5 Things To Know About Smart TVs

The technological innovations have been taking large steps in the past few years and the smart technologies have moved from our phones to tablets and TVs.

Although the market for smart TVs is still relatively small there are more and more affordable options now available to choose from. Here are five things you should know before you get a smart TV.

1. What Makes A TV Smart?

Now you might be wondering what these smart TVs are really all about. The definition is quite simple. Smart TV is a TV that provides you internet connected services, pretty much similar to your smartphone.

There are apps, media streaming and web browsing available in smart TVs, with the most important and exciting function being the Internet Protocol Television (IPT).

2. Wired Connection Works Best

For smart TVs to work to their full capacity you naturally need to connect it to the internet. There are usually two ways to go about it. Either you can use the Ethernet cable to connect it or use the wireless connection many TVs offer at the moment.

Although another cable might not be a pretty sight in your living room it is still the best way to provide you with a reliable connection. So if you can it is preferable to use the wire at least until the TVs develop a little bit further.

3. The World Of TV Apps

Apps are a big part of the smart TV experience. Currently all of them are free and you are able to use a lot of different apps across all brands but this might very well be changing in the future.

There aren’t that many apps out there for TV either. But the number is steadily growing and will probably keep doing so as more and more people buy smart TVs. What is possible with many TVs is to get an app for your smartphone that allows you to remotely control your TV. This is a really nice feature and you should consider it when you get a smart TV.

4. Games For Keeping Fit

There are now more advances being made in bringing games for smart TVs as well. Although there aren’t many options available yet, for instance Panasonic is really focused on developing exercise games to their TVs.

At the same time gaming consoles, like the new Xbox One are focusing more and more on providing full entertainment for users in terms of video streaming services.

For the customers this battle might be the most beneficial in terms of new innovations. It is a good idea to keep your eyes open and see what sort of innovations will appear next.

5. The Price Range

Although more and more companies are bringing out smart TVs there is still a relatively hefty price you need to pay for getting one. The more you want from your TV the more you need to be prepared to pay.

There is a good guide at the Tech Radar website about the best smart TVs out there. You can read this guide to help you see what might be the right choice for you to make.

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4 thoughts on “5 Things To Know About Smart TVs

  1. Until you get the dreaded announcement that will stop support of their smart TV platform due to lack of interest.

    My thoughts are to stick with a well established platform like Android (you can get some Set Top Boxes running Android for cheap-ish or wait for the revival of Google TV) on an open platform so even if Google decides tomorrow that Android is not working for them, there are enough resources out there to where you can still get apps and updates (in a CyanogenMod sort of way if necessary)
    Akash Arora recently posted..Wrap up Android Market 2013: Top 5 Games, Security & Utility Apps with Highest DownloadsMy Profile

    • Thanks for visiting Akash,

      I hope you’re wrong, however, I think 3D tv is following the path you described.
      Early last year when I read about the Smart TV Alliance I thought the manufactures would agree on one app platform and Smart TV’s would become as common as Smart Phones. I just checked back with the alliance web site and only LG, Phillips and Toshiba have signed on. That leaves the big boys out on their own. As long as Samsung remains out of the alliance there will be no cross platform apps. However, due to Samsung’s dominance of the Smart TV market and the popularity of their devices I don’t think you’ll see any loss of interest.

  2. I feel like the TV world is slowly dying ,
    i myself and many others share my lifestyle have no time for TV anymore,
    when you can access everything on the internet from your smartphone or laptop at work etc… you have no time to lay before the TV to access internet features,
    you just don’t care anymore, and good movies are usually preferred to be watched in the cinema with friends,
    so Smart TV or not a smart TV makes no difference, i rarely even watch TV.
    the sound of this piece of tech sounds nice as gift or a luxury item for homes, but i really don’t see the need and the use of it!
    i really can’t see why should i get one !??
    Many thanks and Happy new year!
    Mitch recently posted..Free CV Builder, Free Resume Builder, cv templatesMy Profile

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