can buy speakers, DVD players, HDTV’s or even download mobile applications to improve your overall viewing experience. Take a look at these five ways to make your home theater one for the ages!

Enjoy Enhanced Sound with Upgraded Speakers

Surround Sound Speaker

Image via Flickr by super-structure

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How to de-clutter your home entertainment system

If you take a look behind your TV stand, or cabinet, what do you see? Probably a little bit of dust that’s been forgotten about and a lot of wires. In fact, many of our entertainment systems may look great from the front but are a real mess behind. This isn’t just bad because it looks rubbish, but can also become a real fire hazard too. It’s time to de-clutter your home entertainment system!

Seriously in need of de-clutter

Image source

What do you need to de-clutter?

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HDMI Cable; why do I need one?

If you own a High Definition Television and use a Blu-ray DVD Player or Hi-Def Cable/Satellite box then a HDMI cable is exactly what you need to get the best picture.

What is HDMI?

HDMI High Speed Cable

HDMI or High-Definition Multimedia Interface is an audio/video cable for transferring digital audio/video signals to a compatible computer monitor, audio device or television. Sources for HDMI could be a HD cable/satellite box, HD DVD player, tablet, game console or digital camera. There are 5 types of HDMI cables but only two are used in home entertainment, HDMI High Speed and HDMI High Speed with Ethernet. Read more!

Why Power Surges Are A Nightmare For Electronic Users

Lightning Surge

Lightning strike by Adam Weeden

Surges in electrical power are part and parcel of everyday life. When a spike or surge occurs it can play havoc with electronic equipment; especially computers. However, most computer users believe that adequate surge protection begins and ends by plugging their computer into a surge protection socket. Sadly, this is seldom the actual case. Many of these surge protectors offer nothing more than that of a standard extension lead.

This blog post will attempt to provide an insight into the problems that power surges bring about. Perhaps more importantly it will also cover how you can prevent serious issues from affecting your hardware.

When a Surge Occurs

Very often a power surge will only last for a split second, in real terms they are measured in millionths of a second. Generally speaking most electrical devices have the means to deal with some of the smaller spikes or surges. However, when a big one comes along it can cause major problems. Some of the stronger ones can carry tens of thousands of volts. This would easily be enough to fry computer circuit boards, monitors, hard drives and other systems.
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Sharp, trying to restructure to stay afloat.

sharp quatron

Credit – Sharp, Inc.

Sharp is struggling to stay a “going concern”, which means in corporate speak they may not survive as a company.  Sharp reported a 4.8 Billion dollar loss for the first 6 months of the year.  As bad as that sounds, Panasonic lost more 5 billion actually.  There are many reasons suspected for the sales decline but the slowdown of the American Economy is the primary reason given.  However, Japan and some others in Asia have some blame in this too. The strength of the Yen vs the Dollar has added to profit difficulties.  In addition, while sales have declined almost 30% companies have increased the workforce by almost 6%. One hedge fund manager wrote that there were too many redundant quasi-state employees in the companies contributing to this increase in the workforce.

This slow down is not limited just to Sharp.  Sony, NEC and Panasonic have also made announcements of their own regarding sales and profit woes.  Samsung, with its near 60% market share of flat screens sales is having problem too, but nowhere near as bad as the three above.

2013 may turn out to be a very different year for HDTV’s. For example, there could be a decrease in quality screens and an increase in low-cost (cheap) TVs.  Plasma’s offerings may start to decline, as they are not as profitable as once thought.  To bad, I rather like the pictures on plasma TVs.  Still, I would not expect to see manufacturers tossing all the plasma’s out the back door, they do offer an affordable price point.  As for the future, the big guys; Sony, LG and Samsung will turn their attention to OLED technology.  Although it may take years (if ever) for that technology to develop to the point everyone can afford to buy one.

Stay tuned.


Improving a Smart TV with Internet

In my opinion, of the 5 top Smart TV’s out there only the Samsung and LG have a browser worth discussing. Of those two, Samsung seems to have a better browser-based on the fact that the LG browser doesn’t support Flash 10 or HTML5. At the time of this post, if you’re planning on surfing the net using your Smart TV then Samsung is going to be your best choice with LG coming in second.
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