Fixed: Insignia Fire TV Connected To Wi-Fi But No Internet

This can be incredibly annoying if your Insignia Fire TV is clearly connected to the Wi-Fi, but there is no internet connection.

In many cases, your internet may just be down temporarily.

In others, unplugging the TV and/or your router from the wall for a couple of minutes should fix the problem.

In rare cases, you may need to reset the settings on your Insignia Fire TV. 

Why is Insignia Fire TV Connected To Wi-Fi But No Internet?

There are a few reasons. Most can be fixed in the same way, but we will come to that shortly.

Your Internet Connection Is Down

It’s a bit obvious, sorry, still I couldn’t help but mention it.

Honestly, most of the time, your Insignia Fire TV’s internet woes are down to issues with your internet connection.

Internet connections can go down from time to time.

I always recommend that you look at the router.

If that internet connection light isn’t lighting up, then you know the issue.

Software Issues

Both your router and Insignia Fire TV have some pretty complicated software running on them.

Sometimes, the software can develop issues.

This is especially true if the hardware hasn’t been turned off for a while.

These software bugs can lead to connection issues.

You Are Connected To The Wrong Wi-Fi Network

Yep. It happens. People connect to the wrong Wi-Fi network all the time.

If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network that doesn’t have an internet connection, then it isn’t all that surprising that you can no longer connect to the internet.

This is becoming incredibly common in an age where the names of modems are virtually indistinguishable. 

Your Insignia Fire TV Needs Up An Update

This is rare. Not updating for a while shouldn’t impact your internet connection, but we suppose it can happen.

Your Insignia Fire TV should update automatically, but there are ways to force an update if need be.

How To Fix It?

So, now you know what could potentially cause your Insignia Fire TV to have these issues, how can we go about fixing them?

Well, there are a few methods here.

We will go through each step.

Each step is more difficult than the last, so we hope you can solve your issues fairly early on.

Check Your Internet Connection

If your Insignia Fire TV seems to have randomly dropped your internet connection without a warning, then go and check your modem.

Your internet could just be down.

Assuming there isn’t a major outage in your area, it should be up and ready to roll in a few minutes.

If it isn’t, then give your internet provider a call.

Cut The Power To Your TV and Router

If that doesn’t seem to be the problem, you can start to tackle the software issues.

The best way to tackle these issues (initially) is to cut the power to both your router and TV.

This should fix 90% of cases.

Unplug them both from the wall for 1-2 minutes, then plug them back in.

Reset The Connection Settings

At this point, you may be at your wit’s end, so let’s see if there is another solution that can help.

This means resetting your connection settings:

  • Open up the menu on your TV.
  • Select the “General Settings” option.
  • Select “Network” followed by “Network Status”.
  • Hit the button that says “Network Reset”.
  • Wait for the network to reset
  • Try to reconnect to your Wi-Fi again.

Update Your TV’s Software

This part can be tricky if you do not have an internet connection, sadly.

After all, your TV can’t download the software for you.

Luckily, you can probably download from their website and plug a USB stick into your TV.

How you can do this will be dependent on the TV’s model and the software that you are updating to.

We can’t give much more detailed instructions than this, mostly because it does differ a lot depending on the TV that you own.

Factory Reset your TV

This is probably the last thing you can do to try to fix this issue.

Remember, this will delete all the apps and information stored on the TV.

Here are the steps:

  1. Press the Home button on your TV.
  2. Navigate to “Settings”.
  3. Go to “Device & Software”.
  4. Scroll down to “Reset to Factory Defaults”.

By pressing this button, you will factory reset and reboot the TV.

While this is being done, I recommend to also unplug your router from the power source, and then reconnect it once your TV is ready to work after the reboot process is complete.

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Most internet connection issues with an Insignia Fire TV will be down to your internet just being down.

If that isn’t the case, resetting your router or modern should do the trick.

It is rare that you will need to do anything drastic like fiddling around with the settings on your Insignia Fire TV, or even going through the rigmarole of installing a software update onto your TV.

Don’t worry.

The problem really is solvable, and it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.