Why Is My Xbox One Streaming Not Working?(+ Easy Solutions) 

Xbox One is a great home video gaming console that has received positive reviews for several years for its refined streaming. Nonetheless, you may have heard rumors that your Xbox One steaming can stop working at any time without a clear reason. Today, we want to help you from a professional perspective to understand the underlying causes of this and how you can fix it fast without spending a coin. 

So, why is my Xbox One streaming not working? The main culprits are low internet speed, inefficient security solutions, too much strain on your graphic cards, outdated OS and Xbox One apps, and a poorly installed console. 

With the expert tips that we intend to share here, you won’t need to worry when your Xbox One stops streaming. Keep reading for the solutions.  Check out the list of the Best Xbox Games on Amazon now!

Why is My Xbox One Streaming Not Working?  

Here are the common reasons your Xbox one streaming is not working: 

Poor Internet Connectivity:  One of the direct causes of poor internet connectivity is active interference. This happens when other electronic devices like speakers, wireless headsets, air conditions, and TVs are broadcasting electromagnetic interference.

Passive interference could be another cause. It occurs when physical objects weaken or refract a wireless signal. 

Attenuation, which is the degradation of wireless signals over distance, could also hinder your Xbox Streaming from working. Some wireless networks also offer unstable services.  

Antivirus or Firewall: In a few instances, these security solutions can hinder your Xbox one streaming from working. This is often the case if they consider your content a security threat. 

The strain on the Graphics Cards: If you’ve enabled the console to use GPU rendering instead of software rendering, your GPU card may be overworking. In the initial days, this may lead to lags. However, it has the potential of completely rendering the streaming device unhelpful at some point. 

Outdated Operating System and Xbox One Streaming App: If you rarely install the latest operating system (OS) updates or the latest Xbox one streaming apps, it might be the problem. Some of the old apps could be incompatible with your system. 

Console Not Plugged in:  Some tablets, laptops, and other devices use power management techniques to save power. They can hinder your Xbox One from receiving sufficient power.  

How Do I Fix My Xbox Streaming Problem? 

Now that you know the most common reasons your Xbox one isn’t streaming, you can figure out some of the solutions on your own. Let’s see at some of the tried-and-tested ones below.

  • Improve Internet Speed 

Check if the internet speed is below the recommended limit. For 4K streaming videos, you need between 25-and-40 Mbps. If your internet speed is above 3 Mbps, you can stream some videos in standard definition.  

If this is the problem, the best option is to improve the speed. You can minimize active interference by removing any electronic devices between your wireless router and your gaming console.  

You can also prevent passive interference by ensuring the distance from your console to the wireless router ranges from 5-to-50 feet. Also, remove physical objects that could be refracting the signals.

You can also remove the console or router outside the entertainment cabinet or desk. 

Also, use the least congested wireless channels or opt for a wired network.

  • Change Streaming Quality

If you cannot improve the internet speed immediately, you can decrease the streaming quality. This could help if the internet is stable enough to offer the service. Here’s how you can go about this: 

  1. Open the Xbox One app. 
  2. Go to the Left hamburger menu and navigate to “Settings.” 
  3. Change the streaming quality under the “Video encoding level.” 
  • Turn off the Antivirus/Firewall 

Test if this is the problem. To do so, temporarily disable the antivirus and firewall. If that fixes the issue, don’t install them again on your streaming devices.

  • Change Software Settings

 If you suspect that your GPU cannot meet your streaming needs, change your software rendering settings. To do so, you should: 

  1. Launch Internet Explorer 
  2. Select Internet Options and then Accelerated graphics 
  3. Enable “Use software rendering…”  
  4. Click “OK.”  
  5. Restart the computer and the console. 
  • Update Operating System and Xbox One Streaming App

Ensure you install the latest OS updates and the latest Xbox One App. This might be all you need to do. 

  • Ensure the Console is Plugged In

 If your tablet or laptop uses power management techniques, you should consider using the device’s power adapter. This will increase the wireless network bandwidth and solve any latency issues.

  • Reset Xbox One to Factory Defaults

There are times when you need to erase and restore your console. One of those moments is when you’ve tried all the possible ways to fix its streaming problem without success. Here is how you do to reset it: 

Method 1: Use the Console 

  1. Press the Xbox button and select “Profile & System.”
  2. Select “Setting,” “System,” and then “Console info.”
  3. Select “Rest Console.” You’ll have the option to reset and remove everything, reset and keep games and apps, and cancel. Choose one of the first two options to proceed.

Method 2: Use a USB Flash Disk 

Step 1: On the Computer 

  1. Plug the flash disk into the computer 
  2. Download the compressed files needed to rest the device from Xbox official website 
  3. Select “Save” to store the file on the computer 
  4. Right-click on the file 
  5. Select “Extract All” to unzip the file 
  6. Copy the file to the flash drive.  
  7. Unplug the drive 

Step 2: On the Xbox One 

  1. Unplug any network cables if you are using one for connection 
  2. Power off the device and unplug the power cord 
  3. Plug the cord back after 30 seconds 
  4. Plug the flash drive on the console 
  5. Press and hold “Pair” and “EJECT” and then press the Xbox button. 
  6. Continue holding “Pair” and “EJECT” for between 10 and 15 seconds 
  7. Release the buttons once you hear the second power-up tone 
  8. Remove the flash drive when the console restarts 
  9. Use the digital setup experience that appears to reset the console. 

Why Can’t I Play Online on My Xbox One? 

It’s possible that your internet cannot support your streaming quality. Your antivirus or firewall can also cause this difficulty. If that’s not the case, you need to check your streaming settings, how the console is plugged, and the compatibility of your OS and Xbox app.

One or all of them could be the culprits.  Check out the list of the Best Xbox Games on Amazon now!


Now you can see why we say you have nothing to worry about. If your Xbox One streaming is not working, one or more of the above problems are most likely causing the trouble. 

You can fix them without spending a coin by using the expert tips we’ve discussed in the article.