Kayo App Isn’t Working On Smart TV: What To Do?

Kayo is a great way to watch sports on your smart TV, but issues with the app not working or not loading can be frustrating.

Here’s why your Kayo app isn’t working.

Your Kayo app might not be working if you have a TV that’s not compatible or if your software is outdated.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the software is one way to fix internal software errors.

There are a lot of reasons the Kayo app isn’t working, and the rest of this article will help you fix common issues.

Why Is Kayo App Not Working on Your TV?

The Kayo app lets you watch live sports anywhere, anytime, but sometimes, incompatibility or issues with the connection can cause the app to not work properly.


The most likely reason that the Kayo app isn’t working on your Smart TV is because your TV isn’t compatible.

Kayo is compatible with the following TV brands:

  • Androids running OS 7.0 or above
  • Samsung TV (2017 and newer)
  • Hisense Smart TV (2019-2022 select models)
  • LG TV (2018 model and new) using WebOS 4
  • Telstra TV

To determine whether your specific TV is compatible with Kayo, please refer to this list of brands and compatible operating systems:

Android Samsung Hisense LG Telstra
Xiaomi Mi Box M 2017 2019 Models WebOS Version 4 Telstra TV 1
Asus Nexus Player N 2018 2020 Models WebOS Version 5 Telstra TV 2
NVIDIA SHIELD R 2019 2021 Models WebOS Version 6 Telstra TV 3
Sony BRAVIA T 2020      
  A 2021      
  B 2022      

All of these TVs are compatible with the Kayo app, but the app might not be working if you haven’t signed up yet.

Some TVs like Samsung don’t allow you to sign up from Kayo directly from the Smart TV, so you’ll have to use a web browser to go online and sign up for Kayo from their website.

Once you’re signed up, you should be able to watch Kayo with no problem on compatible TVs.

Poor Signal

Keep in mind that Kayo is a livestreaming app, so you have the opportunity to watch live sports.

If there is some delay in your connection or an issue with your router or antenna, you might notice that the app starts to buffer a lot or shuts down on its own.


Regardless of how well-developed an app is, bugs will always be an issue with any kind of software.

Sometimes, when Kayo launches an app update or your TV runs a software update, there can be issues with the app that occur.

How to Fix It

Fixing Kayo app issues is usually pretty easy a lot of the time.

Troubleshooting just takes a little time and patience.

Get a Compatible TV

If you’re using an incompatible TV, then you won’t be able to watch Kayo TV.

Always check that your smart TV is compatible with Kayo before purchasing so that you don’t run into any issues with incompatibility.

Uninstall and Reinstall the App

The software equivalent of turning it off and on again, reinstalling the app can sometimes clear out any bugs that are causing the software to not work properly.

Before reinstalling, try force closing the app and reopening it again to see if the app was just frozen.

If the issue persists, completely uninstall the app. Don’t worry!

You won’t lose your subscription this way.

It’s just a fresh reboot to fix any potential issues.

Check the Connection to Your Router

If you’re having trouble loading a live feed from your Kayo app, or you’re experiencing stuttering, freezing, and buffering, then the issue might be with your router, not with the app.

Check that there’s no interference between your TV and the router.

Ensure that the cord is firmly plugged in for a good connection, and try a fresh cable to see if you’ve got a bad cable.

For a quick test, you can plug your router directly into your TV and see if it solves any issues with the feed not loading or the screen constantly freezing.

If so, then there was likely some interference between your TV and the router.

Refresh the Stream and Check Your Internet

Lastly, you can try refreshing the stream every once in a while.

It’s a good practice to refresh at halftime to keep the stream stabilized.

Have a look on your other devices to see if any of them are experiencing connection issues as well.

If it’s just Kayo that’s down, then it’s possible that a high volume of users is causing the app to experience loading issues.


The Kayo app is great for sports, but bugs can be a pretty frustrating part of the experience.

To fix them, try force closing and restarting the app, and be sure to check the hardware of your TV and routers to confirm that the issue is with Kayo.