How To Update Your Google Home(1 Easy Way)

Google Home is Google’s answer to home automation, allowing you to control a range of smart devices from the comfort of a hub device or app.

So, how to update your Google home? Provided everything is fine with the device and it is running the latest firmware version, Google home will get updates automatically.

Go to the Google Home App>Device Settings>Scroll Down>See if you have the latest version of the firmware. Alternatively, you can use the link provided below to check for the latest Google home firmware.

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Software and Firmware

Firstly, it is important to distinguish between the types of updates you are looking at. There are software and firmware updates, which are two different things.

Software is a surface-level thing, such as the operating system on your phone or the conference calling app on your computer.

Whenever you get an update that creates visible changes (and many times when there are no visible changes), it is a software update.

Firmware, on the other hand, is deeper and handles things on a hardware level. Updates to firmware typically improve performance and fix unexplainable bugs.

How to Update Google Home

Conveniently, your Google Home devices should take care of their updates without the need for you to do anything.

That being said, problems can happen from time to time, and you may want to make sure your device is running the latest software.

For more information on how to do this, check our section on how to check your firmware version below.
If your device is not running the latest firmware, you can try resetting it. If that doesn’t work, you may need to get in touch with Google Home support.

How To Update Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is essentially just a smaller version of the Google Home, and the process of updating, checking to see which version you are on, and what to do if your device isn’t updating is the same.

How To Update Google Home Firmware

Your Google Home firmware updates-like the software updates-should be taken care of automatically. If you think your device may be acting up because of outdated firmware, follow the instructions in the next section to check if your version is the latest.

How To Check For Google Home Firmware Version

Using your Google Home app, find the Google Home speaker you want to update and tap on Device Settings. Scrolling to the bottom here, you should find the current system firmware. Check the firmware version there against the latest Google Home firmware version.

How To Check For Google Home Current Updates

As the updates are installed automatically, the only way to check if there is an update for your device is to look up the current version you are running and check it against the latest version on Google’s website, as detailed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve pulled together some of the more commonly asked questions about Google Home update-related topics, so have a look and see if your question is already answered!

What is the latest version of Google home?

Though initially Google Home, the acquisition of the popular home automation company, Nest, has led to a re-branding of Google’s home automation products. To that end, the latest version of Google Home is the Google Nest range of devices, such as the Google Nest Hub, Google Nest Speaker, and Google Nest Mini.

What’s the latest Google home firmware?

Google Home firmware is continuously updated, so rather than give you a number that will be out of date in a few days, check this link to find the latest firmware version for your Google Home device.

Does Google Home Automatically Update?

Google Home does indeed update automatically. You can check if you have the latest version by comparing the firmware version on your device to the latest version on Google’s website. If your device is not updating, resetting it can help.

How do I change my Google Home to a new WIFI?

Ensuring that your phone (or other devices) is connected to the same network as your Google Home device, find it through the Google Home app and tap the device’s settings. From there, navigate to Wi-Fi, and then hit “Forget this network”.

After that, you should be taken back to the home screen, where you can begin setting up a new network.

How often does Home Mini firmware get updated?

There is no set release schedule for Google Home Mini firmware updates or any other devices in the Google Home/Nest range. In other words, you get them when you get them.

How do I connect Google Home to Bluetooth?

You may want to connect your Google Home device to a Bluetooth device, perhaps to use it as an external speaker. To do this, simply ask Google to enable pairing mode by saying “OK Google, Bluetooth pairing.”

You can also do this by finding your device in the Google Home app and enabling pairing mode in your device options. Once this is done, you can connect like any other Bluetooth device.

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Final Thoughts

Home automation is intended to be the very peak of convenience around the home, so it makes sense that Google would not want you to have to work too hard to carry out some of the mundane but necessary tasks. This holds true for software updates.

Indeed, for a properly functioning Google Home or Nest device, you should not have to do anything to get your device updated, as it will take care of this itself.
Though the exact means will vary from device to device, your Google Home or Nest device will let you know when it is updating, and you can check the current version of your firmware against the latest versions on Google’s websites if you are worried that your device may not have updated to the newest version.