11 Ways To Fix Samsung TV From Turning On And Off

Your Samsung TV is probably your go-to source of entertainment at home. It can be quite inconvenient when it decides to start acting up. Many users have complained about the TV starting to randomly and repeatedly turn off and on when they try to use it.

How do I fix my Samsung TV from turning on and off? Soft reset your TV. Turn the TV off, unplug it from the wall, wait for 60 seconds, plug it back in. Turn off Anynet+, Eco Solution, and a Sleep timer. Update your Software,  go to Settings>Support>Software Update>Update Now. Check that the cables and any connected devices aren’t faulty or loose.

This problem is often referred to as unintentional power cycling. We will be guiding you through steps you can follow to resolve the issue so you can go back to streaming your favorite shows as soon as possible! Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

Why Does My Samsung TV Keep Turning On And Off?

Multiple reasons can cause your TV to constantly power cycle on its own. These include:

  • A stuck power button on your TV remote
  • A software bug
  • Faulty or loose connections and wiring
  • Unstable internet connection
  • Incorrect settings
  • Defective devices connected to your TV
  • Faulty hardware components

Why Does My Samsung TV Keep Turning Off Every 5 Seconds?

Several years ago, Samsung lost a class action lawsuit for using low-rated capacitors in their TVs. These capacitors can get short-circuited even when the device is being appropriately used. A blown-out capacitor can be the cause of your Samsung TV turning on and off every five seconds.

This problem can be quite easy to diagnose if your Samsung TV suffers from this problem. A faulty capacitor will produce a clicking sound when your TV is turned on. Alternatively, you can remove the back panel of your TV and check if any capacitor has a bulging top instead of a normal flat one.

How Do I fix My Samsung TV From Turning On And Off?

1. Check your capacitors

Unfortunately, there is no series of buttons that can help repair a physical problem, such as a blown capacitor. Contact a qualified technician if you hear a clicking sound or can visually confirm a faulty capacitor. Please arrange an appointment for them to repair your TV by replacing the capacitors or the entire board.

If you do not feel this is the case, carry on with the following steps.

2. Check your TV remote

Low battery levels or a stuck button could be causing your remote to fire signals unnecessarily. Check your remote for any sticky or stuck buttons and replace the batteries with new ones.

Other TV remotes may also interfere with your Samsung TV. Use them with your Samsung TV and see if your TV reacts to it. In case it does, you might need to increase the distance between your TVs.

3. Check the Source

 Most of the time the TV should be set to a TV source. To do that, go to Settings>Source>TV.

4. Soft reset your TV

This action is often called a soft reset. Please turn off your TV and leave it unplugged for at least thirty seconds before plugging it back in and turning it on. A soft reset will remove excess electricity in the TV’s circuit and return all the electrical components to their turned-off state.

5. Check your power connections

Inspect your power cable for any exposed wires or signs of tears. Make sure you are using a high-quality HDMI cable, and nothing is damaged or loose. Disconnecting and reconnecting the cables can solve the problem.

Try replacing them with new ones and connecting your TV directly to a wall outlet instead of a surge protector (in case you are using one). If your TV still does not work, you can eliminate the possibility of a faulty power supply.

6. Update software

Software bugs can cause your gadgets to behave erratically. To resolve any software issues update your Samsung to the latest software. To do this:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Support
  • Select Software Update
  • Select Update Now

Of course, this will work only if your TV stays on for sufficient time for you to do this.

7. Disable Anynet+

Anynet+ is Samsung’s name for HDMI-CEC. This feature turns on the TV whenever any attached device such as a PS4 is turned on. A faulty device may inappropriately prompt your TV to turn off and on. Try turning off Anynet+ on your Samsung TV.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select General.
  • Select External Device Manager.
  • Turn off Anynet+.


8. Check all connected devices

A faulty device or connection can cause your TV to get continuous incorrect signals to turn off and on, which may be causing the problem you are facing. To check for this, disconnect any connected devices and see if the problem persists.

  • If it does, you can safely assume there is no issue with any connected device, and you can reconnect all of them.
  • If it does not, it means a connected device was indeed the cause of your problem. Reconnect each of your devices, one at a time, and note which device seems to cause your TV to turn on and off. Once you pinpoint the device, try using a different cable to check whether the wiring or machine is at fault.

9. Adjust your TV’s Eco Solution

Samsung’s Eco Solution feature turns off your TV after some time of receiving no input. Turn this off by

  • Going to Settings
  • Select General and then Eco Solution
  • Choose Auto Power Off and select Off

10. Turn off the sleep timer

The sleep timer turns off your TV automatically after a fixed period of use. Turn this feature off by:

  • Selecting Settings and going to General
  • Choosing System Manager and then Time
  • Scroll to Sleep Timer and turn it Off.

11. Disconnect from the internet

Devices such as your phone, smart home devices, and other TVs connected to the same internet network as your Samsung TV can communicate with it. These devices may turn on your TV by sending it commands. For example, your TV can automatically be turned on when you turn on Screen Cast on your phone.

Some devices may unintentionally be hampering your TV, and you can check this by disconnecting your TV from the internet and using it for a while to see if the problem is still there. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

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Following these ten steps should help you easily find the common root causes of your Samsung TV turning on and off repeatedly. If you find yourself still facing the problem after following all these steps, the chances are that there is a hardware issue that you cannot solve on your own. In this case, it would be best to contact Samsung’s customer care or a local technician to get more help.

Updating the TV or turning off the “Sleep” and “Energy Saving” settings is likely to sort this issue out. Refer to the questions above to find out how to do these. If your problem still persists, then you may have damaged the TV’s hardware. Have a professional examine it from this point onwards.