5 Pros Of Android TV vs Smart TV(+Simple Difference Explained)

If you are looking for the best internet-connected TV, you have two big choices: Android TV or Smart TV. Both TVs have pros and cons but which one is better overall? If you can’t decide between an Android TV or a Smart TV and don’t wanna get ripped off – this article is gonna help you.

Which is better? Smart TV or Android TV? A Smart TV is a more expensive but also more convenient and intuitive to use option if you just want to watch movies/TV shows since you only use one remote control.

Smart TVs don’t have as many features as Android TV does. You can always convert a TV into a Smart TV using Android TV Box. The choice between a Smart TV and an Android TV comes down to your personal preferences.

It’s important to know the answer to these questions when deciding what you want in your home theater. I’ve lived with both Android TVs and Smart TVs for years now, so I thought I’d do a quick review of these two products. Make sure to read through this article before making any expensive purchases. Check out the list of the best Android TVs and the best Smart TVs on Amazon now!

What Are Smart TVs And What Makes Them Smart?

A Smart TV can easily be defined as a high-definition television that has an embedded operating system (OS) with internet connectivity to access services such as apps, games, music, videos, and much more.

Television has come a long way from the days where all it showed were programs and advertisements. The TV has evolved with time and is no longer just a display unit. People now prefer to buy Smart TVs because they have many advanced features as compared to the previous versions.

A smart TV offers you internet access which allows you to stream the content from the web directly on your TV. You can also view images or video files from a Pendrive, CD, or DVD.

Now, Smart TVs are offering some advanced technology that is allowing viewers to watch things in different formats and even remotely from various parts of the world.

Users can access a great range of services, including internet browsing, games, apps, video streaming platforms, and social networks.

Why Is Samsung So Popular For Its Smart TV?

Samsung has taken this concept of Smart TV  and evolved it to the next level by bringing in voice recognition technology which enables us to control our TV and Smart TV features.

In addition, Samsung has brought in the Tizen operating system on its smart TVs which allows you to not just control your smart TV but also adds useful functionality.

What Is An Android TV? What Does It Have To Do With Google?

Android TV is Google’s response to the growing demand for streamable content. It’s a smart platform that utilizes tons of the same features as Android smartphones and tablets.

Instead of just using your television as a display device, it allows you to actually interact with the content being shown on screen.

Android TV features a simple user interface and access to the Google Play Store. It’s also an open platform, unlike other smart TV solutions like Apple TV or Chromecast. This means that any company can create apps that can run on an Android TV system.

Android TV has already received support from many developers and established companies, including Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, HBO Go, and Plex among others.

Did Google Launch Android TV Recently?

Google’s Android TV  is not exactly new. In fact, it’s been around for years. At that point, for some time it wasn’t even directly associated with Android. It was under the name of Google TV and it now goes by the name Android TV.

How Is Android TV Different From Samsung, Sony, or LG Smart TV? And Also, How Is It The Same?

Android TV  and Smart TV are the same in that they’re both televisions with smart functionality:

  • Both can be connected to The Internet through Wifi or LAN cable
  • Both can be connected to Gaming consoles like Playstation & Xbox
  • Both can run Online Streaming Services like NETFLIX, Amazon Prime, Hulu & Disney+
  • Both can run apps just like your Smartphone

The main difference between Android TV & Smart TV is the operating system they run on:

  • Android TV has an operating system that is similar to that of Android Smart Phones
  • Smart TV especially the Japanese & Korean brands have their own operating systems

What Are The Advantages Of Android TV Over Smart TV?

  • Android TV’s main advantage is it’s access to Google Playstore. It essentially has the same platform that is in your Android Smartphone which means that it can install and run most if not all of the same apps you have on your Android Smartphone.
  • Android TV seamlessly connects with an Android Smartphone because of the same ecosystem.
  • Easy and high-quality screen casting through built-in Chromecast
  • Android TV has Google Assitant which is far better than the Voice Assistants in Smart TV
  • Android TV has Google Chrome which makes web browsing easier.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Android TV Over Smart TV?

Well, actually there are none. But if you insist then we can say that:

  • Unlike Smart TV, Android TV takes time to boot up like a computer whenever it is turned on.
  • Android TV can sometimes feel slower than Smart TV because the operating system is similar to that of Android Phones and has to do a lot of work behind the scenes.

Which Is Better Smart TV or Android TV?

  • You could get a Smart TV or an Android TV depending on your preference and budget. Both have their benefits, but they also have their disadvantages
  • Android TV is way better than Smart TV because of the Google ecosystem, but it might take you some time to get used to it. The next section will help you make a decision which one suits you better.

Is Android TV Worth Buying?

  • The competition in the field of Smart TVs is mounting and there are a lot of manufacturers competing for a small share of the pie.
  • While manufacturers such as Sony, LG, and Samsung are some of the leading players in the market, there is a constant battle to make sure that you get a quality product.
  • This is the reason that people who are not tech-savvy prefer the comfort of traditional Smart TV over Android TV.
  • If a user does not plan on exploiting all the capabilities of an Android OS, then they should probably stick to a Smart TV.

Which Brand Is Best For Android TV?

Sony with its new line of 4K OLED Display Android TV is the best but also the most pricey brand at the moment. If you have read till the end, you now have a complete understanding of Smart TV and Android TV.

Now, at this stage, asking which one of them is better? is the wrong question, instead what you should be asking is. which one of them suits you the best? And only you can answer that question.

The good news is that there are great products from each category that will fit your needs and budget.

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Related Questions

There can be a few more questions you might have after reading the article, here we will try to cover them.

Q: Is Android TV dead?

No, it is the present and the future. People have been claiming that “Android TV is Dead” since 2015.

Q: Is there a monthly fee for Android TV?

No, Android TV is free. The only charge you’ll see is for the subscriptions or in-app purchases of the apps you have installed. There’s not really any recurring cost, but it might be helpful for you to know what app subscriptions if any, come bundled with your Android TV device.

Q: Does Android TV have Netflix?

Yes, even though it is not yet available as a channel — just install the app and start streaming.

Q: Does Android TV have Amazon Prime?

Yes, and here’s a Golden Rule for answering such questions: if it’s on your Android Smartphone, it’s probably available on your Android TV as well.

Q: Can I use an Android TV box without the internet?

Yes, even though live-streaming is technically impossible without the internet but you can still:

  • Play installed games offline or connect your gaming consoles
  • Watch downloaded content on Youtube and streaming sites like Netflix
  • Play entertainment content like Music & Movies from internal storage or USB device

Q: Can Android TV be updated?

Yes, it can be updated just like your Android SmartPhone. Having regular future updates is one of the main advantages of Android TV over Smart TV.


Lately, people keep talking about smart TV and Android TV. A lot of people buy expensive televisions just because they want to access a great range of services, including video streaming platforms and social networks.

Today we have discussed at length whether you should buy an Android TV or a Smart TV for your home theater. or for simply enjoying a TV show on Netflix.