How To Stop LG TV From Restarting Apps?(LG Memory Issues)

LG TVs are popular around the world because of their ease of use and their amazing price points. They rank highly in terms of accessibility compared to a lot of its competitors. However, they’re not always perfect.

Some users have reported the “app restarting” error message. Read the rest of this guide to navigate through the issue yourself. Check out the best streaming sticks on Amazon that won’t let you down!

Why Does LG TV Keep Restarting Apps?

There are a couple of reasons as to why this keeps on happening.

  1. The first one is regarding memory shortage issues with the TV. It is explained in great detail in the section below.
  2. The second reason for this issue is that minor bugs or app glitches cause the TV to display error messages and restart your apps. Detailed solutions to solving this issue are given below.

Why Does LG TV Keep Restarting Apps to Free up Memory?

Smart TVs have recently started becoming better in terms of technical specifications, like memory space/slots and processing power.

However, most producers put cost-saving measures in smart TV production in order to make their sales profitable.

Thus, most smart TVs with low memory slots and processing powers will not work like apps on your computer or an expensive phone.

The RAM (random access memory) is extremely integral in terms of running apps, and if that is low, it means that you cannot use an app for a long duration or lots of apps at the same time.

Since each app takes up a certain amount of space on the RAM, a larger app will stop the TV from operating smoothly. Therefore, your LG TV displays the error message about “freeing up memory” and will restart your app as well.

Possible fixes to such issues are very logical. Increasing the TV’s memory by removing useless apps, clearing caches and browsing data, and rebooting the TV can all help solve this issue.

They are explained in a step-by-step manner below.

Why Does LG TV Say It Does Not Have Enough Memory?

The TV displays this message because much of its RAM has been occupied by apps currently running and processing data.

It can only run more apps or process new data if the RAM is increased. The RAM can only be increased if the apps currently running are stopped. This way, more room would be made for new tasks to take place.

How to Stop LG TV From Restarting the Apps?

To solve this issue, you need to perform one of the few solutions given in this section. One might work for you, but try the other solutions given if it doesn’t.

1. Reboot the TV

Try to reboot your TV by following these steps.

  1. Switch off your TV and unplug its chord from the socket.
  2. Wait for 60 seconds and then proceed to plug it in again.
  3. Wait for a couple of seconds and power it up again. Check for any error messages.

2. DeleteUnused Apps

If this solution does not work for you, you should work on deleting the apps you no longer use. Perform these steps on those apps:

  1. Select the app you no longer use and press the “Menu” or “Tools” button from your remote. This will open the settings for that app.
  2. Select the “Delete” option from this menu and proceed to deleting the app from your TV.

3. Update your TV’s Firmware

If these error messages continue to pop up on your TV, then it would be a good idea to update your TV’s firmware. Follow the steps given here:

  1. From your TV’s “Smart Home,” select the “Settings” option.
  2. In the settings option, you need to check for “Software Updates.”
  3. Select this option and run a simple check. If there are any updates, the TV will automatically download them.

4. Clear the Cache

Clearing the browser’s cache can significantly improve the situation with the memory shortage on your LG TV. Follow these steps:

  1. Press the Home button on your remote.
  2. Select the Web browser at the bottom.
  3. Select Menu in the top-right corner.
  4. Select Settings.
  5. Select Clear Browsing Data.
  6. Select OK.

5. Factory reset your TV

The last thing we think you should try in case all the above methods have failed you is to factory reset your TV.

It will bring your TV settings to the moment your TV was brand new out of the box.

  1. Go to Home.
  2. Settings.
  3. General Menu.
  4. Reset To Initial Settings.

More solutions are given in the questions below.

How to Free up Memory on LG TV?

Free up memory by clearing out excess apps and making background space for your memory to have enough space to run apps smoothly.

Delete apps by following the steps above. You should also delete apps you recently installed if this problem just started occurring for you.

How to Get More Memory on LG TV?

You cannot physically get more RAM installed on your TV as that would be a useless and tiresome process.

However, by following all the solutions above, you will essentially get more effective memory for your TV to operate with.

If nothing works, then it would be a good idea to factory reset your TV. It will be good as new and will not show this error again. Check out the best streaming sticks on Amazon that won’t let you down!

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LG TVs are simple to operate, and their errors are also easy to deal with. Simply perform these solutions given above and solve this error.