How To Update VIZIO TV/Apps?(Older/Newer TVs)

Updating your VIZIO TV can be an important step to helping it work well and getting additional features as necessary. While some VIZIO TVs will automatically update, older versions may need you to do it manually.

The steps to manually update the VIZIO TV can be simple.  You will need to go into the Systems Settings on the TV and have it check for updates. These updates will take a few minutes to complete. However, for newer versions of this TV, the updates will finish automatically for you. 

While it is nice that some VIZIO TVs can do an automatic update, some need you to manually do the work. This will not take too long. Let’s take a closer look at how you can manually update your VIZIO TV. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

Does VIZIO TV Automatically Update?

Your VIZIO TV can do automatic updates when it is available. You will need to make sure that the smart TV is connected to the internet. 

While you are watching the TV, the update will not happen. This allows you to watch your favorite shows without any disturbance. It will resume or start a new update when you turn the TV back off. 

As long as you have not turned off the settings for an automatic update and you keep the TV connected to the internet, many of the updates that your VIZIO TV needs will happen automatically. 

How To Update VIZIO TV?

For the newer VIZIO TVs, you will be able to get any updates done automatically for you. This can save some time and hassle along the way. 

To help update a newer VIZIO TV to make sure it is ready to go:

  1. Keep the smart TV connected to the Internet all the time. This allows it to check for any updates periodically. 
  2. When there is a new update you can use, that update will be queued. It will stay there until the TV is turned off so it can do the update. 
  3. If you are using the TV when an update becomes available or turn it on while the TV is updating, the update will stop and go back into the queue until you turn the device back off. 
  4. When the device is turned back off, the update will finish. 
  5. When you turn the TV back on after completing the update, there will be an alert to let you know this was done. 

For this method, your job is to leave the TV off during the update and make sure that the smart TV is left connected to the internet. The rest will happen automatically. 

How To Update Older VIZIO TV?

For some of the older VIZIO smart TVs out there, you will not be able to get the updates to happen automatically. 

These TVs were not designed to handle an automatic update. This does not mean that you will not be able to get an update at all. You will just need to do the work manually to make sure that it is updated. 

To help get the update done, simply:

  1. Grab the remote and press the V key. 
  2. Select System from the menu that shows up. 
  3. Under System, there will be a portion that you can click on, i.e., Check for Updates. 
  4. After clicking on it, the TV will check to see if there are any updates. 
  5. If there is a new update available, you can click to confirm you would like that update done. 
  6. Users will need to wait for the process to complete. This can take a bit of time. 
  7. The TV will do a download for the new update, restart, will install the update, and then restart the update. 

The TV will do a restart twice. After that second update is done, the process is finished, and you can go back to watching your favorite show again. 

Since this does require a few updates to finish, make sure that you get it started when you have nothing you want to watch. It will not wait or start the update later when you have the TV turned off. 

How To Update Apps On VIZIO TV?

You will find that a newer VIZIO TV will do the updates automatically for you. As long as you update the firmware, the rest will be good to go. 

To help you update the firmware, which helps update everything else, 

  1. Make sure that the TV is connected to the internet. 
  2. Open the settings on the TV and go to System Settings.
  3. Click on the tab for Software and then Software Update. 

After clicking on the Software Update, the TV should update the firmware, which will then update all of your applications. 

How To Update Apps On Older VIZIO TV?

The steps to update an older VIZIO TV will be a bit different because you will need to use the VIZIO Internet App to do the update manually. 

To update some of the apps on an older VIZIO TV, you can:

  1. Check that the VIZIO TV is connected to the internet. 
  2. Take your remote and press the V button. 
  3. Go to the Apps and choose which application you would like to update. 
  4. Click on the yellow button that is found on the remote
  5. This will put the update option right on the screen. Click on it to finish the update. 

This should work most of the time. If you know that there is a newer version of the apps available, but the TV does not give you an updating option, you will need to delete the application and then re-install the new one. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!


Updating your VIZIO TV is one of the best ways to ensure that it stays safe and that you do not end up with outdated apps and other features that do not work. Choose the right way to update based on the type of VIZIO TV you have.