Fixed: Vizio TV Sound Keeps Cutting Out Frequently

If your Vizio TV sound cuts out frequently, you should know that you’re not alone. Unfortunately, it is quite a common problem that the majority of owners would have to deal with.

Your Vizio TV might be constantly cutting out the sound because the cable is damaged or not properly plugged in, the firmware has not been updated, or there is an issue with the audio IC on the main board. Your TV or external device(or both of them) might also be having a software glitch.

The good news, however, is that there are a few simple tricks that might help you solve the problem.

My best friend had this issue the other day.

I came to the rescue, and the sound was working fine within about half an hour of me testing a few things.

I will tell you exactly what I did to get a consistent sound on my friend’s Vizio TV.

Why Does The Sound Keep Cutting Out On Your Vizio TV?

If you are sure that the TV is not muted and the volume is set above zero, then one of the following issues might be to blame.

  • The TV cable is damaged or not plugged in properly. If there is something wrong with the cable, you might experience audio-related issues.
  • There is a software glitch. It’s a very common cause when it comes to sound issues.
  • Your TV speakers are turned off. Check the setting in the ‘audio’ menu and make sure that the speakers are set to ‘on’, not ‘off’ or ‘auto’.
  • There is something wrong with the audio IC on the main board. If that’s the case, then you might have to replace the board.
  • The firmware has not been updated. The previous firmware might have a bug that is making your audio malfunction. If the TV did not update automatically, check the availability of an update by selecting ‘menu’, ‘settings’, and ‘check for updates’.

How To Fix This Issue?

Now that you know all the reasons for this particular sound issue, let’s get to the solutions.

Power Cycle The TV

In some cases, all you would have to do to fix the issue is turn your Vizio TV off and unplug it from the outlet.

After that, find the power button on the side of the TV and hold it for about 5 seconds.

Plug the device back in and turn it on.

This is what helped me fix my friend’s Vizio TV.

Check The Cables

The first thing that you would want to do is disconnect the cables from the TV and then reconnect them. Make sure that the connection is secure and that all the cables are in great condition.

If any of the cables have become frayed or are damaged in any other way, you would have to buy a new one.

Remember to be extremely careful when dealing with cables.

Please, don’t skip this step because replugging the cables and making sure they are plugged in tightly will most likely help get better sound.

Check The Sound Settings

  1. Turn off smart sound mode.
  2. Change the digital Sound Out setting from ‘auto’ to ‘PCM’. Single Sound Out should be set to ‘optical’.
  3. Disable Vizion sound sync.

Switch The TV To A Different Mode

Some users have figured out that switching your Vizion TV to ‘sport’ might fix the issue.

Go to the TV settings. Once you find the different picture modes, select ‘sport’.

Deactivate SRS TruVolume

This feature should be providing you with a better audio experience, but it might also sometimes not properly work if an external device has been connected.

As a result, your volume might be constantly going up and down, to a point that you hear nothing at all.

To disable SRS TruVolume, you would have to:

  1. Select ‘menu’ on the remote control.
  2. Select ‘audio settings’.
  3. Choose ‘advanced audio’ and turn TruVolume off (you can switch the other effect named ‘TruSurround’ off as well).

Reset The TV To Factory Settings

If nothing mentioned above has helped, then you might have to fully reset the TV. Do use this as a last resort, as bringing the device back to factory settings would erase all your previous settings.

  1. Grab your Vizio remote and press the ‘menu’ button.
  2. Select ‘system’, ‘reset; admin’, and ‘reset to factory settings’.
  3. You would have to enter either your passcode or the default one (0000).
  4. It will take the TV about a minute to reset. Once it has been completed, you would have to follow the instructions on the screen to set up your device.

When To Call The Manufacturer?

The problem might be with your satellite or cable box, not the actual TV or sound bar. It is quite simple to check that – try switching your gaming system or, for example, the Blu-Ray player on.

If the device has audio, then your Vizio TV can deliver the sound, and the problem is most likely with the satellite internet or the cable TV provider.

You can also hook up the sound bar from another room to test the sound. If the issue goes away, then there is something wrong with your Vizio sound bar or the speakers that you’re using with the Vizio TV.

If the TV is still cutting out the sound, then there can be an error with the audio IC on the main board.

To Sum Up

In a lot of cases, all you would have to do to fix the sound on your Vizio TV is replace any damaged cables and reset the device.

Deactivating a few features and switching the TV to a different mode might also help.

If you haven’t managed to solve the problem, contact the manufacturer, as there might be something wrong with the device.