Why Won’t Your TCL TV Turn On?

TLC TVs offer a great deal of services that make TV watching a breeze, but sometimes the TV can have issues.

TLC TV not turning on might be as a result of a loose connection to the wall socket or dead batteries in the TV remote, along with a few other things I will mention later.

There are several issues that can cause your TV to not turn on properly, and the rest of this article will help you diagnose problems with your TCL TV.

Why Won’t My TCL TV Turn On?

TVs can have problems from time to time, especially older ones.

After years of use, you may simply find that your TV no longer works and needs to be replaced.

The causes of a TLC TV not turning on can often be quite simple.

First, an issue in the power supply can cause the TV to be unable to turn on.

Another common issue people experience is with software errors that are causing a malfunction.

But, luckily, these are pretty easily fixable.

The final, and the worst reason, is the TV’s hardware. 

Your motherboard might have malfunctioned, causing the TV not to turn on.

How to Fix It

The fix for your TV will be different depending on what your issue is.

If the problem lies with your power supply, then you’ll have to do some configuration with the power cords to see where the issue is.

In some cases, the hardware inside the TV can malfunction, prompting the need for replacement parts.

Check Your Cords

The first thing to do is to rule out the obvious.

Make sure that your TV is firmly plugged into the wall and that none of the connections are loose or clearly faulty.

This is also true if you’re using a power strip.

Try plugging something else into the strip as well to see if that’s what’s causing the issue.

Your HDMI cable can also be a common culprit of a malfunctioning TCL TV, so try plugging it into something else to see if it still works properly.

If it doesn’t, replace the cable and try turning the TV on again.

You can alternatively use a second HDMI cable (ask a friend if you don’t have a spare) to check the connection to the television.

If the TV still refuses to turn on, then you can safely rule out your cords as the problem.

Tips: If you are using a power strip, I recommend plugging your TV directly into the wall socket to see if it makes any difference.

Even if all the cables seem fine, unplug all of them, wait for a few minutes, plug them back in and then turn the TV on.

It helps because this method creates the soft reset effect.

Remote Troubles

Sometimes, the issue is as simple as a faulty remote.

If your TV is unresponsive to any of your remote inputs, try using the power button directly on the TV itself and see if it turns on.

If so, then your issue lies with the remote.

Replace the batteries in your TV remote and try turning on the power again.

If there’s still not response, but all of the buttons on the bottom of the TV itself are working, then you should replace the TV remote.

Tip: Take the batteries off, give your remote a good old shake, then press each and every button a few times, put fresh batteries back in, try using the remote now.

Power Cycling

One step you may have to take to get your TV back up and running is power cycling.

This is my personal favorite way to fix TV-related issues.

As complex as it sounds, it couldn’t be simpler.

Simply unplug the TV completely and leave it unplugged for at least 3 minutes.

Sometimes, if the TV is experiencing a software error that is stopping it from working, simply letting it sit for a bit with the power completely off will fix the issue.

After 3 minutes has elapsed, plug the TV back in and see if it’s working properly.

Factory Reset

Sometimes, drastic times call for drastic measures, and if your TV isn’t working after trying the above remedies, then it might be time for a factory reset.

You can only perform this step if your TV model has a dedicated reset button, since I doubt you will be able to access the reset feature through the menu.

To do so, make sure your TV is plugged in.

Then, locate the reset button on the back (consult your guide if need be) and hold down the reset button for at least 5 seconds.

Once done, wait a moment and try to turn on the TV.

This fix option may work, but just be aware that a factory reset will require you to set up all of your preferences again, just as if the TV was being turned on for the first time.

Hardware Problems

Sometimes, the issue is simply unfixable by conventional means.

A busted fuse or a cracked motherboard spells the end for your TV, prompting the need for a new television.

Some hardware issues can be fixed by a TV repair person, so it might be worth seeing if they can fix your TV issues first.

If the power issue occurs when your TV is still under warranty, then it might be worth contacting TCL to see if you can have the repairs done for free.

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Final Thoughts

There are a lot of problems that can occur with a TCL TV, but thankfully, many of them can be addressed with a quick unplug and plugging back in.

Let’s have a quick recap.

The first thing you should do is to make sure your cables and your remote are both in working condition.

Then, soft reset your TV by unplugging it from the power source for a few minutes.

If that didn’t do it, locate the physical reset button on your TV and factory reset your TCL TV.

If your TV is unresponsive to any attempts to fix it, then it might be time for you to start looking for a brand-new TV.