How To Fix Invalid Format On LG TV Quickly?

Seeing a message that states “invalid format” on your LG TV can be frustrating.

What does it mean, and how can you fix the issue?

“Invalid format” means the resolution settings are wrong or incompatible.

Basically, the resolution setting on your TV is different from the one on your external device.

To solve the problem, you’ll need to change the settings.

Keep reading to learn how.

What Does It Mean When an LG TV Says Invalid Format?

More than likely, you’ve got an external device connected to your LG TV when this message appears.

You could have a DVD or Blu-ray player hooked up.

Or, perhaps you’ve connected your new gaming console like Xbox, and are excited to start playing.

When you see “invalid format,” that means the resolution settings aren’t syncing correctly between that device and your TV.

Either the settings are incorrect on the external device or your LG TV.

Because default or factory resolution settings can vary between devices, these devices may not “talk” to each other.

You must change the resolution to a compatible setting to get these devices to sync or communicate.

What Does Resolution Mean?

A TV display’s resolution is the quality of the picture.

A high-definition resolution tends to be 720, 1080, or higher.

Something that is standard resolution will be around 480 or below 720.

You’ll notice a difference if you put a 4K or HD TV next to one with a standard display.

The colors and definitions on the HD TV will be clearer, sharper, and brighter.

More TVs are coming out with HD or 4K displays because they’re truer to life.

That said, it doesn’t mean other external devices are HD or 4K ready.

You may need to match the resolution settings between your TV and the device to standard definition.

Check the model of your LG TV or your owner’s manual to determine its resolution capabilities.

How To Fix This Issue?

To fix an invalid format message, start with your LG TV owner’s manual.

In there, you should find the recommended resolution settings.

These recommendations will spell out what the TV’s settings should be.

You’ll also see what resolution settings are compatible with common external devices, such as video players for streaming and gaming consoles.

You may want to double-check your owner’s manual for these devices, too.

That way, you can determine which resolution settings are compatible between your TV and the device.

Check Your TV Settings

Checking your TV’s resolution settings is simple.

  1. Start by pressing the Home button on your remote.
  2. From the Menu, choose Set Up and then Display.
  3. You’ll need to scroll down to select Resolution.
  4. Within the resolution menu, you’ll see several settings to try.
  5. Go through each one to see if one works with your external device.

But if you don’t want to go through all the settings, look up the recommendations first.

Check the External Device’s Settings

Another option is to check and change the resolution settings on your external device.

Because each device has different menus and instructions, you’ll need to consult your owner’s manual.

However, once you get into the menu, you should be able to try or select various settings.

Once you find one that works, leave it set to this resolution.

Sometimes, changing the resolution from an external device is easier than always adjusting your LG TV’s settings.

But it’s a matter of personal preferences and how many different external devices you use.

How About Xbox One?

Well, your Xbox, or any other console for that matter, constitutes as an external device, and all the same rules should be applied in this case.

We will need to make sure it has a matching resolution to your TV.

Here is what you should do.

  1. Turn your console off first.
  2. Press and hold the Power and Eject buttons.
  3. Keep pressing till you can hear the 2 beeps.
  4. Once you hear the second beep, release the buttons.

Now your resolution should be changed to default and the two devices should be compatible.

If that didn’t work, you can go to the settings and manually match the resolution of your console to the one your TV is set up to.

What if Changing My Resolution Doesn’t Work?

Unfortunately, this is a possibility.

However, it should only happen in cases where there’s a compatibility issue between your LG TV and external device.

The chances increase as one device ages, or you try to mix and match brands.

Before you buy an external device for your LG TV, be sure to research your options.

You’ll avoid many incompatibility scenarios by taking the time to do thorough research.

For instance, if you have older external devices at home, you may want to stick with a standard resolution TV.

But if you prefer a crisper and brighter image, it may behoove you to upgrade your external devices.

This way, those devices will match a 4K TV’s resolution option.

One thing to remember though is that 4K and HD video takes more internet bandwidth.

If you’re streaming online games or content from a video player, your internet plan should have faster speeds.

Check with your service provider to find out what download and upload speeds you need for 4K video.


When you see “invalid format” on your LG TV screen, it means the resolution settings aren’t syncing.

You need to adjust the resolution settings on your TV or external device.

Before you do this, it’s best to check whether the devices are compatible and the recommended settings.

You can go into the TV or external device’s menu to change resolution settings