How To Quickly Connect Phone To Smart TV Without WIFI

Using smart TV has many benefits! It allows you to watch online videos, play games, and so much more. The built-in WiFi lets you enjoy a variety of programs on your smart TV. But, what are you going to do if there is no WiFi? If you are here to find information on how to connect your phone to a smart TV without WiFi, read on for more information.

Connecting Phone To TV Without WiFi

Gone are the days of boring old-fashioned TVs, as with technological advancement you have the amazing smart TV that allows you to use the internet. It is interesting since the internet connection has been confined to computers, laptops, and smartphones, tablets, etc.

However, connecting a phone to smart TV without wifi sounds interesting. It is possible in the following ways:

Screen Mirroring

Pros: Easy to use, simple to connect, no cables needed, sharing anything from your phone to the smart TV, works without internet, share any app

Cons: Phone not usable when screen mirroring, phone screen has to stay on (drains battery), notifications are visible on the TV

If WiFi is not available but your smart TV supports the option of mirroring, it is possible to connect your phone to your smart TV. All you have to do is:

  • Make sure there is an option of screen mirroring. Your TV should support this particular feature
  • Open screen mirroring from both your phone and smart TV
  • It is suitable to do it with an Android phone that supports a certain Android version. You have to check that! And voila! You can connect the phone to your smart TV without WiFi using this particular feature

But, what are you going to do if your smart TV does not support screen mirroring? Fear not, read on!


Pros: Easy to use and connect, no cables needed, allows you to use the phone and TV simultaneously, phone screen can stay off

Cons: Some smart TVs have poor screencasting features, only some apps support screencasting

Screencasting is somewhat similar to screen mirroring, with the exception that you are only sharing one app. Only some apps support it, though. The best example is YouTube. Here is how to set it up:

  • Open the YouTube app on both your phone and TV
  • Find the code for the TV on your smart TV and type it in the YouTube app on your phone
  • Start a video on your phone and hit the cast button in the corner

That is pretty much all you have to do. If your phone and TV are on the same network, you may not even have to type in the TV code to make it work.

Special Devices(Chromecast)

Pros: Very fast, simple to use, gets updated frequently for new features, you can use the Chromecast on multiple TVs

Cons: You have to buy the device, needs a phone app

Technological advancement has brought a variety of changes in your life. One such change is inventing interesting devices. Yes, there is a certain device that can help you in connecting the phone to smart TV without the use of WiFI.

The name of this amazing device is “Chromecast.” It can help you to cast the content on your smartphone to your smart TV. Now next time when someone asks you this question as to how you can connect the phone to your smart TV without WiFi, you know what to say! Plus, you should know that Chromecast is not the only device but there are many others that can solve your problem.

Setting up Chromecast is simple. You simply have to do the following steps:

  • Plugin the Chromecast device
  • Download and install Google Home on your smartphone
  • Follow the instructions in the app

Setting up Chromecast through Ethernet cable. In this method, you will connect your Chromecast directly to your TV using Ethernet. This will get you a much better signal compared to a wireless connection, provided your Internet connection isn’t the strongest.

  • Get an Ethernet adapter, cable, and a USB cable(usually comes with the Ethernet adapter)
  • Plugin your Chromecast to the HDMI port of your TV
  • Use the USB cable and plug it into your Chromecast
  • Plugin the Ethernet cable into the other end of the adapter
  • Now you are ready to use your Chromecast

If you buy a different device that allows you to connect your phone to your TV, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Most TV hubs are very easy to set up.

Using HDMI Cable

Pros: Great signal, good image quality

Cons: Cumbersome to install, requires cables, your phone has to stay on, notifications are visible, requires an adapter

It is also possible to use an HDMI cable for connecting your phone to a smart TV. However, it is important for you to keep in mind that this cord would be of a certain length, and hence, you have to remain closer to your television screen when using this particular method for connecting the phone to your smart TV. Make sure you are happy with it because there are other options as well.

To connect an HDMI cable to your phone, you will need an MHL adapter and a micro-USB cable in addition to the HDMI cable to make this work. Here is what you have to do:

  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the TV
  • Connect the MHL adapter to your smartphone or tablet
  • Plug the micro-USB cable into the MHL adapter and plug the other end into a power source (a USB port on the TV, computer, or charger)
  • Connect the HDMI cable to the MHL adapter

If you do not see anything on the TV, make sure to check the input source on the TV.

Using Apps(Allcast/Kodi/Plex)

This is another way to connect your phone to a TV without using any WiFi. It is a great variant when you are running out of data on your mobile phone, or simply don’t want to use it for watching long movies/series. Simply download the movies you want to watch to your phone while you are on your WiFi, and then cast it to any TV using Chromecast. Here we will talk about Allcast(Android only, you can use Plex for iOS), but you can use any other similar streaming app.

  • Make sure that your phone and Chromecast are on the same WiFi network
  • Install Allcast to your phone
  • After installation, the app will search for the available devices
  • Find the content that you want to cast
  • Select the downloaded content that you want to stream
  • You will see the options like Play/Play with Subtitles/Play
  • Select the option Play With
  • Select the Allcast
  • Choose the Chromecast device you want to use for streaming
  • The video will appear on TV through Chromecast

Now, you might have a few questions in mind, right? Let’s get on to the section of the frequently asked questions to solve your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you connect the phone to the TV without WiFi?

Yes, it is possible to connect your phone to a TV without WiFi. But, it is important to make sure that the television you have is of a modern version. It has to be a smart TV supporting the features mentioned above. You can also use a special device for casting the content on your phone to the TV. However, you should be aware of the different features and specifications of your television.

Can I screen mirror without WiFi?

Yes, you can use this feature without WiFi but it is important that your smart TV is supporting this particular feature. If the smart TV doesn’t support this feature then it won’t be possible! But, you can use other alternative options as mentioned in this article.

How do I connect my phone to my smart TV Wireless?

In order to connect your phone to your smart TV wirelessly, you can use the option of screen mirroring as mentioned above. You can also use a device like Chromecast. However, your smart TV should support such features. If so, you can go to the settings of both your phone and smart TV and follow the guidelines. Plus, you can also watch a tutorial online by doing a quick search.

How can I mirror my iPhone to my TV without WiFi?

You can use an HDMI cable for screen mirroring. This is an interesting method but requires the use of an HDMI cable. There would be no Wifi needed and you can use the iPhone while sitting on the couch and it would be connected to your smart TV. Plus, if your TV supports airplay, it would be possible to mirror it without Wifi. It is also possible to use the Google Chromecast device for mirroring your iPhone.

Final Words

It is fun to see the videos on a bigger screen. You might enjoy watching them on your phone but it is more interesting to see them on TV. Hence, if there is no wireless connection in the nearby area or if your wireless connection is down, you can try the methods that can help you in connecting your phone to a smart TV without WiFi.

Make sure you get a smart TV that supports such features. For example, your smart TV should support screen mirroring. It is possible to use an HDMI cable too but there would be a cord attached between your phone and smart TV.

The most affordable option would be getting a device like Google Chromecast as it would let you mirror your phone to the TV. Make sure whatever you do, you are aware of the relevant features and specifications. Read the product descriptions of your smart TV before you make a final purchase. Also, your phone should be compatible and should support such modern features.