4 Easy Ways To Fix Airplay On Your Hisense TV

The cinematic experience that Hisense TVs offer has already given the brand a good name. However, some users are worried about its AirPlay. Whenever this tool is faulty, they struggle to stream their favorite content. We can help you to fix AirPlay on your Hisense TV quickly.

How to fix Airplay on Hisense TV? Check your Internet connection and make sure the devices are on the same WiFi network. Restart both your Hisense TV and your iPhone, restart your modem and router, update Hisense TV firmware, and factory reset your Hisense TV. If the problem persists, contact Hisense Support or Apple Support.

Since AirPlay is user-friendly, you won’t require much effort to fix it. For more information that will help you fix it fast, read on. Check out the best streaming sticks on Amazon that won’t let you down!

Is Hisense TV and AirPlay Compatible?

Some Hisense TVs are compatible with AirPlay. So, before you try to use this feature, ensure your TV belongs to the R6, R8, and H4 series. Most modern Hisense TVs with Roku OS are compatible with it.

So, if you have an older version of Hisense Roku TV, replace it and see whether that sorts out the issue.

If that’s not the issue, you could be a victim of the most common culprits.

A variety of issues with your Hisense TV’s operating system or your internet connection are the most common causes of AirPlay problems on the television.

Others are temporary errors and complex software issues.

How to Fix Airplay on Hisense TV?

As already indicated, varied issues can hinder AirPlay from working on your Hisense TV. So, it might be challenging to understand what went wrong with AirPlay on the device if you lack the right troubleshooting tips.

Here are the steps you should follow to fix this issue:

1. Restart your Hisense TV

Restarting your Hisense TV is simple but can fix many temporary software issues, which are among the top culprits.

So, it is the most appropriate starting point. To restart the device, you should do this:

  1. Disconnect any USB cables or external hard disks.
  2. Power off your Hisense smart TV.
  3. Unplug your TV’s power cable.
  4. Wait for 60 seconds and then pug the TV back to the power outlet.
  5. Turn on your Hisense TV.

We recommend that you also restart your iPhone/iPad to get rid of any possible software issues on that side that might prevent Airplay from communicating properly with your Hisense TV.

2. Restart Your Modem and Router

Since AirPlay relies on WI-FI to function, a few network connectivity issues are enough to stop it from working with your Hisense TV.

Here are the steps you should follow to restart your modem or router.

  1. Unplug the modem and the router. You can press the Power button, but unplugging these two devices removes all risks. It’s OK to unplug the hardware, especially if you have other managed network hardware such as network switches.
  2. Wait for 30 seconds to allow the router and modem to cool down and send a signal to your computers, ISP, and other devices that they are offline. If you know what is wrong with the connection, use common sense to fix it. However, restart the router and modem if you don’t know the underlying issue.
  3. Plug in your modem first. Press the power button if the modem refuses to power on in the first few seconds.
  4. Wait for approximately 60 seconds to allow the modem to be assigned a public IP address.
  5. Plug in the router. If it doesn’t power on, press the Power button. If you have a combined router-and-modem, skip this step.
  6. Wait for 60 seconds to give the router time to boot up. It also allows the network enough time to secure a new private IP address.
  7. Test to find out whether you’ve fixed the issue.

It is also of crucial importance to make sure both your phone and your TV are on the same WiFi network. On top of that, in order to fix the issue, disable the Bluetooth connection on both your iPhone and your TV to avoid any interference.

3. Update Hisense TV Firmware

Software update issues can introduce lots of errors that break some essential features. By keeping the TV up-to-date, you limit encountering the problems.

If your Hisense TV has Roku OS and is compatible with AirPlay, do this:

  1. Power on the Hisense TV.
  2. On the supplied remote, press the Home button.
  3. Go to the menu, select Settings, and click on the System options.
  4. Navigate downwards and select System Update.
  5. Click on Check Now and choose Update.

Note: If you can’t update the TV directly due to connectivity issues, use a USB drive. After downloading the TV’s latest firmware from the Hisense website, follow the provided instructions to update it.

4. Factory Reset Hisense TV

As already mentioned, you need the latest Hisense TV. Here are the steps you should follow to factory reset these types of Hisense televisions:

  1. On the remote, press Menu.
  2. Select Support and then click on Enter/OK/Select.
  3. Click on Self Diagnosis and Press Enter.
  4. Select Reset.
  5. Enter your security PIN.

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Fixing AirPlay on Hisense TV

To sum up, the first and easiest thing you should do that will almost certainly solve the issue is to restart your TV, modem, and your mobile device. Don’t forget to make sure that all your devices are on the same WiFi network.

Turn off Bluetooth and check if your phone and your TV require any software updates. If nothing works, factory reset your Hisense TV.

AirPlay issues shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the cinematic experience that the latest Hisense TVs offer if armed with these troubleshooting tips.

If the problem persists, contact Apple Support or Hisense Support. While it is extremely unlikely, you could be experiencing some unique issues with some of your devices.