How To Fix Sony Bravia TV That Won’t Turn On?(5 Fixes)

Sony Bravia is an established consumer electronics brand that produces televisions for Sony Corporation. Sony Bravia has led the smart TV market for almost a decade, competing fiercely with LG and Samsung.

How to fix a Sony Bravia TV that won’t turn on? Power reset your TV. Unplug your TV from the power socket, wait for 1-2 minutes, and then re-plug your TV back into the same power socket. You can also try using another power source, avoid power strip, check that the input is correct and the cables aren’t loose or broken.

Despite being one of the best, Sony Bravia TVs trouble their customers with a few issues. One pervasive problem faced by Bravia TV owners is that their TV does not turn on. In this article, we shall answer few key questions that address this problem. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

How To Fix A Sony Bravia TV That Won’t Turn On?

Several things could stop your Sony Bravia TV from switching on. When fixing anything, we first identify the root of the problem and then implement the solution. Let us look at some answers, each one suitable for a different root problem.

1. Power Reset

A power reset is the oldest trick in the book. It works perfectly when your electronic device gets stuck because of some bugs.

To perform a power reset, all you have to do is to unplug your TV device from the power socket, wait for 1-2 minutes, and then re-plug your TV back into the same power socket. If this does not help, repeat the process. However, this time hold the power button on your Sony Bravia TV for ten to fifteen seconds before re-plugging your TV back into the power socket.

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2. Try Another Power Source

The source of your issue may be the power supply socket/ outlet itself. A short fuse or burn in the socket will need a replacement.

To check for this issue, try plugging in the TV in some other power source. If your Sony Bravia TV turns on perfectly, then you will need to replace the power supply socket. If your TV still does not work, continue reading this article.

3. Incorrect Input Setting

Sony Bravia TVs offer several different inputs for HDMI and component devices. The availability of this feature in their TVs is one of their strengths. However, it can quickly become the root of this problem due to elementary confusion.

At times, your Sony Bravia TV might seem switched on, but the screen will appear pitch black. Technically, your TV works and is turned on, but it looks like it is turned off. You have to press the “Input option” button on your TV remote and switch to the correct TV input to fix this issue. Make sure that you check which input option you wish to connect your TV to. If you do not know which TV input is the right one, run a trial by switching and checking each option.

4. Bad or Broken Cable

A broken or damaged HDMI or component cable could be the cause of the problem here. Try replacing the cables before turning on your TV.

5. The issue with the TV Set

If none of the above methods work for you, we suggest that you get your Sony Bravia TV checked by an expert. Try claiming a warranty if you can as it is the best possible solution in this case.

Why Is My Sony Bravia TV Blinking Red And Not Turning On?

If your Sony Bravia TV has a red LED blinking, it means that the system has encountered a problem. Your TV has detected an issue and will not operate properly until you get the problem fixed. In most cases, a Sony Bravia TV with red blinking LED requires professional service, so we recommend you reach out to a third-party or Sony professional.

Nevertheless, you should be able to understand what you are dealing with. If your Sony Bravia TV starts showing a blinking red light, you should observe the number of times the red light blinks and make a note of it. Usually, the red light blinks between two to eight times.

Here is a list of reasons that might be causing a TV’s red light to blink:

  • Dusty and jammed TV vents
  • Outdated TV software
  • A fuse in your TV’s hardware/ circuitry
  • Random bugs

How Do I Know If My Sony Bravia TV Power Supply Is Bad? How To Fix It?

The best way to check whether your power supply is bad or not, try using the power supply to your Sony Bravia TV with some other electronic device. You can also perform voltage testing using a testing kit. For a more detailed and precise answer to this question, read “How to fix a Sony Bravia TV that won’t turn on?” in this article.

Does Sony Bravia TV Have A Fuse? When And How To Replace It?

Almost all electronic devices, including Sony Bravia TVs, have a fuse

Blown fuses can create a massive fuss for the user. The damage varies from noticeable performance issues to a complete breakdown of your TV set. Fuses get blown or burnt, usually due to high voltage or an expected power surge.

To replace a fuse in your Sony Bravia TV, follow the following steps:

  • Unplug your TV from the power source and remove all attached cables.
  • Safely place the TV and open up the back panel.
  • Access the power board that is linked to the fuses in your TV.
  • You should find fuses in the form of small glass cylindrical objects with a metal cap on each end of a glass tube.
  • Check each fuse for whether it is good or bad. A good fuse should have a visible connection between the internal diodes, whereas a lousy fuse should have black burns on in this area.

Once you have found a bad fuse, check if it is hand-fitted or soldered in its place. Unsolder or remove the fuse and take it to your nearest electronics store to buy a replacement. Solder or fit the new fuse into your board safely to successfully replace a bad fuse. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!


Repairing or fixing a TV on your own can be tiresome and hopeless for many people. This article tried to break the basic steps of fixing a Sony Bravia TV that does not turn on. We hope we saved you time and effort by providing you the most accurate and precise solutions to your problems.