How to Maintain Home Theater Systems in Best Condition

Home Theater Systems (HTS) have several parts that need to be taken care of properly. Projectors, woofers, players, receivers and speakers need more than just cleaning and wiping. If you want your HTS to work properly for as long as possible, you need to maintain and repair every part should a problem occur.

In this article we would like to give you a few tips on how to properly maintain your Home Theater System.

Correct installment

Before you install your Home Theater System you need to know that you shouldn’t place it by the window. Else, it will be directly exposed to sunlight, dust and dirt coming from outside. Don’t think that keeping the windows shut forever will solve the problem. The truth is, you need to let fresh air in the room to remove bad odors. If dust enters any device from the system it may cause various problems. If you have no other choice but to place the HTS by the window, make sure you cover the speakers so that you keep any bits from entering the devices.

Correct cleansing

Home Theater Systems are quite sensitive and they need to be cleaned properly so that no part is damaged by the use of inappropriate cleaning products. Some TV sets can be cleaned with a wet cloth but others cannot be exposed to moisture. With this said, you need to spare some time to read the user manual to learn how you can safely clean the system’s parts.

Most devices need to be wiped with a dry or wet cloth. An effective cleaning technique that can be applied to parts like the external castings is using rubbing alcohol. As for the interior parts and player lens, use specialized lens cleaners. As we already pointed out, Home Theater Systems are quite sensitive. Under no circumstances should you treat them with harsh chemicals. The use of inappropriate cleaning methods can cause irreversible damages to the system.

Wire mesh

Some people advise that you plug the devices into multiple circuit boards instead of connecting all of them to one power source. To make sure you match the wires with the correct input sockets, just use color tapes.


Plugs need ventilation every now and then. In order to provide that, make sure you unplug the system once a month. You need to uninstall each device and let it rest for a while. Furthermore, if you don’t use the system or any of the components for a longer period of time, be sure to turn it off. You probably switch the power using the remote control, but the truth is, you need to unplug the system from the main power source. This will prevent excess power consumption and keep all the parts from overheating.


Place the speakers correctly according to the instructions in the manual. The speaker that has an “R” needs to be installed on the right wall. Respectively, the speaker that has an “L” should be placed on the left wall. In order to achieve the desired sound output, you also need to place both speakers at equal distances from the central speaker.

Speakers have internal magnet. Therefore, it is recommended that you place your home theater devices on wooden surfaces. Magnetic platforms can seriously damage some of the components of the system such as the magnet of the speakers.

Keep in mind the tips mentioned below and you will be able to use your Home Theater System longer.