Who Makes VIZIO TVs?(+Pros,Cons,Alternatives)

Looking for a smart TV that has all the features without the high price tag? VIZIO Smart TVs may be the right option for you. But what brand is behind VIZIO TVs and who makes these TVs to start with?

The VIZIO company makes VIZIO TVs. They rely on AmTran Technologies in Taiwan to help manufacture most of their television sets before selling them to customers around the world. VIZIO TVs that are 60-inches or larger will be made by a Taiwanese subsidiary of AmTran known as Foxconn Electronics. Other smaller VIZIO TVs are manufactured in China.

VIZIO is a great brand to choose from for your TV needs. The lower costs make it the perfect option for many. Let’s take a closer look at this TV to see why it is a great choice for you. Check out the list of the Best Affordable TVs on Amazon now!

Who Makes VIZIO TVs?

VIZIO TVs are made mostly by AmTran Technology. This is a Taiwanese company that owns and operates several different factories in Asia. 

These sets are actually manufactured in more than one factory to get all of the parts put together. Ultimately though, AmTran was paid by VIZIO in order to put the TV sets together for the customer. 

What Brand is VIZIO Made By?

VIZIO is its own brand. It is not owned by another company like Sony, LG, or Samsung. 

These TVs are often associated with Sony because they have a similar look and are consistently high-quality for the customer to enjoy. Despite the similar design and other features that are the same, Sony does not make VIZIO TVs. 

The VIZIO company makes these TVs. They will contract out with AmTran to help manufacture and create the TVs for customers, but VIZIO is its own brand. 

Is VIZIO Made by Sony/LG/Samsung?

VIZIO is not made by Sony, LG, or Samsung. These are all separate companies and none of them will make the VIZIO TVs that you want to purchase. 

Instead, VIZIO is a privately owned electronics company in America. Their main goal is to develop and also manufacture electronics that can be used for entertainment. 

The other big names in the entertainment manufacturing industry also do not produce or manufacture VIZIO products either. This is done by a Taiwan-based company known as AmTran instead. 

Where are VIZIO TVs Manufactured?

Most of the VIZIO TVs that consumers can purchase will be manufactured in Taiwan. This is where AmTran is located so the TVs will be created there. 

Depending on the size of the televisions though, the TV can be manufactured in China. 

Any of the VIZIO TVs that are 60-inches or larger will be made by a subsidiary of AmTran known as Foxconn Electronics. They are located in Taiwan. These larger TVs will then be produced in Taiwan. 

Any of the smaller VIZIO TVs will be manufactured in China. Based on the size of TV you decide to get, you will know which country your TV is made in. 

Is VIZIO a Good Brand of TV?

When purchasing a smart TV, you want to make sure that you are getting one that is high-quality and worth the money that you spend. 

There are many brands of TVs out there, so it is normal to wonder if the VIZIO TV is a good brand to choose compared to some of the others. 

VIZIO TVs are good TVs. Their quality is often good enough that they are compared to Sony or Samsung TVs and many may assume that they are created by the same companies. VIZIO strives to provide the best TVs for all your needs. 


Main Pros of VIZIO TVs

There are many different benefits to choosing a VIZIO TV for your needs. Compared to some of the other brands of smart TVs, VIZIO is:

Priced Competitively

For the same features, you will find that most VIZIO smart TVs are going to be priced competitively. Depending on the features that you want, you may find a VIZIO TV for hundreds less than other similar TVs. 

Picture Quality

The picture quality is important when you are looking to watch some of your favorite movies and shows. 

The VIZIO smart TV is a great one to use for watching these shows in a dark room. 

All of the mid-range and higher-end models are going to provide the right dimming backlight that you need to see things clearly, even when it is dark in the room. VIZIO TV can also produce some of the deep black shades that you need to see clearly. 

Low Input Lag

VIZIO does a great job at limiting the input lag that you see. This helps the TV graphics to stay up to date and move right along the way that you want. 

For those who use the TV for gaming, this low input lag can be a great feature. 

Main Cons of VIZIO TVs

While there are some great benefits to using a VIZIO TV, there are also some negative things that may prevent consumers from choosing this brand of TV to start with. Some of the negative points to using the VIZIO TV include:

Unpolished Experience

The experience of using a VIZIO TV is lower than some of the other brands that you want to use. The design and overall look are a little cheaper than other options and there are a few firmware issues as well. 

This can leave the customer feeling like the company cut some corners when creating the TV. 

Some of the issues that come with the apps and the firmware have been fixed with the right updates. Keep in mind that this did not fix all of the issues. 

The Upscaling

The upscaling is not as good as some of the other options of TVs you can choose. If you are using lower quality content like SD channels or DVDs, they will not appear as sharp on the TV. 

HDR Experience

The HDR experience is not going to be as satisfying as some of the other TVs that you can choose. The lower TVs on this brand are not going to get bright enough to get all of the highlights to pop out. 

Why are VIZIO TVs So Cheap?

VIZIO TVs are often less expensive than some of the other brands that you can choose. 

These TVs are often missing some of the features that you may want in a smart TV. They are also not going to have the best firmware compared to other TV brands. 

These TVs are manufactured in Taiwan and China, which helps to keep the costs of labor down too.  These factors come together to make this TV less expensive. 

Do VIZIO TVs Last Long?

VIZIO TVs can last a long time. How often you use it, the settings you choose, and how loud you make the TV will determine how long it lasts. It does not die out faster than other TVs. To give you a ballpark, they should last around 7 years.

Are VIZIO TVs Reliable?

While the VIZIO smart TV is not as high-end as some of the other brands, it is known for providing a good and reliable product to customers. Check out the list of the Best Affordable TVs on Amazon now!

How Many Years Does a VIZIO TV Last?

The average lifespan of a VIZIO TV is seven years. If the owner takes good care of it, keeps the components updated, and does not misuse the TV, it can last for much longer. 


The VIZIO TV is a great option to have in your home. It comes at an affordable price that is comparable to some of the other TVs you can purchase. Choose this one for your new TV option.