How To Quickly Fix Horizontal Lines On Sony TV?

Watching TV is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon, but if you’re experiencing horizontal lines on your Sony TV, it’s not much fun for you.

In this article, I’ll give you a few of my best tips on how to troubleshoot this issue in no time.

But if they fail to work, you are likely to have a broken screen or faulty internal elements that need replacing.

What Causes Flickering Horizontal Lines on Sony TV Screen?

Flickering on your Sony TV screen can be caused by a variety of malfunctions affecting the hardware, power supply, graphics processer, inverter, or flex cable.

Additionally, flickering lines have reportedly been caused by some of Sony’s firmware updates.

If you suspect there’s a hardware issue with your Sony TV screen after trying some common fixes, it’s worth returning it for a replacement if it’s still under warranty.

If not, then a repair shop can help you diagnose and fix the issues you’re experiencing.

Hardware Malfunction

Sometimes, if the internal components of your TV aren’t assembled properly, the hardware won’t work properly.

This can be caused by a defective unit or damage to the TV.

Power Supply Failure

The Power Supply Unit (PSU) converts the main AC supply into DC voltages usable within the LCD.

When it malfunctions, it can cause the screen to not render images properly, creating disruptive horizontal lines.

Graphics Processor Errors

The graphics processor is responsible for producing the images and colors you see on the screen.

If damaged or malfunctioning, the processer can cause unrendered areas to manifest as white or black horizontal lines.

Inverter Malfunctions

The inverter board, located on the edges nearest the TV panel, are exclusively found in LCD TVs. They convert DC to AC voltage.

Common errors with the inverter include sudden shutdowns, dim screens, and horizontal lines on the screen.

Flex Cable Damage

A loose cable, signal interference, or damage to the flex cable can cause horizontal lines to appear on your screen.

Make sure all cables are properly plugged in and not damaged before using your TV.

Software Issues

Sometimes, software issues in the TV can cause corruptions in the way the image on screen is processed, resulting in odd horizontal lines on the screen. 

How to Fix This Issue?

Fixing issues with horizontal lines on Sony TV is pretty straightforward, since Sony has proven to be quite responsive when it comes to addressing issues with their TVs.

In fact, some TVs even have a troubleshooting feature that can help you diagnose and fix the issue yourself.

Before starting with the issue, check to make sure that the horizontal lines still appear after you press the Home button on the TV remote control.

If not, then the lines are only appearing on the media you were watching and there’s nothing to be concerned about.

If the lines appear on the menu screen, the issue is with your television.

Turn the TV Off and On Again

As simple as it may seem, sometimes the TV just booted up wrong and turning it back on again can fix the issue.

Make sure to hold the power button so that the TV is completely off and wait two minutes.

After turning the TV back on, if the issue has vanished, then your TV troubles are over.

Unplug the Power Cord

Sometimes, if the TV has a bad connection to the socket, visual errors like the dreaded horizontal lines onscreen can occur.

To check if this is the issue, perform the following steps:

  1. Turn the TV off.
  2. Unplug the power cord for several minutes and plug it back in.
  3. Turn the TV back on.

Make sure you plug in the cord firmly to the socket to rule out the possibility of an issue with the power cord.

Do a Full Reset 

The next thing I suggest you try is a full reset of your TV. Turn your TV off using the remote or the power button.

Then unplug all the cables leading to the TV and leave the TV completely unplugged for the whole day.

Clean any dust and dirt that might have built up on the cables and the TV itself.

Once the time has passed, reconnect all the cables and see if the lines are gone.

Replace the Cable or Surge Protector

Using a spare cable, replace the one you were using and then turn the TV back on.

If the horizontal lines have vanished, then it was likely caused by a bad cable.

Replace the cable, and you’ll be able to return to enjoying TV.

A similar issue can occur with faulty power supply from a surge protector, so follow the same steps to check if the horizontal lines are still present with a separate surge protector.

Use the Troubleshooting Feature

On some models of Sony TVs, there’s a Self Diagnostic option.

Once you run it, navigate back to the menu screen to check if the issue has disappeared.

If not, then it’s time to contact Sony from their Product Repair page.


Sony’s TVs are great for keeping us entertained, but frustrating software issues can cause unwanted horizontal lines to appear on the screen.

Fixing these issues can be a matter of trial and error, but most issues can be quickly and easily dealt with.

Start by turning the TV off and on again by holding the power button.

Next, try turning off the TV and unplugging the power cord for two minutes, after which you can turn the TV back on and check if the issue is resolved.

If nothing works, contact your local electronics store or Sony for further assistance.