Why Is Your Google Home Not Working?(+Troubleshooting Tips)

Google Home is part of a new line of smart devices that are usually linked to AI (artificial intelligence) technologies or an online assistant. 

Why is Google home not working? This is often related to Wi-Fi/connectivity issues, improper sensitivity or microphone settings, the device is too far from Wi-Fi. Check your internet connection, adjust the microphone and speech sensitivity settings, check that the microphone is not muted. The most common fix regarding a Google Home device is rebooting it.

This article is designed to help you navigate around these flaws so that you can get the best out of your Google Home. Check out the best Google Home deals on Amazon now!

Reasons Why Google Home Is Not Working?

Like the Google Home series, smart devices may often underperform at times because they are dealing with newer technologies that have not entirely been perfected.

The Google Home speaker needs to get input from its microphone and connect to the Wi-Fi to carry out complex data processing functions so that it does what you want it to do.

It uses many different components during this process, so there can be many reasons behind its faults when it underperforms.

  • A very common reason for the speaker’s underperforming might be related to the Wi-Fi. Since it is a wireless device, it will use a Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth connection. However, spotty internet connections can cause a lot of disruption in Google Home’s tasks. Common fixes to the connection issue are explained in other questions.
  • Another common problem with Google Home is that it does not respond sometimes. A reason for this is that the microphone does not pick up the sound. You need to change the settings for the speakers or talk louder if you want to resolve this issue. Turning up the volume might also help, as lower volume levels will cause you to think the speaker is unresponsive when it actually is responsive.
  • Sometimes the speakers respond when you do not want them to. The reason for this is that it senses the trigger phase being spoken and reacts. This may just happen during a casual conversation and can be very annoying. You can change the sensitivity settings for the trigger phrase to fix this problem.

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What To Do When Google Home Is Not Working?

There are different fixes for different problems; however, this section will discuss some common fixes that help in solving some common issues with the Google Home smart devices.

  • The most common fix regarding a Google Home device is rebooting it. You should obviously not use this fix for every problem; however, if a problem seems to persist, then you can use this.

You can learn how to reboot your device by reading the following steps:

  1. Download the “Google Home” app from your device’s app store if you do not have it already. Make sure this device and the speakers are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, the next few steps will not work.
  2. Press the “home” icon on the top left of the app screen after you have downloaded it and logged in with your account.
  3. You will see your devices on this screen. Select the one you want to reboot.
  4. Select the gear icon labeled “settings” near the right side of this new page.
  5. Select the three dots in the settings to find the reboot option. Select the reboot option and let the app work its magic!

However, sometimes the rebooting fix does not work. Therefore, it is always good to know a few more common fixes before setting up your own Google Home smart speaker.

  • Unplugging the device from its power chord sometimes also helps. Usually, if a device is plugged in for a long time, it heats up. It just needs a short rest, after which it will probably work fine. Wait for a couple of minutes before plugging it in and checking if the problem is gone.
  • Sometimes the device faces a connection issue that may hinder it from completing its tasks. You can check if it is connected to your Wi-Fi or not through the Google Home app. From the app, tap the device name and then its settings to check the Wi-Fi connections. If it shows it is still connected but does not work properly, that means it is not getting the proper connection. Try to delete the network from the device (by clicking “forget network”) and then re-entering the Wi-Fi password to rejoin the network.
  • If the problem persists, it means that the device is too far away from the Wi-Fi. Try to find a place for the device that is convenient for you as well as the Wi-Fi router. A router reset, and a device reboot can also work in this case.

How To Fix Google Home’s “Something Went Wrong” Error?

This error is common in some regions and can be fixed easily in one of the two ways.

  1. The first one is to change the “IPv6” setting from the Google Home app.
    1. Find this option from the settings section of the device in the Google Home app.
    2. Try disabling it and running the device.
  1. If the error still exists, then reboot your device. Some devices need to be rebooted multiple times so that they can get rid of this error.

Google Home Is Not Responding; What To Do?

Increase the volume of the device from the app to hear it. Sometimes it is responsive, but users think it is not responding as it cannot be heard.

Suppose it is still unresponsive; try to increase its hearing sensitivity from the settings in the Google Home app. Also, try talking louder if it is far away from you.

If all else fails, you need to follow the rebooting protocol explained above.

Why Does Google Home Have My Location Wrong?

The device may autodetect incorrectly if you haven’t set the location yourself. If the location is wrong, your device may give inaccurate information.

Check if your location is correct through the Google Home app. Select the device settings and navigate to location settings. Edit or enter your location correctly.

After this is set, the device will never have your location wrong.

Why Does My Nest Mini Keep Unlinking?

Right now, there is no easy fix for this. It seems like it is a manufacturing fault with a few Nest mini devices.

You should report your complaints to the manufacturer or the seller if it is unlinking after you have tried all solutions given above.

Why Does My Nest Mini Keep Disconnecting?

The newer Nest minis are more particular about their connections. If it keeps unlinking and disconnecting, you can attempt to change your Wi-Fi settings or the Nest settings.

From the app, you can try running them on a 2.4 GHz band. This will likely solve your problems. If it does not, you should report back to the seller. An update from Google can also solve this, as they have recently taken notice of the issue.

Why Is My Google Home Crackling?

Check if the power chord and the adapter are plugged in securely. If they are loose, you might hear a crackling sound. Also, plug in the adapter in a wall outlet and not with any unstable power source.

The crackling will continue if the power source is unstable. Try using other outlets to see if the problem is fixed. Check out the best Google Home deals on Amazon now!


The new line of smart speakers is gaining a lot of popularity. Many people describe them as the first step towards a complete home automation revolution.

They might be right, but the speaker still has many problems that can be fixed by more updates or the solutions described in this article