How To Fix An Unresponsive Wii Remote?(7 Easy Tips)

There are seldom many things more frustrating than not being able to play your favorite games because you do not know how to fix an unresponsive Wii remote.

How to fix an unresponsive Wii remote? Put in a fresh set of batteries, inspect the battery terminals to see if there is any dust or corrosion, clean it if necessary. Clean the buttons and the button connections by opening the cover plate and lightly brushing the contact using a new, dry toothbrush. Recalibrate the Wii remote.

But do not worry, as today we will share some tips and tricks on how to tackle the issue. Check out the list of the best replacement Wii remotes on Amazon now!

Why is my Wii Remote Not Working?

It is a gutting feeling when you try to turn on your Wii remote, but it just would not, despite how hard you try or the different techniques you conjure up. So before you even attempt to turn on the remote, you should try to understand the cause of the problem. A Wii remote could not be working for a multitude of reasons like the ones listed below:

  • Batteries issue: The batteries could either be dead or have a poor connection, as described in the section below.
  • Buttons issue: Poor connection in the power button negates the purpose of fresh batteries even.
  • Stuck buttons: Button stick stop working, so if you push them once, they get pressed into the remote and do not perform the required function.
  • Spilled drinks: Food or liquid has seeped into the remote either because you dropped it or you just could not keep your greasy hands off the remote while eating.
  • Sensor bar issue: The Sensor bar could either be obstructed by other objects or due to different light sources in the room. It could also not be appropriately plugged into the Wii Console.
  • Calibration issue: The remote may be miscalibrated.
  • Motherboard issue: The motherboard has developed some faults.
  • Old remote: It was an unlicensed remote that has lived its time, and there is no point in spending time or money fixing it.

There can be more causes to the problem as this list is not exhaustive. However, these are the most probable causes, and it is very likely that the possible solutions to your problem can also be derived from these causes. You can explore the possible solutions to this problem in the section below.

Why Won’t My Wii Remote Turn on with New Batteries?

Considering that you recently changed the batteries because the old ones were probably dead, but this still has not fixed the issue, it could mean a couple of things.

Check the Battery Terminals

You should double-check if the batteries were connected to their respective contacts starting with the basics. That means the positive and negative terminals are connected to their respective contacts.

Check for Corrosion

Next, while reorienting the batteries, it is worthwhile to look at the spring-loaded battery terminals. Because if there are any traces of corrosion, you could then brush them off to enable a cleaner contact between the terminals and the battery.

Other Reasons

If the problem still does not solve, the problem could lie between the power button’s connection and the motherboard since it could be dirty, which causes the remote not to turn on. There is also a possibility of the power button being misaligned in the Wii remote. Moreover, its connection could also be fried.

How to Fix an Unresponsive Wii Remote?

Unfortunately, every remote does not simply start working after slapping it a couple of times. The solution could lie in many other techniques related to the specific problem.

1. Try a Different Remote

It would help if you also tried to use another remote with the console to cross off the possibility of something being wrong with the console itself. If that remote works fine, then you should definitely explore fixing the unresponsive remote. Here we have tried to outline some different ways in which you could fix an unresponsive Wii Remote.

2. Fix the Button Connections

With problems pertaining to poor power button connections, you could clean the power button contact. Simply open the cover plate and lightly brush the contact using a new, dry toothbrush. If the power button is misaligned or fried, you need to install a new power button.

3. Clean the Buttons

Bad buttons may just need a good cleaning. So you could try cleaning them with a new toothbrush, some lukewarm water, and soap. Dampen the toothbrush slightly with warm soapy water and brush around the buttons.

Then wipe it with a clean paper towel to dry off the moisture. Also, you must remember to remove the batteries before starting the cleaning process. In case the problem persists, you need to replace them with new buttons.

4. Fix the Sensor Issues

If the sensor bar is obstructed, move into a position where it is directly in line with the remote and maintain a distance of 3 to 10 feet. Remove light sources like lamps placed too close to the Wii Console. You should also avoid having infrared light sources like heaters, candles, and stoves around the gaming area. Moreover, ensure that the sensor bar is plugged correctly into the console.

5. Recalibrate the Remote

To recalibrate a remote place, place it on a table button side down for 10 seconds parallel to the TV screen and then point it towards the TV. You could even look at the Wii settings at the home screen to recheck the sensor bar’s position.

6. Fix the Motherboard

Whether broken or burnout, a motherboard needs to be replaced with a new one as it plays a crucial role in transmitting signals throughout the remote. But before taking this step, try to go through all the previously mentioned steps to check that the problem does not lie anywhere else.

7. Check the Remote’s License

If you bought the remote separately, it is also worthwhile to see if it is licensed. Licensed remote models have a number printed on the bottom close to the controller expansion’s plug-in. For example, RVL 003 denotes the Licensed Wii Remote while RVL 036 denotes the Licensed Wii Remote Plus. Check out the list of the best replacement Wii remotes on Amazon now!

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No one likes it when the remote is not working. So, considering this information, we hope you can diagnose the particular issue with your remote. And hoping that the remote is not beyond repair, fix it accordingly so that you can quickly resume playing your favorite games on Wii.