How To Get The YouTube App On Vizio Smart TV?(+Fixing Tips)

Vizio Smart TV comes with lots of preloaded applications, including the YouTube App, to enable you to access your favorite content online conveniently without using a computer. So, once you get this app, nothing can limit your planned relaxing and entertainment.

How to get the YouTube app on Vizio smart TV? Press the V button for the Vizio Internet Apps dock to open and scroll to the YouTube app. You can then open the app and select your favorite videos.

After selecting your YouTube app, you can search for your favorite content using a similar process as playing exciting games on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Let’s see more on how you can do this below. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

Can I Get YouTube on my Vizio TV?

Yes, you can get YouTube on your Vizio TV. This popular app was released in 2012, and it works perfectly well from your TV’s Vizio Internet Apps platform.

Why Does My Vizio Smart TV not Have YouTube?

If you have an older Vizio TV, it might not have YouTube. The upgrade of the YouTube app could be responsible for this. This doesn’t imply that either these TVs or the YouTube app is defective. The upgrade affects devices from almost all electronic manufacturers.

Other than that, Vizio Smart TVs are running on the SmartCast and don’t have the YouTube app by default. This is because they don’t come with any built-in apps, and you can’t install any app on them. However, you can cast YouTube videos from Chromecast-enabled apps to these TVs.

How Do I Get the YouTube App on Vizio Smart TV?

You can get the YouTube app on your Vizio Smart TV by following these simple steps below.

  1. Press the V button between the channel and volume buttons on the remote control
  2. Wait for the Vizio Internet Apps dock to open at the TV screen’s bottom.
  3. Use the Right or Left arrow to scroll to the YouTube app. Once this app is highlighted, press the OK button on your remote control.
  4. Scroll down to select a featured video and then press OK (You might scroll to Launch YouTubeand address OK to load the entire app)
  5. Type the search phrase using the slide-out QWERTY or on-screen keyboard on the remote control and press OK.
  6. Press the Down arrow twice to get video categories like comedy, news, politics, sports, etc., on YouTube. Press the Right or Left arrow to scroll through the wide selection of categories and press the UP arrow to highlight the videos. Press OK to play any of the videos.

How Do I Update YouTube on My Vizio TV?

If you want to update the YouTube app on your Vizio Smart TV, you can remove the VIA app and reinstall it. Alternatively, you can perform a firmware update, which is must faster. Here is what you should do to update your YouTube app:

  1. Press the V button on your remote control
  2. Select YouTube App
  3. Select the yellow button on the remote
  4. Check for Update and hit it. If you don’t see this, select Delete App and then OK
  5. Highlight Yes and then press OK
  6. Go to the App Store
  7. Select the YouTube app and choose OK

If you can’t update your YouTube app using the first method, you can opt for a USB drive.

You can do the following in under 15 minutes:

  1. Go to Settings and System and check the firmware version under Version.
  2. Visit the Vizio support website, select Support, and enter your TV model number.
  3. Compare the versions of the latest firmware to the one listed under Version.
  4. If your firmware is older, rename your downloaded firmware to ‘fwsu.img.’
  5. Copy the renamed file to your USB flash drive
  6. Power on your Vizio Smart TV and check for a blue light indicating everything is fine.
  7. Once the light goes off, power off your television and remove the flash drive.
  8. Power on the TV
  9. Go back to step one above. Navigate to Settings and System and check under Version to confirm whether you’ve updated your YouTube app.

How Do I Log into YouTube on My Vizio Smart TV?

Once you’ve installed the Youtube app on your Vizio Smart TV, you can log in and start watching your favorite videos. Here is how you can go about this:

  1. Go to your Home screen
  2. Open the Youtube
  3. Find a code on your TV’s screen
  4. Login to your YouTube account
  5. Enter the code

If you want to use your Youtube account without logging into the platform, you can go ahead. You only provide your Youtube login details to access free videos instantly. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

Why Does YouTube Not Work on My Vizio TV?

  • The most probable reason your YouTube doesn’t work could be that you are trying to use an old Vizio TV. As we mentioned in the beginning, a YouTube upgrade affects several devices, including these TVs. If this is the issue, you can cast your YouTube content to the TV from your mobile devices or replace it.
  • Video streaming issues can also affect the ability of YouTube to work on your Vizio TV. To prevent this, you can close the app and then re-open it. You may also need to shut off other open applications, as they might be consuming too much bandwidth. You can also perform a network diagnosis on the television and unplug your modem or router from the power outlet to reset them.
  • Software bugs are also a common cause of this type of problem. A soft or hard reset can solve it. If you are using outdated apps, it’s time you install the latest versions following the steps we’ve discussed above.

If you suspect hardware issues to be the underlying cause of the problem or you can’t fix the problem, call an approved expert to help.


Getting the YouTube app on your Vizio Smart TV is easy. This smart TV works like mobile devices that use apps to access services that matter to you. You won’t require a hard drive to save and store the data as the app functions off a connection. So, you can get the app on your Vizio smart TV today and start watching your favorite videos whenever you want.