How Do You Clean A Projector Screen?(6 Quick & Easy Steps)

A premium projector screen is part of the entertainment activities of most households in the world.

You cannot get a better picture quality than a great projector and a clean projector screen.

How do you clean a projector screen?

  1. Put your latex gloves on.
  2. Use a microfiber cloth and wipe off the loose particles in straight (horizontal or vertical) motions.
  3. You can also use canned air. Press the button in short bursts. 
  4. Make a solution of some warm water and dish soap. The solutions should be made up of almost 19 parts of water to one part of the soap.
  5. Lightly dip the microfiber cloth in the solution and squeeze it when you pull it back up. Use the damp cloth to clean the screen.
  6. Use a dry cloth to give a third wipe down.

However, most people do not know about the proper procedures when it comes to cleaning their projector screens.

This article covers all the tips and tricks surrounding projector cleaning.

Go through the steps given below to achieve a clean and spotless projector screen. 

What Can I Use To Clean My Projector Screen?

There are some essential items that you need to have when cleaning your projector screen.

There are also some optional items discussed in this section that you can have to clean the screen.

  • A microfiber cloth is one of the essential cleaning items on this list. A microfiber cloth is made from millions of fibers that are charged (positively and negatively). This cloth pulls up dirt without scratching the surface you are cleaning.
  • Some latex gloves, a dish soap, some distilled water, and a bowl are also items part of the essential list. You will use all these items to make a soapy solution that will clean the screen.
  • You will also require cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol to clean particles that are harder to get.

Additionally, you can use form brushes and canned air for other cleaning methods.

However, for the method explained below, you do not need to use these optional items.

You will only require the essential items explained in the previous paragraph.

How Do You Clean A Projection TV Screen?

You must know that not all projecting screens use the same material.

So, these steps may not work for a particular screen. In that case, you must refer to the user guide and locate the cleaning guide.

However, our procedure is useful for most screens out there.

You need to use all the items described above in the correct procedure to clean your projector screen.

The correct and complete procedure has been explained in the steps below.

Follow these steps in ascending order to achieve the best results.

  1. Put your latex gloves on. This step is necessary as bare hands can leave stains and marks on the screen.
  2. The first cleaning step is easy. You need to get loose dust particles off by using a dry microfiber cloth. Use the cloth and wipe off the loose particles in straight (horizontal or vertical) motions. Continues these motions until you wipe off the entire screen. You can also use canned air in this step. If you are using canned air, you must press the button in short bursts. This will loosen up all the dirt particles on your screen.
  3. Step 2 should usually be the end of your cleaning process. However, if you have not cleaned up your screen in a long time, you can continue the cleaning process. Make a solution of some warm water and dish soap. The solutions should be made up of almost 19 parts of water to one part of the soap. So, almost ninety-five percent of water should be used in the solution.
  4. Lightly dip the microfiber cloth in the solution and squeeze it when you pull it back up. Use the damp cloth to clean the screen by using the same wiping movements explained in step 2. Repeat the movements until you have covered all the screen. Make sure the cloth is damp and not wet. Otherwise, it would drip down the screen and leave marks.
  5. Use a dry cloth to give a third wipe down after step 4 is complete.
  6. If you still think your screen is dirty, then you can try out this last step. Dip a cotton swab in the alcohol. Keep the other end dry. Use the dipped end to clean up any part of the screen that you want. Immediately wipe it down with the dry end. Otherwise, the alcohol will stain the screen. 

How Do You Clean A Rear-Projection Screen?

You can also clean the back of the projection screen with the same methods described above.

Be gentle and thorough with the back as you were with the front of the screen.

Also, make sure to follow the steps perfectly.

How Do You Get Wrinkles Out Of The Projector Screen?

  • The trick to getting wrinkles out of a screen is to use minimal heat for a long period. If you use an extremely hot element on the screen, you might ruin it.
  • You can use a blow-dryer, an iron, or keep the screen out in the sun to warm up the screen. Once the screen is softened up with the warmth, the particles expand, and the wrinkles are sorted out. Once they cool back down, the wrinkles would be gone. You should choose your method of approach depending on the size of the wrinkles.
  • The iron is used for harsher wrinkles. Many wrinkles can be eased out by just placing the screen under the sun for a few hours. Once you touch the screen, and it’s warm, you can bring it back inside.

How Do You Get Scratches Out Of A Projector Screen?

It is tough to fix a scratch yourself.

We do not recommend sorting out any scratches on your projector screen yourself, as you may end up harming it.

Some guides use sandpaper, and some use tonics to remove the scratches; however, those may harm the finishing of the screen.

Some anti-glare screens will be permanently ruined if you use sandpaper on them.

Therefore, if the scratches don’t come out during our cleaning procedure, show the screen to a professional.

How Do You Get Stains Out Of A Projection Screen?

You can use step 6 from our procedures given above to remove any stains from your screens.

Denatured alcohol will remove the stain if you do not let it linger for long.

If the alcohol soaks in, it will stain.

Therefore, clean it with the dry end of a cotton swab before it dries up.

Can You Fold A Projector Screen?

Some portable screens are made to be folded.

So, yes, you can fold some screens.

Check your user manual for the most accurate answer to this question.

Can Projector Screens Get Wet?

Screens can get wet and still be fine.

Even our procedures involve using water to clean.

However, if you let the water dry on it, then it will leave stains.

You need to dry off the screen whenever it gets wet.

Use a microfiber cloth.

Can You Wash The Projector Screen?

You cannot wash the projector screen directly.

You must use calm, wiping techniques like the ones described above.

By giving it a rub with the microfiber cloth, you will be able to clean the screen fully.


Projector screens are complex structures that require delicate treatment.

If you are harsh with them, you may end up ruining entire screens.

Therefore, you must use the procedures described in this article to a tee.

Otherwise, you may end up doing more harm than good.

Looking at the projector’s user manual can also be helpful, as it may tell you about the products you can and cannot use on the screen.