About Us

Hi there, technology lovers! My name is James, I am an admin and a frequent writer for this blog. I have recently taken over the old owners of this web site, and aim to make it as useful for my readers as I can. I am an engineer by trade, but my passion for all sorts of technology gave me an idea of acquiring this blog where I can share my experience not just with my friends and family, but with a much broader audience. I love going to the gym and walking with my dog Masey when I get a chance. Hope you enjoy the read!

In this blog, you will find the following info:

  1. Tips on how to make your house more automated
  2. Answers to tricky questions regarding smart TVs, streaming devices, and other electronics
  3. How-to type of articles
  4. Technology field related content and news

A few interesting facts about me:

  • Used to hate PE at school(though paying for the gym membership now)
  • Originally from Philly
  • Graduated from the University of Pennsylvania
  • Worked for Sony Electronics for 4 years
  • An owner of the LG CX OLED TV( it’s pretty awesome btw)
  • Can’t imagine my life without my robot vacuum cleaner(Ecovast Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI in case you are interested)
  • Only mow my lawn with this baby: Worx Landroid M 20V Cordless Robotic Lawn Mower (WR140)
  • Like everything robotic, if you haven’t noticed