Is Ethernet Faster Than WiFi?(+What To Choose For Gaming) 

Wireless connections have become a norm in the twenty-first century since wireless devices are so readily available now. However, Ethernet cables still hold a significant advantage over your regular Wi-Fi networks.

Is Ethernet faster than WiFi? The answer is yes. A Wi-Fi connection works wirelessly. It is susceptible to electrical waves from other devices interfering with its waves, which often slows it down. The Ethernet cable is directly connected to the computer and is insulated so nothing can affect the speed.

Let us take a look at all the differences between these two different connections. Speed is one of the differences that will be looked at in this article. More specifically, we want to find out if Ethernet is faster than Wi-Fi or not. Check out the list of the most reliable Ethernet cables on Amazon now!

Is Ethernet Faster Than Wi-Fi? 

Ethernet cannot be connected on devices that do not boast the Ethernet port feature. However, the cables make up for what they lack in associability by providing faster and more reliable connections when compared to Wi-Fi networks.

Theoretically, Ethernet is much faster than Wi-Fi. However, the differences are not as significant in the real world. The difference between them will become clearer as you read on; however, the results will depend on your ISP (internet service provider) and the type of connection you have.

If your connection provides a lower speed, it will affect the performance of your Wi-Fi device and the Ethernet cables. 

There are many different determinants involved in calculating the internet speed that your device is getting. Still, one thing is almost always certain: ethernet cables are almost always faster than Wi-Fi connections. 

Why Is Ethernet Faster Than Wi-Fi? 

The main difference between these two connections can be easily understood. A Wi-Fi connection works wirelessly; therefore, it is susceptible to electrical waves from other devices interfering with its waves.

Also, physical objects can block the signals too (less frequent). The distance between the router and the wireless devices also affects the type of signal the device receives. 

In contrast, the ethernet cable is directly connected to the computer and is insulated.

This means that there will be no objects impeding the connection, and electrical waves will not interfere with the insulates signals inside the cable. Crosstalk cannot affect this type of signal too. 

How Much Faster Is An Ethernet Cable Than A Wireless Connection? 

Wi-Fi devices have improved over the last decade and are capable of providing high-speed internet at a reliable rate. This speed is quite adequate for covering your basic tasks. The highest speeds that the best Wi-Fi devices can achieve are around the 6 Gbps mark.

However, bandwidth is shared on wireless networks (amongst all connected devices), and in the real world, the speeds are usually around 100-150 Mbps (for the best networks in the world).

Ethernet cables, on the other hand, can provide up to 10 Gbps or 10000 Mbps theoretically.

These speeds are also affected in the real world; however, they are still not as affected in the real world since they cannot be impeded by electrical devices and physical objects.

This means that ethernet cables are always faster than a wireless connection. The actual difference depends on the type of connection and internet package your ISP provides. 

Is 5g Wi-Fi Faster Than Ethernet? 

5G Wi-Fi can be faster than some standards of the Ethernet cables available on the market. The answer to this question depends on the “standards” of Wi-Fi and Ethernet cables that you are running or comparing. 

Standards signify the connections’ speed capability, so a 5 GHz Wi-Fi is bound to be faster than some of the other slower Ethernet standards out there. Suppose the real-world speed of the 5G Wi-Fi systems is going to be around the 1 Gbps mark, then it is going to be faster than Ethernet standards of 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps.

However, it is still bound to be slower than Ethernet standards of 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps, or even 100 Gbps. 

Ethernet cables are also more secure and reliable than Wi-Fi connections. The only positive that the Wi-Fi has over the cables is accessibility. They provide wireless signals that can be accessed on the move (from anywhere around the network). 

Is Wi-Fi Or Ethernet Faster For Downloads? 

A huge chunk of downloads comprises large files that require stable internet connections for long periods. Such connections cannot be achieved over a wireless system since they may frequently disconnect, causing the download progress to go to waste.

Ethernet cables provide reliable and stable connections since they are linking the computer to the router physically. The wireless signals are often disturbed by the “surrounding” environment; therefore, they are not suitable for downloads. 

It is advised to buy an Ethernet cable for the times when you want to download huge files reliably. Wi-Fi can be suitable for smaller files, but larger files’ download progress is bound to suffer on a wireless connection. 

Is Wi-Fi Or Ethernet Better For Gaming? 

Ethernet may not always come in handy since it restricts your movement; however, if you have something that sits in one place (like a desktop), then it is sensible to use Ethernet cables. If you are a streamer and a gamer, you can find that using Ethernet cables is very enlightening. 

Ethernet provides lower latency, reliable connection, and better speeds. All of the qualities come in handy when gaming or streaming since they are going to improve the overall quality of your experience.

Gaming is going to be much smoother on an Ethernet connection when compared to gaming on a wireless connection.   

Is Ethernet Faster Than Wi-Fi For Streaming? 

Activities like gaming and streaming require very smooth and reliable connections since any discrepancy in the connection is going to disconnect your game or the stream.

To achieve high speeds of reliable internet connections, you must use Ethernet cables. There is no other workaround to this. 

 Even though this is going to restrict your movement, it is a worthy sacrifice since it allows you to do so much more than just your basic tasks. The inconsistent speeds provided by the Wi-Fi connections are going to cause sputters in your streams.

You would also be limited when setting your bitrate, as higher bitrates may not be achieved with a wireless connection. 

For smooth streaming sessions, use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer to the router. 

Is Ethernet Faster Than Wi-Fi For Xbox One? 

If you switch to Ethernet from Wi-Fi, you are going to experience much fewer load times when using your Xbox for online games. This happens because the Ethernet provides a secure and reliable connection with consistent speeds.

However, you may not need to switch to an Ethernet cable if your Wi-Fi supports the ac-standard. Previous standards are quite slow and may not be compatible with the Xbox, causing issues like long loading queues, etc. 

If you cannot afford a newer router, then an Ethernet cable is going to do the job perfectly fine for you on your older router. Check out the list of the most reliable Ethernet cables on Amazon now!


Wi-Fi connections are constantly evolving, and this evolution will not stop any time soon as 5G networks are going to be everywhere soon.

However, what wireless connections provide in convenience, they take away from quality. For improved and reliable internet connections, you can use ethernet cables. These cables are suitable for computers that sit in one place and are used for heavy-duty tasks.