How To Return Spectrum Equipment?(Free Of Charge)

Even though Spectrum is one of the most popular high-speed internet service providers in the US today (with millions of people connecting to the internet through this provider), sometimes it’s just not the right provider for you.

How to return Spectrum equipment? Visit a local Spectrum office or retail store and hand the equipment off to them directly. UPS will handle the packaging and shipping for you once you say you are a Spectrum customer at no additional cost. As the company policy states, you have 15 days to return the equipment after the cancellation.

Regardless of the reason, though, learning how to return Spectrum equipment is critically important – especially if you don’t want to face any potential penalties for holding onto this equipment after you cancel your service. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

Do I Have to Return Spectrum Equipment?

You are going to be required to return any of the Spectrum equipment you haven’t purchased outright. This usually includes your modem and your router (as well as any modem and router setups that are in a single unit).

Sometimes there are other Spectrum components that you might have gotten from the company as well – though these are usually linked to phone or TV services.

Any of the equipment that you purchased from Spectrum outright (or equipment that you have purchased separately) obviously doesn’t need to be returned back to this internet service provider.

How Long Do I Have to Return Equipment to Spectrum?

As their company policy states, they request equipment be brought back within 15 days of cancellation.

That’s what the company has outlined in black-and-white in their Terms and Conditions. That’s what they technically stick to and what their customer service representatives will tell you when you call to disconnect or cancel your service.

As we mentioned a moment ago, though, most of the time this company is a little more flexible than people might expect.

You’ll probably have up to 30 days (maybe even a little bit longer) to bring your equipment back to Spectrum before they are going to start to get frustrated and potentially pursue penalties.

How to Return Spectrum Equipment

There are a couple of different ways you can go about returning your equipment to Spectrum. This is a company that really wants to make this process as easy as possible. They’d like to see that equipment returned, after all!

Drop Off at Spectrum Location

The simplest way to return your Spectrum equipment is to visit a local Spectrum office or retail store and hand the equipment off to them directly.

There are more than 650+ Spectrum stores around the country. The odds are pretty good that you live near one of them.

If you’re able to bring your equipment to them directly they’ll be able to account for it and make a note that you brought it back. You won’t have to worry about anything else.

Return via UPS

Spectrum has arrangements with UPS that allow you to drop off voice modems, Wi-Fi routers, and more modern modems (modems available from the last four or five years) without having to visit a Spectrum location physically.

Go to any local UPS location, let them know that you have Spectrum equipment you need to return, and they will walk you through the whole process. Postage will be covered by Spectrum, too.

Again, though, make sure that you get a receipt and confirmation that UPS took your Spectrum equipment from you directly. It’s the only way to prove that you’ve gone through this process.

Return via FedEx

Returning your Spectrum equipment via FedEx works the same way as returning it via UPS. If you have a return label with your Spectrum equipment,  attach the label to a cardboard shipping box.

Just make sure that you get a return receipt from the folks at FedEx before you leave.

You’ll want confirmation that you handed the equipment off to them. Spectrum will handle the postage (you won’t have to pay a penny), but you’ll need that for your records should something happen to the Spectrum box in transit.

Here are the pieces of equipment  that you can return via FedEx:

  • Spectrum receivers, including HD and DVR receivers
  • DOCSIS 2.0 WiFi gateway devices (modem/router combo)
  • DOCSIS 3.0 modems
  • DOCSIS 3.0 gateway devices (modem/router combo)
  • WiFi routers
  • Spectrum Voice modems

Tip: Use a FedEx Office location. Do not use a FedEx Drop Box.

Return via USPS

USPS returns with Spectrum equipment unfold the same way that they do with FedEx and UPS!

Visit any local post office, let them know that you are returning Spectrum equipment, and attach a preprinted shipping label that you can get directly from the Spectrum website.

This covers postage and everything else you need to get that package to the folks at Spectrum directly. If possible, try to use the boxes that your equipment came in – then you don’t have to pay for packaging, either.

Get a confirmation!

Scheduled Equipment Pickup from Spectrum Contractors

Certain Spectrum customers (disabled, elderly, and those that fall under other special exemptions) are going to be able to contact Spectrum directly and have them schedule an equipment pickup.

This is something that has to be discussed directly with the folks at Spectrum, though.

Jump online (using their online chat tool) or give them a call directly to figure out what the next steps are here.

What Happens If I Don’t Return Spectrum Equipment?

If you don’t return Spectrum equipment in the 15-day window, you may be on the hook for extra charges on your final bill.

Spectrum often charges any applicable unreturned equipment fees, fees that can encompass the retail cost or replacement charges for any of the equipment that you haven’t brought back.

You might even have to pony up for any of the associated expenses or charges Spectrum attaches for just trying to recover this equipment, too.

It’s not unusual for these fees to get pretty high in a hurry which is why it’s such a good idea to make sure that you return that equipment ASAP. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, getting this equipment back to Spectrum isn’t as difficult as some people might expect.

Spectrum has a variety of different options available to make it as easy and as painless to return equipment as possible. Use the one that make the most sense for you, but make sure that you get that equipment back within the 15-day window of time (or so).

Any delay could get pretty expensive really quickly.