LG Smart TV Remote: How To Set Up & Use It(Full Guide)

Recently, many new customers of LG Smart TVs have found it difficult to set up and operate their TVs and remotes. LG has a unique personality that is reflected in their products; therefore, if you are not familiar with them, it may take some getting used to.

LG remotes are one of those products that do take some getting used to. However, you do not have to worry as this guide is going to boost your learning process and have you operating your TV like an expert. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now! (*Affiliate Disclaimer. As an Amazon Affiliate Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases*).

How Do I Set Up My LG Smart TV Remote?

LG TVs usually come with two types of smart TV remotes by LG: The Magic remote and the standard smart TV remote. You would need to set up the more complex Magic remote, while the standard remote would work as a normal TV remote would.

The Magic remote needs to be set up because it comes with a newer technology that allows voice commands and cursor controls (mouse usage). You would need to register the Magic remote to your TV before using it for the very first time. Follow the steps down below to learn more about registering the remote.

  1. Turn on the smart TV for the first time and wait till it loads up. It usually takes up to ten or more seconds for this process.
  2. Use the batteries in the box (or other batteries, if you do not have the ones in the box) for the magic remote. Remove the back cover and place the batteries in the correct terminals.
  3. After the TV and remote are both functioning, you can go ahead with the registration process. Aim the Magic remote control at the TV and press the circular mouse wheel on the remote.
  4. A message will appear on the screen conveying to you that the registration process was successful.
  5. LG advises its users to turn the TV off and repeat the proves in case the TV does not register the remote in the first attempt.

If your Magic remote starts to malfunction at any time, you can perform a re-registration process by performing the steps above. However, you would need to press the “Smart Home” button and the “back” button on the remote simultaneously for five seconds before starting the registration process (steps 1-5) again.

You can also configure the Magic remote to work according to your preferences. Learn more about configuring below!

How Do You Pair A Regular LG TV Remote?

The standard remote is for your screen and external devices connected to the TV. It usually comes in the box along with the magic remote. You do not need to pair this remote as it comes with preset conditions and works like any other TV remote would with that specific TV set.

You would just need to insert the batteries that come in the box, point the remote control at the TV, and press the OK button. Also, ensure that nothing is blocking the “IR” sensor on the remote (the blinking red light on the front of a remote). Otherwise, the regular remote should work fine without even having to pair!

How Do I Use The Smart Remote On LG TV?

You can use the Smart (Magic) remote as a mouse for a quick and easy selection of options. You can move the cursor on the screen by pointing the remote at the TV and then moving it. You can change the size, shape, speed, and alignment of the cursor by going to the settings and selecting the “cursor” option. Select “options” on the next screen to find all the options for the cursor.

You can select the “Voice recognition” option by clicking on the “mic” button on the remote. This option works just like an AI (like a Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa) and will do whatever you tell it to.

If you are tired of pressing all the remote buttons, you can press the “remote” button (has a remote icon on it) near the numbers on the remote to have the TV display an on-screen remote. You can select different options from the on-screen remote with your cursor by just waving your hands. It’s that simple!

You can also use the “scroll” button to quickly scroll through lists and web pages. This also provides a lot of ease to users! There are a lot of other interesting options in your Magic remote. Refer to its guide for all the options. However, the ones explained here are the ones you are likely to use the most.

Will A Universal Remote Work On An LG Smart TV?

It depends on the universal remote or the app that you are using. It usually comes down to trial and error. Some remotes tend to work on the TVs, and some do not. However, even if they work, you will not get the same utility as a Magic remote gives.

Do LG Remotes Work On All LG TVs?

To put it simply, not all LG remotes work with all LG TVs. The newer ones and the “one for all” model work with many new sets and older ones. However, some older ones will not work with newer TVs.

Can I Replace My LG Smart TV Remote?

The Magic remotes are sold separately, so you can replace them!

How Do I Change My LG Remote To HDMI?

You can press the “source” button (it has a cable icon on it). This button will show all connected external devices. You can pick the HDMI option by pressing this button. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!


The newer LG remotes are defying the norms of what a remote can and cannot do. You can do so much more with these remotes with very little effort. They are designed to make your LG experience much smoother than it is with a regular remote. Therefore, it is high time that you start learning to use them! Use the information in this article to learn the basics about your remote.