How To Connect Wireless Headphones To TV Without Bluetooth?

Many times, we plan on watching something on our televisions but realize midway that our TV does not have Bluetooth support, leaving us to struggle to find an alternate way to connect wireless headphones.

In a situation like this, you can always connect wireless headphones to a TV without Bluetooth.

This can be done by purchasing third-party devices like Bluetooth audio transmitters and infrared wireless headphones.

You just need to figure out what would work best for your TV.

If you need help understanding how the absence of Bluetooth can be made up for, this article is for you.

I will cover all the important information you need to know to connect wireless headphones to a TV without Bluetooth.

Can You Use Wireless Headphones Without Bluetooth?

You can most definitely use wireless headphones even without Bluetooth.

Just make sure the wireless headphones have good quality.

They work by making use of other wireless technologies that exist, an example of which is infrared and radio frequency.

Plus you can get a Bluetooth device attached to your TV if it doesn’t have a pre-installed BT option.

Even though Bluetooth acts as the most efficient technology, the ones mentioned above also have many advantages and can serve as a good alternative.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that their way of connecting would be different compared to Bluetooth.

Radio frequency headphones are broadcast through a radio transmitter, where the main signal comes from the base station and is picked up by everyone wearing a headphone.

This is a common occurrence in many silent discos.

With infrared frequency headphones, you need to be in the line of sight, and only then do you receive the sound.

How to Do It?

There are many ways to connect wireless headphones to a TV if you do not have Bluetooth.

You just need to put in some extra effort to understand how this can work.

In this case, you can make use of different secondary devices.

1. Check the audio output of your TV

The first thing you need to do to figure out the best device that suits your situation is to check and understand the audio output of your television.

These can be found at the back of the TV.

Some older TV models might not have the headphone jack causing them to rely solely on RCA jacks.

Knowing this beforehand would allow you to register what kind of devices your TV would be able to support, preventing you from wasting money on plug adapters that might not be useful.

2. Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

If your TV does not have an in-built Bluetooth system, then you can always purchase a Bluetooth audio transmitter which is a device that you can plug into the audio output of your TV.

This allows audio to reach your headphones via Bluetooth.

3. Dedicated wireless headphones

Dedicated wireless headphones are supported by a base station.

This station undertakes the role of a transmitter that is connected to the TV.

It transmits signals of the audio to the headphones.

These are useful because the base station never disconnects from the television, and these headphones provide you with quick access to a wireless audio connection.

Examples of dedicated headphones include Radio Frequency, Infrared, internal memory, and KleerNet.

4. Radio Frequency

Radio frequency headphones have many advantages.

They have a quick rate of transmission and usually never have any delay in the audio.

Their range is long which means you can listen from far away also and setting it up is easy.

However, there is a chance of noise interfering with the connection.

Apart from that, these headphones cannot be used for all devices.  

5. Infrared

Infrared connection, like radio frequency, has a rate of transmission that is very fast.

There is no delay in audio, and it is said to be the connection that provides the best quality of sound.

However, while deciding to purchase this you need to keep a few points in mind.

If there is something in the line of sight between the TV and the headphones, these might not work, which makes them a bit inconvenient to use.

They also have a very short range, so you need to be close to the TV to be able to use them.


It would not be wrong to say that the easiest way to connect wireless headphones would be by Bluetooth.

This is because we are accustomed to using it, and it has reliable connectivity.

However, not having a Bluetooth connection does not mean you get to lose out on all the fun.

The ways of connection mentioned above should help you in getting the same experience.

Not to mention these alternate ways are more affordable and offer excellent sound quality.