Who Makes TCL TVs?(+Important Pros,Cons,Alternatives)

TCL is a Chinese multinational electronics company based in Huizhou, Guangdong Province. From being the 25th largest consumer electronics producer to becoming the 3rd largest television manufacturer globally, TCL has proven itself as one of the leading players in the global market.

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Who Makes TCL TVs?

The short answer is that TCL Electronics Holdings Ltd. makes TCL TVs.

TCL Technology has four listed companies: TCL Electronics Holdings Ltd., TCL Communication Technology Holdings Ltd., China Display Optoelectronics Technology Holdings Ltd., and Tonly Electronics Holdings Ltd. Out of these four, TCL Electronics Holdings Ltd. is the company that manufactures and assembles TV sets for TCL. This company manufactures products for TCL and manages around seven research and development centers around the world.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of TCL?

TCL Electronics Holdings Ltd. is the direct manufacturer of TCL Tech’s TVs.

Where Are TCL Televisions Manufactured?

TCL has different manufacturing plants around the world. While most of them are located in China, TCL also has factories in Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, India, Russia, Poland, and Vietnam.

What Does TCL Stand For?

TCL stands for Telephone Communication Limited. It was initially founded under the name TTK but later changed to TCL due to legal reasons.

Is TCL A Good Brand Of TV?

There is no doubt that TCL is more than just a “good” brand of TV sets. Their yearly sales are proof of this statement. However, to objectively study TCL as a TV brand, we shall dive deeper into the positives and negatives of TCL TVs.

Pros of TCL TVs:

Cost vs. Utility: One of the primary reasons behind the success of TCL TVs was the cost-effectiveness of their product. The price you pay and the benefits you get in return are very well balanced. In other words, you never overpay for a TCL TV. The Chinese tech company has mastered creating and selling TVs with intriguing features at highly competitive prices. Their growing sales are a testament that TCL TVs sell highly demanded features at inexpensive price tags.

Smart TV Operating System: TCL is known for its exquisite and robust operating system. Smart TVs are easy to access and control and offer a vast library of applications. Users have found these TVs incredibly compatible with their usual smartphones, Google, and Roku devices.

Sound: With the world trying to bring theatres to their homes, TCL is headed in the same direction. With decades of research, TCL TVs are keeping up with the generation of technologically enhanced modern TVs. TCL is known to prioritize audio quality the most in its TVs. Integrated soundbars and subwoofers are one of the many secrets behind TCL’s TV’s incredible audio quality.


Cons of TCL TVs:

Not the “best” brand: Despite being one of the leaders in the television industry, TCL is still not the “killer” TV brand. Critics usually argue that competitors like Samsung, Apple, LG, etc., make and sell more modern and enhanced smart TVs compared to the Chinese tech company. Unfortunately for TCL, they have not yet introduced an undisputable smart TV in the market. For users who are looking for smart TVs with everything, TCL is not the best choice. Considering the competitive price range TCL maneuvers through, such compromises are inevitable.

Display Quality: Many experts regard the display of TCL TVs to be inferior compared to the high-end flagships in the market. Compromises in screen uniformity and color accuracy have slowly become more common in TCL TVs.

Warranty: TCL smart TVs do not come with long and reliable warranty periods, something many other brands are strong at. It is rare to find a TCL TV that comes with a warranty of even a year.

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Is TCL Made By Samsung?

No, at all. Despite the astonishing similarities between the latest TVs from Samsung and TCL, TCL is neither designed nor manufactured by Samsung.

Is TCL Better Than Samsung?

A quick answer to this question is that TCL is a budget brand while Samsung has a premium brand reputation. Let us compare these two brands objectively in detail.

Picture Quality:

Samsung TVs are famous for their mesmerizing and crisp displays. Their HDR10+ technology makes the colors vivid. These TVs do a fine job with upscaling and transitioning video with minimum time lags. Samsung TVs are suitable for home theatres and gamers. On the other hand, TCL TVs cannot compete with such display quality, especially budget TVs. Even though TCL has produced some exquisite TV displays in recent years, they do not match up against Samsung.

Added Features:

TCL TVs are famous for being incredibly compatible and customizable. Users can effortlessly integrate their TCL devices with their Roku and Google devices to enjoy endless streaming. While Samsung too supports such additional features, this luxury is only available in the brand’s high-end models. TCL wins this round comfortably for having added features in almost each of its mid to high-tier TVs.


Samsung has proven itself as a premium brand across multiple consumer electronics markets. The premium and versatile features of Samsung smart TVs come at a hefty price. The price difference between Samsung’s cheapest and costliest TV is around 2500 US dollars.

TCL, on the one hand, is a dream-come-true for people on a budget. Customers can purchase some of the sleekest and beautiful TV sets on the market, thanks to TCL. The price difference between TCL’s cheapest and costliest TV is a couple of hundred US dollars.

We hope this comparison aids you in making an informed choice. If you are on a budget and willing to compromise on quality, TCL TVs are a better choice for you. If you are looking for a premium and versatile TV, Samsung is your best bet.

What Is The Difference Between TCL And Samsung TV?

TCL is more budget-friendly than Samsung, while Samsung is more premium and versatile compared to TCL. For an in-depth comparison, refer to the heading “Is TCL better than Samsung?” above.


This article was written to help our readers understand TCL TVs as a brand and a product. The queries answered in this article are frequently asked and cover all aspects. We hope we saved your valuable time by compiling all valuable information in one place.