How Do You Fix A TV That Turns On & Off?( 5 Easy Solutions)

Imagine waiting for an entire week to watch your favorite TV show with your loved ones and friends.

You prepare well for the day and invite them, only for a TV that keeps turning on and off to rudely interrupt your plans.

You don’t want to go through such an experience, and we’ve conducted in-depth research to help you avoid it altogether.

I suggest you start with correcting power supply issues, then use the latest devices, solve hardware problems, replace your remote batteries, and enable your power timer.

Once you know how to troubleshoot a TV that keeps turning on and off, you’ll be safe.

Keep reading for the most straightforward tips you need to do this. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

Why Does My TV Come On Then Go Off?

If you want to fix your TV that keeps turning on and off, you need to know the potential causes of the problem.

Here are the most common ones:

Power supply issues:  Loose connections can cause your TV to shut off unexpectedly.

The cord should be securely plugged into the wall.

Otherwise, your TV may refuse to work or turn on and off.

An aging power supply cord can cause similar issues.

Connected devices issues:  Since technology doesn’t last forever, your TV can start turning on and off if you use outdated devices like old DVD players or cable boxes.

This often happens when the connected devices send “wake-up” signals to the television without your intervention.

Remote control issues: A remote that’s running low on battery can also send errant signals and cause this.

Hardware problems: Hardware issues could be the culprit if your TV turned off suddenly with no visible issues.

In most cases, the problem starts with the motherboard.

If this critical component of your TV is damaged or worn out, it will likely overheat.

Modern TVs can detect the heat and shut off to prevent further damage.

Power timer enabled: Modern TVs come with power times that let you turn the television on and off at specific times.

How Do You Fix a TV That Turns On and Off?

Here are some of the tried-and-tested ways to fix a TV that turns on and off:

  1. Switch out your surge protector: Faulty surge protectors can fail to supply adequate power consistently. If you suspect that this is the issue, try plugging the TV directly into your power outlet. If it works, replace the old power surge.
  2. Check your circuit breaker: If other devices connected to your power outlet are working well, check whether power surges or temporary outages have caused your circuit breaker to trip off. Ask your electrician to help you replace it if need be.
  3. Check your TV’s power timer: Poke around your television’s settings to find your power-scheduling feature. Ensure it’s enabled.
  4. Change your remote batteries:  Try swapping new batteries into your remote controller to prevent it from sending errant signals.If the remote’s power buttons are sticking down, replace it.
  5. Upgrade to a new TV or device: If your connected devices are faulty, replace them to fix the issue. At the same time, if the motherboard is worn or damaged, replace it or purchase a new TV.

How Do I Stop My TV From Turning Off Automatically?

If your TV is turning off automatically, you should do the following:

  1. Replace your surge protect: Find out whether your surge protector is causing interruptions to the electrical current and replace it to ensure your TV gets the required power consistently.
  2. Test your remote: A stuck power button on your remote could be sending signals for the TV to turn off automatically. Your remote can do the same if it’s running low on power.
  3. Check your TV’s power timer: if you or someone else has set your TV to set off automatically at a specific time, you have to disable the setting to change this trend.
  4. Look for nearby TVs: TVs of similar make that are close to each other can intercepts each other’s remote commands and cause yours to turn off automatically. Contact the manufacturer to help you limit the interference.

How Do I Stop My Samsung TV Turning Itself Off?

If your Samsung TV is turning itself off, you can do this to stop it:

  1. Turn on your Samsung TV
  2. From your remote controller, press the Menu button
  3. Use the navigation keys to scroll down
  4. Select System
  5. Scroll and select Eco Solution
  6. Scroll down and select Auto Power Off

Note:  The steps above may differ slightly depending on where you purchased the product or your location.

What’s more, you can use the general methods we’ve seen above if this one doesn’t help.

How Do I Stop My LG TV From Turning Itself Off?

Timer setting is the main reason most LG TVs intermittently power on and off.

To correct this issue, you should:

  1. Press the smart button
  2. Select Settings and  TIME
  3. Press WHEEL or ENTER and choose time off

If you also follow the generic steps under the troubleshooting section above, “How do you fix a TV that turns on and off?” if there’s no problem with the timer setting. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

How Do I Stop My Vizio TV Turning Itself Off?

Vizio TVs are like other smart televisions in many ways. So, you can still use the same tricks above.

In addition, you can factory reset it as a matter of last resort.

If a cable box or gaming console is sending a “power off” to your Vizio TV, you can do the following to fix it:

  1. Press the Menu key on your remote controller
  2. Choose System
  3. Choose CEC
  4. Turn the CEC setting off


If you’ve waited for a long time to watch your favorite TV show with your loved ones and friends and your TV starts turning on and off, you can follow these steps to fix it quickly. 

As you troubleshoot, you’ll also know whether it’s the right time to get a new TV.

So, you can now fix your TV by yourself and make other important decisions to ensure nothing interferes with your entertainment plans.