Why Is Insignia Fire TV Not Working?(Quick Solutions)

 You wouldn’t think there would be many issues to deal with when it comes to your Insignia TV, but occasionally, it might not turn on when it’s otherwise perfectly okay. 

In most cases, it just needs to be reset. That sounds pretty simple but, the fact is, it works 90% of the time.

It’s an age-old remedy that’s been the go-to method for fixing electronics since the days of the Beta Max and cathode ray television sets. 

You can reset an Insignia Fire TV by simply turning the power off for 60 seconds, unplug it from the power source and wait, then plug the TV back in.

Within that time frame, press and hold the power button for about half of that. Once a full minute has passed, plug the TV back in and turn it on. 

Check Your Remote

Although all televisions come with a power button on the set itself, it’s not easy to find on most models.

The power buttons are usually located on the bottom of the set and if yours is sitting inside an entertainment center, it might not be so easy to access. 

When you press the power button on your remote and the TV doesn’t come on, look for the power button on the TV and try that.

If the TV comes on, you know it’s a problem with the remote and not the TV.

Fortunately, fixing a remote is mostly a case of replacing the batteries.

Remote controls for TVs are generally made to take a licking and keep on ticking.

It’s not likely that there is anything functionally or mechanically wrong with your remote.

A new pair of AA batteries or AAA batteries should set it right. 

Here are 2 articles I recently wrote which I believe will be helpful for you if you think your remote is acting out.

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Reseat the Power Cord and Input Source

This one is pretty common and may have you slapping your forehead.

Depending on your Insignia Fire TV model, the power plug should have a port on the side, bottom, or back of the TV.

This power cord might have unseated itself from the port of the TV.

It happens more often if you have to shift the TV around a lot.

All you need to do is ensure that it’s seated correctly in the port and not loose or sliding around. 

Depending on how black the screen is, you may assume that the TV is off when it’s really on, and you’re looking at a black screen.

This can happen when it’s no longer set on the right input source.

For instance, your cable has its own input source on the TV, and it might be input 2. 

If your Insignia Fire TV is sitting on Input 1, then there’s no signal coming to it from a connected device, hence the black screen.

Check the back of the TV to see what source your devices are plugged into. 

If your Cable box is plugged into the HDMI 1 Port, that’s the input your TV should be on. Look at your remote.

There should be a button on there that’s labeled “Input” or “Source.” Press that button and the TV will start flipping through the number of sources it supports. 

Since your cable box is plugged into the HDMI 1 port in this example, press the button until HDMI 1 pops up on your Insignia Fire TV.

You also need to have your device (the one that’s plugged into the HDMI 1 port) turned on, or you won’t get anything but a black screen, even when you’re on the right source. 

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Your Backlight is No Longer Working

If your Insignia Fire TV is getting on up there in years, there’s a possibility that the backlight has gone out.

If the TV is new, you have a warranty claim on your hands.

If you’ve tried everything else and there is nothing on the screen, even if you see the light indicator on the TV showing that it should be on, the backlight is probably done. 

The only other thing that it might be is a lack of power from your power outlet.

That comes with its own set of possibilities, mostly with the wiring behind the panel. Power outlets just don’t go off on their own when there are no tripped circuits. 

That usually indicates you have more problems than your Insignia Fire TV—like mice—who happen to love chewing on wiring behind power panels. It’s possible that the power board is fired, but that is an exceedingly rare circumstance. 

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All Things Considered

Insignia Fire TVs are usually pretty solid and problems with them are few and far between.

If the screen is black, and it was working perfectly fine the day before, it’s most likely a minor issue that requires a reset.

If not, all Insignia TVs come with a one-year limited warranty, so keep that in mind if you’re in that window.