How to de-clutter your home entertainment system

If you take a look behind your TV stand or cabinet, what do you see? Probably a little bit of dust that’s been forgotten about and a lot of wires. In fact, many of our entertainment systems may look great from the front but are a real mess behind. This isn’t just bad because it looks rubbish, but can also become a real fire hazard too. It’s time to de-clutter your home entertainment system!

What do you need to de-clutter?

First things first; what is definitely needed and what isn’t? Everything may be plugged in at once behind there but if you haven’t used that VHS player for ages then get rid of it! Keeping equipment there for the sake of it is just going to make it look a mess as opposed to an amazing home entertainment center. Get rid of all the equipment that you don’t use, or hide the stuff that you use less frequently. Instead of throwing anything away, try making some money for it on an online auction site, the local classifieds or give it away to a charity shop instead. You should now begin to see a bit of space surrounding your equipment, which is great, well done!

Those pesky wires

HDMI Wall Plate helps the de-clutter effortThe biggest problem with trying to keep an entertainment center tidy is the wires. It doesn’t matter how many times you untangle them, you’ll find that they just become a complete mess again all by themselves. As already mentioned, this doesn’t look great but can also become a fire hazard. Plus, if you have pets, then you’ll know all too well that they seem to love playing with the wires of the television. One suggestion would be a cable tidy, however, these don’t actually make anything look much better and can be bulky too. Another great suggestion is using wall plates. You can get wall plates for nearly every piece of equipment your own, including anything that uses a HDMI cable. These clever plates are the perfect way of tidying up all of the wires behind the television and will greatly reduce the risk of fires.

The finishing touches

Now that you have got rid of the stuff you don’t need and hidden the wires, it’s time for the finishing touches. What is it that can really make your home entertainment system stand out from the crowd and become a talking point in your home? There are some great ideas online that involve putting lights behind the television, encasing the whole lot in a specially designed cupboard, or even hiding everything behind a wall (other than the TV of course)! It’s up to you what you think will make your entertainment system that little bit more attractive; as long as it doesn’t involve cluttering it back up again!

Once you have de-cluttered that wretched space behind the television you will instantly feel a lot better. Although we all try to convince ourselves that it doesn’t matter, those unruly wires and unused VHS players do get to us really! Plus, you may find some hidden treasures behind there that you thought were lost forever.