How To Connect LG TV To WIFI With/Without Remote/Password

With LG Smart TV, you can have unlimited access to valuable online streaming apps like Youtube and Netflix. To enjoy this kind of service without spending much, you should connect your smart television to the internet via WIFI. If you are like many people who know this but can’t connect their TV sets to WIFI, you are at pain looking for the right solution. We want to help you fix this issue quickly right away.

How to connect LG Smart TV to WIFI? Press the SMART button on your remote, scroll to the Home menu, choose Settings, select Network, and choose WIFI Connection. Choose your network, enter your password, and then choose Connect. You can also connect without a remote or without entering a password.

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How to Connect LG Smart TV to WIFI?

If you want to connect your LG smart TV to WIFI, you should start by doing this:

  1. Decide whether you wish to connect your TV to WIFI using a remote or not
  2. Ensure you have a stable internet connection
  3. Check whether you have the right Wireless Network Key (password) and Wireless Network Name (SSID).

Once you are ready, you can connect the television to the wireless network using your preferred method. You’ll need to navigate to Network, choose WIFI Connection, enter your login credentials, and then establish your wireless connection.

For more details on how you can connect your LG smart TV to WIFI with or without a remote and much more, move on to the following sections.

How Can I Connect My LG TV to WIFI With a Remote?   

If you prefer to connect your LG TV to WIFI for any reason, here are the simple steps that you should follow:

  1. Press the SMART button on your LG smart TV’s remote
  2. Scroll until you find the Home menu
  3. Choose the Settings button.
  4. Press OK
  5. Select Network and then choose WIFI Connection
  6. Wait as your TV attempts to connect to a wired connection and then to your WIFI.
  7. Select your WIFI network from the list of available networks (If you can’t see your network in the list, try moving your router closer to your smart television).
  8. Enter the password for your WIFI network
  9. Once you’re done, choose Connect.

If you have the correct password and everything is ok with your connection, that’s all you need to connect the TV with your WIFI.

How Can I Connect My LG TV to WIFI Without the Remote?

As you already know, it isn’t easy to operate a TV without a remote. This means you may face a lot of difficulties if you don’t have a functional remote.

Please note that connecting your LG smart TV without a remote isn’t impossible. If you follow the steps below, you’ll be able to establish a strong WIFI connection in a matter of minutes.

  1. Check for mouse and onscreen keyboard compatibility: You can visit the LG TV support site and find out whether your keyboard and mouse are compatible with your TV. Some of the recommended ones are Logitech K360, Logitech K400, Logitech K750, and LG MKS 1200. If you don’t have a recommended option, consider any new keyboard or mouse that’s a more recent model and is compatible with your LG TV.
  2. Plug the mouse or keyboard into your TV’S USB port: You’ll likely find the USB port at the TV’S back. Once you plug in the device, your TV will automatically recognize it.
  3. After your TV has recognized the mouse or keyboard, turn on your router.
  4. Long press the lone button on your TV: You can find it under the television. Use your mouse to click on the options when making the selection.
  5. Out of the three options that appear on the screen, only click on Input. 
  6. On the new window that opens with other options to choose from, only click on Live TV.
  7. Take the mouse to the TV screen’s right side for more options to show in a new menu. Go under Channel and click on Recommended.
  8. Go under ‘You are Not Connected’ to find Configure your Network. To begin the configuration process, click on Yes.
  9. Click on Router SSID on the Network setting page.
  10. Enter your router password
  11. Save your configuration and follow the instructions on your TV screen to complete the connection process.

How to Connect LG Smart TV to WIFI with Username and Password? 

To connect WIFI network, you should have your wireless network name (SSID) and wireless network key (password). If you don’t have these credentials, you should do this:

  • Check the label on the wireless router with the default username and password
  • If you can find the credentials there, take a careful look at the documents that came with your router

Please note that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) that installed the wireless gateway or router might have left for you a setup sheet with the username and password. If you need further assistance, consider contacting your ISP.

Once you find your username and password, you can follow these basic steps to connect your TV to WIFI with the credentials:

  1. Use the directional pad on your remote controller and select Settings
  2. Select Network and then WIFI Connection
  3. Choose your desired wireless network
  4. When you are prompted, enter your network username and password
  5. Choose Connect

That’s all you need to do to enter your login credentials and connect your LG smart TV to your WIFI network.

How Can I Connect My LG TV to WIFI Without a Password?

Contrary to what most people know, you can connect your LG smart TV to WIFI without a password. For you to connect it to the wireless network successfully, you should start by doing this:

  • Ensure your router has WIFI Protected Setup (WPS) button at the back
  • You can check with your router manufacturer to find out more about using their device, if necessary.

Once you are ready to establish the connection, you should follow the simple steps below.

  1. On the remote, press the Home/Smart button
  2. Once the launcher bar comes up, click on Settings in the top right
  3. Go to the bottom and select All Settings
  4. From the left, select the Network menu and then WIFI Connection
  5. Select Connect via WPS PC
  6. When prompted, press the WPS button at the router’s back.

That’s all you need to do if you can’t access your password but want to connect your LG smart TV to WIFI. You’ll be able to stream your favorite content without entering the password.

Remember to check whether the WPS feature is enabled on the router before proceeding with the connection process. If the WPS light is blinking, you’re safe to go. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

Summing Up

Now you can see you can connect your LG smart TV to WIFI with or without a remote and get the kind of content that interests you. Moreover, you can get the same high quality without entering your password. All you need to do is read and implement the simple tips we’ve shared with you in this article.

For problems with your internet connectivity or your TV, consider contacting your ISP or the LG support. If you need more guidance on how to connect your LG TV to WIFI, we are happy to help.