How To Fix Your LG Smart TV Remote?(5 Quick Solutions)

Your LG Smart TV remote can help you access your favorite apps, browse through various TV channels, and change your settings with ease. If it’s in the best working condition, you’ll spend less time navigating and more having the entertainment experience you love. So, it pays to know how to fix your LG remote.

How do I fix my LG Smart TV remote? Replace your battery, check your remote buttons, reset the remote, or replace it. If you are using a new LG Magic Remote, ensure you establish the first connection correctly.

To fix your LG smart TV remote with ease, all you need to do is follow the right steps. Read on for all the tips and steps that you need to avoid wasting time when fixing your LG smart TV remote. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now! (*Affiliate Disclaimer. As an Amazon Affiliate Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases*).

Why is My LG Smart TV Remote Not Working?

If your smart TV remote is not working, you need to know the underlying cause of the issue to find the ideal ways to fix it. Here are some of the most common reasons your LG smart TV remote might have failed to work:

  • Discharged Batteries: Whenever you press any button on your remote, the device’s power button at its top should light up. That’s the best way to tell your batteries are discharged and are in the right working condition.
  • In other words, if you press the buttons and the power button fails to light up, your batteries are discharged and should be replaced.
  • Software Lag: Software issues can cause errors and hinder your LG smart remote from working as required. Some of the factors that lead to this issue are unknown. However, it can cause you a huge concern.
  • Reset the remote: If you’re sure that your batteries are well charged, consider whether you can reset the remote to fix the issue.
  • Faulty or Damaged Buttons: The device might keep transmitting the wrong signals if your remote buttons are damaged. Unless you fix the button, no other remedy might help.
  • Defective Remote: If you’ve troubleshot for the cause of the issue without success, you may be having a faulty remote. Some hardware issues can render this valuable device useless.

Why is My LG TV Not Responding to the Remote?

If your remote is emitting signals whenever you press its buttons, the following issues could be responsible for hindering your TV from responding to your remote:

  1. Signal Blockage

The signals that your LG TV remote emit can’t travel through objects. So, a wall, furniture, or anything between you and the TV can block the beam from controlling your television. You should remove such things to see whether that fixes the issue.

  1. Inefficient TV Infrared Beam Receptor

Your TV comes with a remote sensor that is meant to allow your LG remote to control it. If a sticker, dust, or any other object is covering this receptor, you might mistakenly think that your remote is not working. The same can happen if the remote sensor is damaged. It would help if you cleaned or repaired the receptor.

  1. Outdated TV Software

Older TV software can negatively affect your remote controller. If that happens, you can use the small controller on your TV’s back. It works the same way as your TV remote. You can use it to navigate to the menu. This can work, but the best option is to use the small controller at the back to update your TV software.

  1. Fluorescent Lights or Overhead Lights On

There are types of LED bulbs or fluorescent lights that can interfere with your remote control signal. This can cause it to malfunction. So, you can temporarily switch off the bulbs or lights to see if they are the problem.

  1. Signal Interference

Many electronic components often interfere with remote signals. So, in case there are some electronics near your TV, you should remove them.

How Do I Fix My LG Smart TV Remote?

If your TV is working, but your LG smart remote is not, you might not have the best entertainment experience. Your remote makes it easier to control your TV than the small controller. To fix your remote and have a better experience, you should follow the steps below.

  1. Check Your Battery

Before trying out other methods, you should test whether your batteries are discharged. Press the buttons on the remote to see whether the power button lights up or not. If it doesn’t, replace the batteries with dependable products like Duracell and Energizer.

  1. Fix the Buttons

If your remote buttons are faulty or damaged, you can consider repairing them. Your technician can also help you to fix the controls. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, you might have to replace your remote.

  1. Reset the Remote

If you can’t see any problems with your remote buttons, software lags and other related errors could be the underlying issue. You can fix them by resetting the remote. Here are the steps you need to follow to do this:

  1. Take the battery out of the device
  2. Leave it for about 10 seconds for the power to drain
  3. Point the remote towards the TV
  4. Press the wheel button in the middle of the remote
  5. Use your remote to control your TV without any issue
  1. Replace Your Remote

If you don’t suspect software or hardware errors, it might mean that your remote is damaged beyond repair. The fastest and most effective solution is to call LG support for a suitable replacement.

You can consider buying an LG Magic Remote since it’s more effective and connects your TV via Bluetooth.

Like the ordinary LG remote, it can break down and stop working after some time. The good news is that you can fix it with ease.

What to Do if LG Magic Remote is Not Working?

Here is what you can do if your LG remote is not working:

  1. Establish the First Connection Correctly: If you have a new LG Magic Remote, it might not work until you establish the ‘first connection.’ Here is how you can do this:
  2. Turn your LG TV on
  3. Turn off other wireless devices in your room to minimize connection errors
  4. Put the remote near the television
  5. Hold the OK or MUTE button for between five and 10 seconds
  6. You should see a message on the screen that the remote has been connected
  7. Carefully Check the Battery

Since this remote uses Bluetooth, your batteries are likely to get discharged faster than other remotes. Instead of making many trials and errors, you should change your batteries and see the outcome. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

  1. Reset the Remote

Software issues can affect LG smart TV remotes too. You can fix them by doing the following:

  1. Remove the battery
  2. Wait for about 10 seconds
  3. Return the battery
  4. Turn the magic remote towards the television
  5. Press the wheel button and try using the remote normally
  1. Initialize the Remote

If the above steps fail, you should initialize it by following these steps:

  1. Long press the smart home and back button for five seconds
  2. Press the wheel button to pair the remote

Summing Up

We’re glad you now have the essential tips you need to fix your LG smart TV remote or your LG Magic remote. If any of them is not working, use the above tips to resolve the issue fast or decide whether you should replace it or not with ease and in time. You can reach out to your local LG sales executive if the problem persists.

If you have questions about fixing your LG smart TV remote, you can contact us if you need. We’re pleased to help you further.