How To Fix The Green Screen On HDMI?(3 Solutions)

If you see the solid green screen on HDMI, you might be worried since you won’t get the quality of pictures you need until you fix it. It often indicates that the visual signal is getting through, but the device can’t display the intended image. We want to help you to fix the green screen on HDMI to avoid unnecessary troubles.

How to fix the green screen on HDMI? Disconnect and then reconnect your HDMI cable several times. If that fails, power down your devices completely. Moreover, you can install firmware updates or switch from HDMI to component cables. If your HDMI cables are faulty, replace them.

You can fix the green screen on HDMI with ease if you understand the potential of the problem. We’ll see the issues and the simplest solutions in this article. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

What Causes the Green Screen On HDMI?

There are two leading causes of the green screen on HDMI. These are:

HDMI Handshake Problem

Whenever you connect your two devices with an HDMI cable, the devices exchange authentication keys through a process known as a handshake. For the video transmission to begin, the two devices must confirm that the keys are genuine and have the relevant license rights.

In other words, the HDCP (High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) must sync with your device for the video to display.

Please note that HDCP is a companion technology associated with HDMI designed to protect your system from recording your content. It can cause problems with some devices.

Whenever the handshake process fails, your video won’t display. Instead, your screen will likely turn green.

It’s important to note that handshake problems don’t usually interfere with the operations of devices such as TVs. So, if your TV screen turns green, you should consider whether the issue below is the cause of the problem.

Compatibility Issues

Compatibility issues could cause the green screen on HDMI, especially if the screen is too old to support the HDMI copy protection system (HDCP). Older high-definition TVs are often not compatible with newer equipment.

Some new devices that are typically incompatible with some TV models can also result in a green screen or similar error.

Can a Bad HDMI Cable Cause the Green Screen?

Yes, a faulty HDMI cable can cause a green screen if it interferes with the handshake process. HDMI cables are designed to transmit the right video signals and enable you to see clear images. So, if the cable is faulty, it can result in several problems, including the green screen.

How to Fix the Green Screen on HDMI?

1. HDMI Handshake Troubleshooting

If you suspect that you see the green screen due to a handshake problem, you should follow the steps below.

  1. Disconnect and then reconnect your HDMI cable several times.
  2. If the first step fails, switch the two devices off, unplug them from the power source, wait for some seconds and then plug the cables back. After that, switch the devices back on to see whether you’ve fixed the error.
  3. If the problem persists, try switching the two devices in a particular order.

Note that the handshake won’t work correctly if your TV automatically switches to an HDMI input. You should be able to set it manually. In other words, if you are using a splitter box or HDMI switcher, experiment with making a direct HDMI cable connection.

2. Compatibility Troubleshooting

If all that fails, you could be a victim of compatibility issues. It would help if you did this to fix them:

  1. Consult your device user’s manuals to determine whether one or all your devices require a firmware update.
  2. If necessary, follow the instructions provided in the manuals to download and install the software.
  3. In case there are no firmware updates, ignore step 2. Instead, switch from HDMI to component cables. This will eliminate compatibility and HDCP problems. Please note that you may experience minor quality loss after switching from HDMI to component video.

3. Bad Equipment and Cable Troubleshooting

As we mentioned earlier, some equipment has known compatibility issues. They lack some components that you require to watch your favorite shows and videos. If you are using such equipment, you can consider replacing it. In most cases, you’ll fix it by switching from HDMI to component video cables.

If the equipment you are using has no known compatibility issues, your HDMI cable might be faulty and responsible for your bad experience. In other words, the best remedy, in this case, is to replace your HDMI cable.

After that, try connecting the two devices again and test whether you’ve successfully fixed the green screen. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

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Summing Up

Handshake and compatibility problems are the most potential causes of the green screen. As we’ve seen, bad equipment and HDMI cables can also cause the same issue. However, you can fix all of them with ease if you read and implement the tips we’ve covered in this article. If the problem persists after that, you might be a culprit of complex hardware issues. So, you need to contact a certified technician. Please note that with the tips we’ve shared here, you can fix the green screen on HDM without professional help in most cases.