How To Easily Connect Laptop To Vizio Smart TV Wirelessly

For movie enthusiasts, you can agree with me that watching through a smart TV screen gives a better experience in comparison with laptop screens. Smart TVs have bigger screens and offer the best sound system. One of the best brands that you can pick from the stores is the Vizio smart TV.


The brand is available and accessible from most electronic retailers. Their screens can display high definition images. Among the standard models include the e32-c1, m50-c1, and e50-c1. But can you connect your laptop with your Vizio smart TV? Of course, yes.

  • You can use cables to connect your smart TV with your computer.
  • You can also consider doing a wireless connection using chrome extensions and an app.

If you wish to know how to connect laptop to Vizio smart TV wirelessly, read through the whole text.


Chromecast allows you to connect your Smart TV screens with your computer without using cables. To use it, it needs you to have Chromecast and an updated Google Chrome. How to connect needs you to observe a few steps which include;

• Launch the Chrome browser on the laptop.

• Launch the app or a website supported by Chromecast,

• Use the cast button to stream the movies on your smart TV. Now you can watch your favorite shows on your smart TV. Note that you can continue using the laptop in doing other things as you cast.


The same way as Chromecast, Plex allows you to watch movies on your Smart TV from your laptop without wire connections. Plex is capable of listing all your video and audio files and stream them on any device.

To use it, it needs you to have a Plex App. Apart from streaming with your Vizio TV, you can also use Vizio to stream on your phone, tablet, among other devices. Among its advantages include;

• Plex does not support screen mirroring,

• It does also require registration through the server software for a chance to stream using the Plex app.


Wireless HDMI is an excellent option if you no longer love cables’ connections. HDMI allows you to enjoy high-quality videos, and also gives high-speed transmissions. With HDMI, you’ll no longer need cords for active links. To stream, you need to have a wireless HDMI. The following two steps will be of great help;

• First, use a USB port to connect your transmitter to the laptop. Ensuring that the connection is secure ensures smooth data transfer.

• Connect your receiver to your smart TV. There is no installation of apps required for you to start streaming.


Apart from watching movies, stream link allows you to play games on smart TV screens in the simplest way. It’s best for the improved gaming experience.

To use this method, you need to have a stream link in place and ready. You can purchase it from Amazon. You can add games to the Steam library by clicking on Add a Game button. To start using the steam link, use the following steps;

• Buy and launch steam on your laptop then log in.

• Connect the Steam Link to your Vizio smart TV.

• Now, pair your laptop with Steam Link. You match after connecting the keyboard, mouse, and controllers, then find the device to start streaming.


Miracast is one of the wireless technologies that help you to project your laptop screen to Smart TVs and monitors. It allows you to play games, watch movies, or make PowerPoint presentations.

For those with windows 10 and 8.1, their laptops already have the device installed. If you don’t have it installed, you can consider updating your drivers. You can also buy Miracast adapters. To use the wireless technology, consider following these steps;

• To your laptop, consider adding the wireless display. To do this, hover to the bottom right corner and then click on devices, later on, the project, and then ADD the wireless display. You can choose one of the many tools that will display.

• Now project your movies to the screen. Hover to the lower-right corner, and then click on devices. Click on a project and then on the second screen. Once you do this, you will have to choose one of the four settings that show up. They include

• Duplicate which displays on your TV screen and laptop,

• PC screen only which allows you to watch using your computer alone,

• Extend where you use your TV as a form of an extension, and

• The second (Smart TV) only where you don’t have anything to view on your laptop.

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Can I connect my laptop to my TV wirelessly?
Of course, yes. The above discussed are a few of the methods that allow you to connect your smart TV to your laptop without the use of connecting cables.

Can I connect my laptop to Vizio TV?
As discussed above, Vizio is among the best Smart TV brands that you can purchase in the market. These products are compatible with a variety of wireless technology that helps you to stream on the TV screen wirelessly.

How do I connect my Lenovo laptop to my TV wirelessly?
Lenovo laptops are among the best computer brands in the market. Connecting them with your smart TV takes the same techniques as other brands. You can use methods such as steam link, Miracast, Chromecast, and Plex to make the connection. Apart from the wireless techniques, you can also consider using connecting cables.

How do I connect my laptop to my Smart TV?
The above-discussed methods will help you wirelessly connect your laptop. If you need to connect using connecting cables, however, you can do the same with fewer struggles. To do this smoothly, consider consulting with your electronics technicians, to ensure that you purchase only the best cables.

Final Verdict

Wireless connections between your laptop and Vizio smart TV is less messy and among the best methods that you can adopt. The above-discussed methods, that is, Chromecast, wireless HDMI, Plex, Miracast, and Steam Link, are among the best ways to make the connections. You can consider using one or several of these methods to do the streaming. Using these methods allows you to enjoy high-quality HD views.