How To Enable/Pair Devices With Bluetooth On Samsung Smart TV

Bluetooth connectivity adds a considerable amount of convenience to our technology. Improving reliability and quality have made it to a point where, for most regular use-cases, wireless devices are just as good as traditional wire-connected devices, but without the hassle of having to plug them in and have unsightly wires all over.

Here is how you pair your Bluetooth device to Samsung Smart TV:

  1. Check if your device is in pairing mode
  2. Open the Setting
  3. Scroll down to the Sound
  4. Click Sound Output 
  5. Click Bluetooth Speaker List
  6. Pair your device

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that Samsung has capitalized on this desirable feature with its industry-leading TVs. But how do you use Bluetooth on a Samsung TV? Check out the list of the best streaming devices on Amazon now!

How to Enable Bluetooth on Samsung Smart TV

Unlike a typical phone, your TV does not need Bluetooth “turning on” before you can use it. Simply pair your devices, and you are ready to go.

It is actually not possible to turn Bluetooth off without access to hidden menus that are only intended for use by authorized engineers. It is possible to access this menu, but you could severely impair the operation of your TV by poking around in there without knowing what you are doing.

But, as for enabling Bluetooth, you should be ready to go anytime unless you managed to find that engineer’s menu and disabled it already.

How to Connect your Bluetooth Headphones to your Samsung TV

Connecting headphones to your Samsung TV is simple. Firstly, ensure your headphones are in pairing mode. Then, head into the Bluetooth devices section of your TV’s menu system.

The exact location will vary depending on your model of TV but is always somewhere in the Sound menu of your settings. If your headphones have been successfully put into pairing mode, they should show up in the connection manager on your TV.

Here is how you pair your Bluetooth headphones in short:

  1. Check if your headphones are in pairing mode
  2. Open the Setting
  3. Scroll down to the Sound
  4. Click Sound Output 
  5. Click Bluetooth Speaker List
  6. Pair your device

Unfortunately, there are too many devices on the market for us to attempt to explain this part, so you will have to consult your headphone’s instructions before getting started. Once your headphones are paired, they should automatically connect the next time you are in range, and they are turned on.

How to Connect your Bluetooth Speakers to your Samsung TV

From the TV side of things, the process of connecting a Bluetooth speaker to your TV is basically identical to connecting headphones. The steps involved in setting your speaker to pairing mode may be different, but, again, that is something you will have to consult your speaker’s instructions for.

How to Connect your Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse to your Samsung TV

The process of connecting a mouse or keyboard to your Samsung TV is very similar to connecting a speaker or headphones. The main difference is you will be looking for a different menu option. For a mouse or keyboard, you will typically be looking for an External Devices Manager menu.

Once again, you will need to consult the instructions of your keyboard or mouse to learn how to set it to pairing mode, but once that is done, the process from the TV side of things is the same. Find your device in the list of available devices, and pair them up.

How to Connect your Bluetooth Game Controller to your Samsung TV

Just as it is with headphones and speakers, the process for connecting a Bluetooth controller to your Samsung TV is exactly the same as it is for connecting a mouse and keyboard.

One important thing to note here, however, is that not all wireless controllers use the Bluetooth standard to connect. For example, many iterations of the popular Xbox wireless controller do not use Bluetooth. If you find you cannot connect, it might be worth making sure you have a Bluetooth controller.

Frequently Asked Questions

To save you a little Googling time, we’ve put together the answers to some of the more frequently asked Samsung TV Bluetooth questions.

Which Samsung TV has Bluetooth?

Listing every model of Samsung TV that supports Bluetooth wouldn’t be the best use of this post, but luckily, we don’t need to! Finding out if your Samsung TV has Bluetooth is easy.

Firstly, check if your TV came with a smart remote. If yes, you have Bluetooth, since that is how the remote connects to the TV. However, not having a smart remote doesn’t mean the TV is not Bluetooth compatible.

To check yours, simply open your Settings menu, navigate to Sound, then Sound Output, and if you see an option for Bluetooth Speaker List, your TV supports Bluetooth.

What to do if my TV doesn’t support Bluetooth?

The answer to this question largely depends on what you want to use Bluetooth for. However, the most common usage-Bluetooth speakers or headphones-can be remedied with an inexpensive Bluetooth transmitter.

This is a little device that you would connect to your TV headphone jack, allowing you to connect your speaker or headphones to that.

How do I put my Samsung TV in pairing mode?

The exact process may differ slightly from model to model, but it should be close enough. Firstly you need to open the Connection Guide from within the Source Menu. From there, you should be able to select Bluetooth devices to connect, and the Connection Guide will walk you through the process.

Why won’t my Samsung TV connect to Bluetooth?

The most obvious reason when you might be having trouble connecting your TV to a Bluetooth device (assuming your TV has Bluetooth capability) is that your TV or device is not in pairing mode. The next most likely scenario is your device being out of range of your TV.

Can I connect my phone to my Samsung TV via Bluetooth?

Samsung TVs do not currently support connecting to your phone via Bluetooth. You can connect your phone via WiFi or HDMI to do screen mirroring, and you can connect speakers, headphones, keyboards, mice, and gamepads to your TV via Bluetooth. Check out the list of the best streaming devices on Amazon now!

Final Thoughts

Samsung is often at the forefront of the TV space when it comes to features and quality, and connectivity is no different. Connecting your headphones, speakers, gamepads, keyboards, and mice, a Bluetooth-enabled Samsung TV is a simple task, and can add a great deal of convenience to your viewing experience. Just remember to ensure the device you are connecting is in range and has pairing mode enabled!