7 Really Simple Ways To Fix Your Xbox One That Won’t Turn On

Xbox One is a video home console that brings together exclusive games and entertainment experiences. Nonetheless, like any technology, it can develop problems. 

How do I fix Xbox One that won’t turn on?  Improve ventilation, check console settings and adjust as appropriate, and ensure the controller works as required. Moreover, ensure the unit is receiving the right amount of power. If none of this works, contact a certified electrician or Xbox support, depending on the nature of the problem.

Xbox One doesn’t have numerous external cues to faults. That’s why you should take the troubleshooting route. Let’s see more on how you should go about this below. Check out the list of the Best Xbox Games on Amazon now!

How Do I Fix My Xbox One that Won’t Turn On?

1. Ensure the Device Has Adequate Ventilation

If your Xbox One shuts down unexpectedly in the course of gaming sessions and won’t turn on, poor ventilation could be the cause of all this. If you consider that’s the case, follow these steps to fix it:

  1. Remove any physical objects near the gaming console
  2. Position it in a place where the vents on the casing can draw fresh air with ease
  3. If the console’s ducts are dirty, use a dry cloth or canned air to clean them.

2. Check the Console’s Settings

If there are no ventilation issues, check whether it’s in sleep mode. You or someone else might have set the Xbox to behave this way whenever you turn it off.

Follow these steps to fix it:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Power & Start-Up.
  3. Set the Instant-On feature to Energy-Saving, if applicable.
  4. Check the Auto-Shutdown and turn it off, if necessary.

3. Ensure the Controller is Fully Functional

If you tried to turn the console on by pressing the Xbox button on the controller, you should now do this:

  1. Press the console’s power button.
  2. If the above step is successful, replace the controller’s batteries.
  3. Try turning on the device by using the controller.
  4. If step 3 fails, use a USB cord to plug the controller into the console.
  5. If step 4 fail, replace the controller.

4. Check the Power Supply

If the power supply is defective or not receiving enough power, you need to fix this by following these steps:

  1. Ensure the power cord is securely seated in the Xbox
  2. Be sure the power cable is perfectly plugged into the power outlet.
  3. Check the LED on the power brick. If the LED links orange or it isn’t lit up, replace the power supply.

5. Check the Power Strip                                                   

Many modern power strips come with fuses that blow whenever power surges beyond the standard limit. This helps to protect the electronic device from severe damage.

You can troubleshoot whether this is the problem by doing the following:

  1. Confirm whether other devices plugged into the power strip are functioning properly
  2. Use another outlet on the strip
  3. If the outlet on the strip has malfunctioned, replace it

6. Shift to a Different Wall–Outlet

Electrical issues can also hinder your console from functioning as required. If the console has a low impedance, it might need a little more power. Impedance refers to the amount of resistance to current flow.

Technical faults can also hinder your device from turning on. You can do the following to find out whether electrical issues are the culprits:

  1. Take the power supply and console to a different power outlet
  2. Plug it in
  3. Turn the console on
  4. Check whether it turns on

If your Xbox One turns on, there could be an issue with the first outlet. Call a competent and certified electrician to address this.

7. Contact Xbox Customer Support

If none of the above remedies work as required, you can call Xbox customer support.

When I Press The Xbox Button, Nothing Happens, What To Do?

When you press the Xbox button, the power supply should turn on. It can also beep. If none of these things happen, you should do the following:

1. Plug in the Console

If the device is not receiving power, nothing will happen when you press the button. To solve that, you should:

  1. Ensure your power supply is correctly plugged into the power outlet. Also, be sure the other end of the cable fits nicely into the console. Moreover, ensure you are using quality power cables.
  2. Remove the surge protector and then plug the power cable directly into the outlet.
  3. Try plugging other electronic devices into your power cable to see whether there are electrical issues that need your attention.

2. Reset the internal power supply. Follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the power cable from the Xbox, power supply, and electrical outlet
  2. Wait for 10 seconds for the console to reset
  3. Plug back the power into the unit except for the console
  4. Check the power supply’s LED. If it lights steadily without blinking yellow, proceed.
  5. Plug the power cable into the console.

Why is My Xbox One Not Turning on at All?

When your Xbox is not turning on at all, something could be wrong with the controller or power cord. The controller could be low on battery. Or, you might have plugged the power cord wrongly into the outlet.

If none of that is the issue, consider whether your power strip is set “off.”

Technical and electrical problems can cause this issue as well.

Overall, if your console won’t turn on at all, it either needs repair/replacement or has power-related problems.

How Do I Know if My Xbox One Power Supply is Bad?

If you suspect that your Xbox One’s power supply is bad, follow these steps to troubleshoot for accurate and actionable information:

  1. Ensure your console is receiving adequate power (The power cords should be properly plugged into the power outlet and the console, your power source be stable, etc.)
  2. Try to turn the Xbox on
  3. Check how the LED on the power brick responds.
  4. If the power supply doesn’t light up or it blinks orange, it’s bad.


  1. How do you fix an unresponsive RB button on Xbox one?

To fix an unresponsive RB button on the console, you should follow these steps:

  • Restart the controller: Press the Xbox button for about six seconds. Press the button again to turn on the controller.
  • Give your controller more power: Inadequate power can make the button irresponsive.
  • Try different connections port: If it’s unresponsive when you plug an external device into a different port, consider repairing the first port.
  • Connect a different external device: If you do this and the RB buttons become responsive, the problem is with the original external device. Please remove it.
  • Replace your controller: If you’ve ruled out a problem with external devices and provide adequate power, factory set the controller. If that doesn’t work, replace it.
  1. Can a power surge break an Xbox?

Not easy, the Xbox has built-in surge protection that guards it against power surges. If you notice your console can’t turn on after a power surge, the power supply is most likely in standby mode. In other words, it’s receiving power but won’t run until you rest it.

In rare cases, a power surge might break your console.

  1. How do I get the power supply out of my Xbox standby?

Here’s what you need to do after a power surge to reset the power supply:

  1. Unplug the power cord from the device, power supply, and electrical outlet
  2. Ensure you wait for 10 seconds
  3. Plug back the power into the unit except for the console
  4. Check the power supply’s LED to confirm the light to ensure it’s on and not blinking.
  5. If the power supply is on, plug the cable into the Xbox.
  1. What does orange light mean on Xbox one power brick?

It means you need to replace the console. It’s defective.

  1. Does a hard reset on Xbox one delete everything?

Not necessarily; a hard reset can delete all accounts, settings, saved games, and home associations. However, you can prevent this by signing in and connecting to Xbox Live. Check out the list of the Best Xbox Games on Amazon now!


If your Xbox One won’t turn on, don’t through it away or get discouraged. Take some time to understand how it works. The details are here. You’ll be shocked that you don’t need to spend much time or effort to fix the fault.