Samsung Tab S5e TIP: Drastically Increased Speed

I bought this mainly for media consumption but straight out the box, the speed was horrendous. I noticed every time I switch been any app or to the home screen, there was a big slowdown and a very noticeable change in display color temperature.

It took me a while to realize; in the display settings -> Screen mode, by default, the mode is set to ‘adaptive display’, after changing it to ‘basic’ the speed DRASTICALLY increased!

Secondly, after time letting your eyes adjust, you realize ‘basic’ is actually more color accurate! For example, white isn’t very yellow anymore. Even my technophobic partner said when watching a movie with adaptive display “why does the grass look luminescent”

My tablet is now usable and I no longer regret buying it. Give it a try.

Furthermore, you can disable the security lock to speed up waking from sleep. Do that at your own risk!

TLDR: Settings > Display > Screen mode > Basic. Let your eyes adjust, this is actually more color accurate and movies look much better.

UPDATED: I know use AMOLED Cinema as this is closed to the DCI-P3 color gamut and doesn’t suffer speed issues, for me.