How To Return Spectrum Equipment?(Free Of Charge)

Even though Spectrum is one of the most popular high-speed internet service providers in the US today (with millions of people connecting to the internet through this provider), sometimes it’s just not the right provider for you. How to return Spectrum equipment? Visit a local Spectrum office or retail store and hand the equipment off […]

Solved: Spectrum Router Red Light Issue (10 Fixes)

Spectrum is one of the most popular internet service providers (ISP) in the United States today. Unfortunately, every now and again Spectrum hardware – especially their router – likes to “misbehave”. How to fix the red light issue on your Spectrum router? Reset your router. Unplug it from the wall, wait for a few minutes, […]

Why Can’t I Log Into My Spectrum App/Router?(6 Easy Fixes)

Spectrum is the trade name under which Charter Communications offers cable TV, internet, and cellular/ home phone services to local users. Ever since its origin in 2014, Spectrum has branched out its services to forty-four states in the US, gaining coverage of over a hundred million residents. While Spectrum’s services are being appreciated all across […]

Answered:Can You Use A VPN With Spectrum?(+How To Do It)

VPNs are very important digital devices that help users complete various tasks. Users need VPNs to access corporate networks for various reasons; therefore, it is essential that your internet service provider (ISP) allows the usage of VPNs with their internet. Spectrum (an ISP) has many American users worried about whether their ISP allows VPN usage […]